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Officii' designations should bo used in Iha TO" column. Undor eachine ihould bo drawn across sheet and each comment numbered tocorrespono" with the number in tho "TO" column. Each officer should Initial (check mark insufficient) before further routing. This Routing and Record Sheet should be returned to Registry.






Note the association of DIAZ with ARBENZ inf dispatch. Should this be supreseed in view of our (JC's) defection effort? Who is Manuel? f l j






Chief of BUUoo^J


Instruotiono for Francis R. HBOARTT

fcerevith are tvo letters of instruction for HSGARTf, to be read and returned to tho Station ln the usual manner.

Aicomoents and instructions on HEOARTT's reports.

Bi lantiGCVM campaign directed againstForces of tho Target Country.


JCD/gBprilistributioni _



- LIW3

With reference to lourara $t

2hatopies of El Soletln dol CEPAOB and TiLS? rtntoo. Please use every opporTu^TltT^ir^iT^n

h rrart>erounts

but whether each oopy gets into the right hands. Into the target country ond to the right people thereIn the case of La

lour, para Si

instruct Manuel aost emphatically that under no circum-

stances *ust General C be given anyfavorable JntLn, either via radio

locat, 0 brir* about trouble with the

local governmentwhich has been worried from the very beginning lest Fencho ally himself with C. Make sure that this warning io WlcV^ered

Apart from the spscifio case, we feel that generallyto keep out of the politics of their host country: any"use trouble, but will also^Vert some of

lourara 3t

ibManuel that we do not want to buy the station In question.

We are convinced that we have now ell the radio facilities which we can safely and competently handle.

lourara hi

appreciate that you ere taking precautions In connection with the Liberal Party convention. Eepeclally the instruction that Poncho's men fi^id.;toy,OUt the center of th* city is quite correct i the degree to

M8lan oright also giveardstick

es to the state of discipline among his men.

Tourara hi

distribution of the highly effective e all practicable efforts to-tlTO opposition against cormaunism in the


tho next few weeks, boginning not later thanweek of May, we ought to aim with increasing intensity andprovoking first distrust and finally, open disaffection againstregime among the armed forces of the Target Country, we ought

to use all available outlets for this purpose, ln particular (a) Radio, (b) La Voa, (c) rumors which ought to be initiated through radio and press, but also passed on by direct word of mouth. We suggest that you tell this plan, as explained in more detail below, to Manual in Installment formthat is, tell hla every week only what you expect hla to do ln the following week or so. Thla would be not only good security, but it would also make it easier fornd foro change details ln the later phases of the plan, if the need for such changes should arise, however, we leava it to you to decide how much you may tell Manuel at airy given time and to elaborats on our Ideas as you will find suitable.

a first step, the general themes of propaganda againstregime should be sharply focused upon the military audiencebe worked out with the advice of Manuel and of ths military menLa Voa,ased on the fundamental argumont that the honorpersonal as vol! aa the professional futureoldier orupon the nd misdeeds) of the regime under which hegeneral themes will Include, for instancei

Quatemala is being turned Into the beachhead of international

communism In the Westernadio Moscow applauds every speech by Toriello, every step taken by Arbens )j

Taxpayers funds are being spent for communistee press items on propaganda exhibit about Caracas conference In Guatemaland for extensive travels of communist leaders to Moscow and elsewhere behind the Iron Curtain, while the government is lass and lees able to pay even its own employees, lot alone to fulfill its other obligations j

Freedom is being suppressed, censorship tightened. Independent newspapers and radio stations terrorized!

And so forth.

a next step, members of the armed forces ought to beaware that they are about to be misused for aggressive One way of starting this might be to assart that Arbens and Dial

have consented lo have the Csrlbbean Legion eupplenanted not only bo arm and equipment fron the regular Guatemalan Amy but by regular army personnel aa well. One of Manuel's sources Inside ther Inside sods suitable governmentay hare cine across evidencea secret document, or the recordonversation between Arhensikely ceramist leader,

praaunuibly fortnnny, according to that Axrument (lt might also be presented as anoscow Is very dissatisfied with the failure of the attempt against Somou, feels that the Caribbean Legion will never fulfill Its purpose unless it is bolstered by regular, trained military personnel and demands therefore that selected groups of officers and EM of tho regular Anry be assigned to Legionype enterprises, naturally not openly, but under appropriate cover. his theme loads itself primarily to dlesesdnation by nsaore. )

lu The next step mightirect, formal warning to all military

personnel against penetration of the Army by tbe Ccemonlst Party and against

political snooping by these cells. Based on the fact that all Corsmmlst Parties anywhere, slice the very foundation of the Ceramist International, mmmm been undorrie test orders to penetrate the armed forces of thete rep poo tiro countries, it ie enly nmlmisl that the Ouatemalan CP followsthe ssae pattern. Ton might mention in this connection that Coeaninlst Parties have been knowftto use the charms of the female members of their youth groups to make contacts with militaryf you and Manuel assume thatharge against the AJCO will beon might put this very specifically, quoting actual incidents). He might also broadcast or print an interviewP defector who discloses party activities In forming colls inside the armed forces.

5. This campaign should roach its climaxune with thethat Arbens hasecret pact with theerhaps directly with an emissary from Moscow or at least in hisbout the bolshevisation of the armed forces, providing forthe appointment of political cowaissars in all units and for the arrivaledossibly.

Czechoslovak Any) training and Indoctrinationperhaps to be

disguisedrade or "cultural exchange" mission, but conceivably also quite openly. This Oevelopment would correspond to the ohangse which the armed forces underwent in all countries in which the ihave seised power. lou might add that tha pact also provides for an extension of military conscription and that those conscripts for whom there will be noodiately available epeclally since the Caribbean Legion and other Aggressive, revolutionary enterprises vlll have priorityseebove) will be organised Into labor batallions for the cons trust ion of military

airfields, border ratifications and other work resultingommunist foreign policy for Guatemala, thla announcement should be madepectacular manner, based on cither an intercepted official document, the letterigh CP official or the statementefector from either the CP, tha armed forces High Coaaand or from Arbens1 ownhatever your local exports may consider more effective and more likely to bet should be publicizedpsolal broadcast, interrupting all regular programs ond to be repeated several times, as well aspecial edition possibly with an additional number of reprints of that special item, provided dietrlbutlon Inside the armed forces can be aoaurod.

are aware that thisighly sensitive propoeitioni

Its black character must under no circumstances become known beyond Manuel and, if technically unavoidable, one or two of Us closest and moatassociates. All other personnel Involved ln producing and distributing the items required for the campaign outlined above must be made to believe ln tbe genuine character of these disclosures. In order to avoid any possible leaks or "backfiring".

advise us soonest what you think about the chancesthe above prograa, how Manuel reacts to lt and keep usabout the progress made along these lines. If you feelcall on us for any additional background Information (ooaaunlst Impact upon the armed forces In other countries, etc.)

which we might be able to give you within the limited time leftbut we are not aure whether many details of that sort will be really needed.

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