Created: 5/3/1954

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JffiORANDUB TO: Chief of Chief, Air Support

UtUitation Jowned0 type aircraft

li C_ aaone0 type air-

craft. This aircraft was obsorred parked in tne military aircraft parking area at Somerset.

2. The air aorthineae condition of this particular aircraft isat this time. However, based on conyaraationa

ltonmed that this aire re ft is or aaa recently in flyable condition.

3- It la euggeated that0 aircraft be used for leaflet drops over Guatemala City and other key cities in Cua teen la. This aircraft would be completely sterile ineofar ao pertains to tho U, S.

It is considered probable that c Jwould make available this aircraft for Calligores' use eitherontract rental basis or possibly ho would sell same to Calligores.

0 type aircraft would be ideal for making leaflet drops and could be identified as aircraft procured by and belonging to Calligerea. This aircraft lo euch faster than any aircraft presently owned by Arbens. (Thle statement based on report of aircraft in Ouatemala as submitted by Air Attache during February,

If you concur on the proposed use of0 type aircraft for leaflet drops, it ia recommended that the following action be taken by Chief, Air Support*

Air Support proceed to Jre above for

flyable condition of aircraft end whatwould be required, if any, to aako this aircraft (To determine tho air worthiness of thisIs recommended that one of the presently availablechiefs drop off at Somerset with Broadfrost andtho naxt enrgo flight cm pick him uproturn Duringhour period, the crew chiefchock) (


^concurrence to use this aircraftdrops and to base aircraft at Somerset. be ran from Somerset to target and return to Somerset.)

to lease tho aircraft from C Jor buy tbedepending on which Is more desirable for

8- If C- 8 agreeableease, lt la believed advisable to offerease based on an hourly rental basis whereby wo would payC 0 per flying hour. If C inimum nuaoer or flying hours guaranteed, It la suggested that we do not exceed fifty hoursotal0

f. AllIdentification markings on this aircraft to be

removea arter darkness at Somerset,

7. If C- Jls agreeable to proposal as stated above, it isthat action be taken toterila pilot at Somersetall leaflet missions. It la suggested thatbe con-

sidered for this assignment (C owovert 3knows thla country quite wall and Brodfrost couldout in0 at Somerset. It may be possible to haveone

of his pilots to check out C Jin

if c uaed, it may be poseiblo to use one of. pilots to fly the leaflet missions.

9. In event ee uaeC ^or one of. pilots, we cculd worklausible cover story whoreby either of the abovo pilots are under contract to CalUgeres and flying Calllgoros' Aircraft.

UALCOLM H. ffitODFROST Chief, Air Support

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