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olitical Action, ERRATIC/JOonversations %

ictated Report of JDVTA II in re: h

REP: | and

Attached hereto is the dictated report ofn re: h meeting with ERRATIC.

A loo attached to tho debriefing are copies of two docamentaby ERRATIC. Oneandfeeto by tbe COKTTE OUATEHALTECO ANTICQMU-NTSTA (COAC) calling on all Guatemalan rooietant entities to deny CALLIGERIS aid or assistance while the eocond aro ooples of two reporte aade to ERRATIC by prominent businestmon^.tn relation to eubacription denando aade upon them by puxnortod followers of CALLIQERIS.

3. Station is still awaiting an answer fron LINCOLN toC ndroviding an alternative baoie on which JUVTA II can predicate termination of thie project since tho one initially advanced by LINCOLN hao proven ineffective (See8 and.


CGAC Manifesto.

Two Reports to ERRATIC.

Jt'VTA XIttc ERRATIC Personnel.

h CFR/hdw

I :K:

' " an noted above in dnplicate.

s noted above in singles noted above in single cony.

Tha Ouatemalan Anommlttoc ( COAC)

(Working to eradicate Communism In America)

ha Ponlente Street Salvador, Rep. of El Salvador, Central America

Ccomiunlqueersonal nature, to be placed in the hands of Hia Excellency The Ambassador

Accredited to the Government of El Salvador, Central America

Tba Central Board of Directors of the Guatemalan Anti-Ccmmmnlst Groups, with clandestine headquarters in Guatemala City, *ad which indorses ERRATIC, acting through tha medium of the Guatemalan Antl-Conmunist Committeef San Salvador, have the honor to place in the hands of Jour Excellency tbe following memorandum with the plea that your illustrious Government vouchsafe to study it.

1. Backgroundi With tho approval of tho Central Board of Directors ERRATICact of Collaboration with CALLIOERIS,Although) CALLIGERIS bad not been complying with that which vas stipulated inbe Militaryhs tao signatories, promptedriendly Government, ratified the aforementioned Pact onf which ratification ERRATIC duly informed the Central Directory. On3 ERRATIC arranged ac interview with CALLIGERIS ln Qoascoran, on thsonduras frontier, an interview in which be demanded of the latter compliance with tha Fact snd the ratification. The response to this demand were the trips te Guatemala which Senor Jorge Isaac DELOADO, CALLIGERIS' personal agent, made in the first days of October: DELOADOarge sum of quetsalas from ARBENZ' government, according to evidence verified by the Central Board ofituation of which the Blearaguan Government was immediately made aware through the medium of one of ita honorable representativeseighboring country.

In the presidential bulletins published with great fanfare by ths Guatemalan Government froma onward, there was evidence of Isaac DELGADO's selling those documents snd of CALLIOERIS< criminal negligence, both in guarding the pact and its ratification and equally in guarding the correspondence and other documents carried on with high functlonarlea, whieh documents compromised the neutrality of the neighboring countries of America.

2* Confronted with the disloyalty manifest in this eventan event which demands the adoption of awatv for the defense of the prestige of our fight as well as the preservation of our activities from future treacherieswe must proceed to tbe disallowance of men of reproachable activity who by their proceedings nullify loyal efforts directed toward the liberation of Ouatemala from the Communisthe Guatemalan Jnti^cnnnunlst Groups, in application ofhapter III of ite Statutes,


1. To authorise the Central Board of Directors, working

through the Guatemalan Antl-Conmnnist Committeef San Salvador, to notify the Chief of the Liberating Movement within and without Guatemala (ERRATIC) that all coBmltaients and tho reciprocal obligations contained in the Pact and its ratification mentioned above, and which ERRATIC originally contracted with CALLIQERIS, shall be without effect fron this date forward! and.

2. That ERRATIC as well as the Central Board of Directors is to make this decision known to our groups and affiliates inside and outside of Guatemala! from now on they are to abstain from lending any aid to the group which CALLIQERIS directs in the city of Tegucigalpa.

e Karso


(Trmba> pan erradicar cY Coin isms do Africa) U. Calle ?onleote Salvador, Hep. de El Salvador, Centro Aaerica.

Comnicado rare ser puasto en menoatoolsntislmo oerior Twbajador ds

screditado ante el Oobiorno de El.

La Junta Dlrectlva Central de los Grupos Guataaaltocos Antlcoaunlataa, con sede clandestine en la iudad de Ouatoamla, cue roapaldan alpor cm din del Comlte' Ouateaalteco Anti-ComunUtee San Salvador, tlono ol honor ds poner en nanos de Su Excelencia el siguiente Hoiaorandun, don el ruego que so digueu llustrado Govlernoi

Con aprobacidn de la Junta Dlrectlva Central,un Pacto do Union con CALLIQRRIB, si diao Enero CALLTOERIS con lo estipulado en la clausulao*furnantesj insinuados por un Ooblsmo aadgoPacto ela Agoetoo cuva ratification informo'ela Directive Central. Ele Septieabre doprovoco ana entren ol Goascoran, fron torecon CALT.TG RTS, entre v*, la quo le'ata eldolu Ratlflcaclon. Ia.saloarostemla que efectuo en loo proneros dtaa decl softbr Jorge Isaac Delgado, agonte personal delrocibio' una fuerte can ti dad en quetssloo dal cobierno de Arbens,

segun sveriguacio'n comprobada por la Junta Dlrectlvae cuyo hecho se dio cuonta lnmedlata al gobierno do Nicaragua, por nadio de uno do aus honorableo re prose ntantes en un pais veclno.

En loa bolstlnes presidencialas publloados con gran escandalo por al gobierno ds Guatemala, delc Eneroh en edslants, se comprueba la venta que Mao Isaac Delgado do eeoea negUgencla punlble del CAL! IG IS, tanto on la guards delu Ratificacia'n, coao en la guards de laonas docuaentoa crusadoa don altos funeion-arios que conpmmtian la neu trail dad de paises homanos de Aae'rica.

la dsslealtad nsnifiesta de osc hocho, quo exlgeopemedidas on dsfenss del nrestigio ds nueatra lacha, para podoractlvldades de futures infidencias, debe pro coco roe allos hombres de actuacio'n reprochablo que con sus procederesosfVicrso loala liboraclo'n de Guatemala do laalos Grunos Ouatemaltocos Antl-cosainl;>tas, cnapitulo in de uus i'-atatatos,


12. a Junta Directiva Central, para que, por medio del Comite Quntoialteco Anti-Comunistae Sao Salvador, notifiquo al Jefe del -iovimento Liboradore Ouatemala, ERRATIC,artir de esta fee ha quedan ein efecto laa obligacionesodo co-iproalao que ol proplo ERRATIC contrajoLIOsrgS, en elu Ratificacio'n, de que s'c'ha' -hocho me'rltoi y,

2-. Cue tanto ERRATIC, como la Junta DLrectivn Central, began saber estauestrasfiliados,uera de Guatemala, quienes en "io Guceuivo do be ran de abstenerae de orestar colaboracibh alguna al erupo que en la cindad de Tegucigalpa dirige CALLIGERIS.

2 de KarzoIl


National, working ouireat part of theattle dealer for the most part, gave the following confidential information about events talcing place in the middle part

uatemalan, an emigre in Tegucigalpa, Honduras,an invasion of Guatemala. He is counting oo the aid ofof the Honduras Government and he is financed by the On!tedand, according to CALLIGERIS' own story, by the federalthe Dnlted States androup of rich men in Ouatemala. is relying on the friendship of Colonel

Heeding more money, his friends In Honduras talked withC tc>fron El Salvador, who is in the habit oi going

to Honduras(CALLIGERIS1 friends) askedC_V

Jto attempt tooan oiunited States Currency; among the wealthy people of El Salvador in order to buy several bonbon and other modern arms.

coold not excuse himself and ao began negotiations with hie irienos ana, so it la said, even with the government (of El Salvador) but the collection did not progresst it consistedersonal donation from

What could be the cause of this failure?

According to an account by the medical doctor, an

intelligent and very experienced young man, they talked to nim as well as to other friends of his and asked that they contribute to thise intended to givearge aun.

A and hia friends) set themselves to studying the proposal and af tar weignfflg' the pros and cons decided that if foreign enterprises and governments as rich and as powerful as those which had been named wereto the organisation of that Operation for the Invasion of Guatemala it vaa impoeaibla that it was lacking money or arms; they considered it a

a very strange thing that (the Organisation) should cone toun of such relatively little Booey, which would borop of water,ingle bomber costs aore; furthermore they did notpractical an invasion which mightar in Central America. They decided that apparently such aid from tbe United States of America did not exist and that the foreseeable result would be that they should lose their money in so financially poor and so badly organized an enterprise.

They talked with other prudent friends who had also been invited to contribute to this enterprise and verified the fact that these had the aame pessimistic conclusions about contributing.

Thus was ended thia badly directed attempt to solicit the aid of the Salvador capital, in order to save Ouatemala and to protect El Salvador from Communist clutches.


El:<roralnento hombre de nogoclos, de

nacionalidau Fiatoneawu, .uaicaao on Sen Salvador gran parteogocinnto dc ganado ol porediadoe dal anoio el slguiontc informo confidenciali

CALUG_X'1S, guatomalteco, on grado on Tegucigalpa, Honduras,unauatemala. Cuenta con el apoyo dedel gobierno dseta flnandado por la Unitedy, segim dice nl propio CAU.TOR=JS. por el gobierno Pederel.'istados Unidos door un Bruno de hombras rieos docuenta con la amigtad del

3nana qua al trebejare para obtenar un I

Hecesitando mao dinero, bus ardgoa on Honduras, bablaron con don Ode El Salvador, que acostumbraonduras

prffstamo detxi entre la gents rlca de El Salvador, para ccciprar vartoe avionos de bonbardeo otros arnas modernaa.

no padonicio las geatloneo con sus amlgos

y sc dice que nasta oon el gobierno, poro le celecta no progreeo' yse con to0 aporto ns rsonal dc

?OuAl aeria el motivo de este -racaso?

So gun relate del doctor en laedicinaiovea

uy ejopcriraentado, la hablaronltros de bub aralEos para rontribuir en ostee leo daolgno' fuerte cantidad.

Sestudiar lauego de penaar losos contra, dedujeron que si en la organlr-acioh ds esa Operecion deuatemala, cotanan contribuyendoovierno estran-Joros, tanodorosos como los que se nombraban, no ore posible quo loo faltaranue volan muy raro que ae lesollcitar una cantidad do rolatlva poca monte, que sorts como una got* do ague, ya que un solo bombardero cuosta macue, adomaii no consideraban practice una invaalbn que podrla desatar la guerra en Centro America; quo por lo vieto no extatia tal ayuda del gobierno de los Estados .'nldoe deue el roaultado previslblo aorta el que poroieoen su dinero on una enpresaobremonto orgartsade.

ilablaron con otroc amlgos prudlcntoo, que tambien babian sideontribuir en oatoomprobaron que tcnian las nxsmas

dedueciDnes posimlstas para no contribuir. concuyo' este in ten to mal encaminado do proctirarse la ayuda del Caoital salvadoreno, paraaral Salvador do la Garra Cocxiniota.

Sano. de Abril

In re: ERMTIC/JUVIA U. meeting of Monday,iflth meeting)

rsPATIC telephoned oe Friday,h. In order to achieve all possibleorestalled hia. However, Monday morning ERRATIC again telephonedet hia9, since further evasion wp*-ld bo in iteelf suspicious. Toackground for termination and in accordance with previousold ERRATIC lt appeared plans would require no re delay than originally anticipated for reasons not disclosed to ae. ERRATICeasonable amount of delay did not give him Uie slightest concern and he uas fully in accord with any delayby nore coraful planning. He said his principal aim was to prepare everything carefully and insure success. Any necoesary delay to thus insure success of his movement waa hence perfectly eatiafaotory to him. lso toldas afraid the delay might be very great, ERRATIC said he hoped it was merely delay end not cessation of activities,n that event, he could expect toairly large segment of bis followers threaten his life. He said most of the members of his organimation are risking their lives daily and have now, at his Insistence, completedf their three phase olan. . They have now fully revived hiswithin Ouateaala and ere ready forhich calls for complete armed readiness to prepare forhich contemplates the assassination of the key Ccumuniet personnel nreviously enumerated and armed revolution against the AEHBNZ Government. XSRATIC stated that, after having called upon hie followers to risk their livesine when any political opponents of the ARBENZ Oovernmont are being tortured and killed, henow safely terminate thia newly generated movement without making hie lifo appear quite clieap in tho eyes of soma of his more fanatical followers.

In reply to our previous questions, 3RRATIC supplied the attached list of additional ke? military and political personnel which supplements names he has previously supplied us with from time to time. ERRATIC stated practically all of these individuals hold positions of responsibility sad power in Guatemala today and in order to retain their positions it is obvious they must Give constant lip service and pretense of active support to ARBENZ and the Communist program in Guatemala. Despite this necessary smoke screen generated hy these individuals, ERRATIC said ho could count

on the utmost cooperation and assured loyalty of these men. Au oxample of

3. ERRATIC stated one of the aources of information for thein GuatemalaHe works at the American

andersonal enemy of bnha'flC for tha following reasons Intoinformation covering certain

detailed anu vxtai about Qua tana isn nilltary forcos andhave obtained it out of great personal risk and froa deviousfriend of ERRATIC and showed him the

type-writ ra*uiw... It vas tho asmo type-written sheet ERRATIChad typed on his own typewriter and given tothe

prooodiu to type tha eame inloxauiuiuu agaui on his

o*fK macAina and thereby provedreal source of tha

infonaation. Whenf^. learnedue nt>henceforth an eneon- of ERRATIC.

1*. The question we previously askod about hie proposed overall budget for hie movement be has delayed answering until after consultation with some of hie principal political and military advisors. It was theof his followers thatf hia operation would require. He di aae rood with this estimate and changed the plans ln an effort to avoid the advanced knowledge frequently revealed ln operations of this kind by excessive use of funds to purchase additional followers and revolutionaries within the country. He estimates he' vill use no more thano achieve complete readiness for his revolt from within the military garrisons and political organisations in Guatemala. It ia his contention that merely monetary' contribution aland is Insufficient to obtain tho type of follower who will risk hiu lifeovement of this kind.

5. He reported the Banco Agrario end its branches throughout theepartoante are now issuing an excessively large amount of Quetsales. For example, small ca&sininities and rural areas were flooded with Quetsales lrriodiatoly prior to Semana8U). The Banco issued them principally to new owners of divided properties with the explanation it waa to be used for the year's farming requirements but knowing very well that it would bo spent for wild celebrations during the Semana Santa Floats.

6. EEi^TIC has aakedod friend and political follower,wiio ieof the World Dank,

checkriu banking circles to fine out wnero "these new Quetsales are

being printed because both the American Banking Koto Company and British sources of paper money have not received orders for this recent issue.

7. LRU/TIC states he would be happy to have hie backgroundno World 3ank and witr 4C

3. luring the past tuo years ERRATIC lias been forced to change many ofroonnel in his departmental organization. vent causing a

change was the fact^he supplied Oeneral BOfflOA ofistheseWdUtaly revealed to tho

ARBENZ Government and either watched or persecuted sufficiently to nulixV their usefulness to hie orgsnlaatlon. Alnost all of hla followers whT^

Slo isposalof CATI-Iaraisljw

9. In the early stages of theseueried ERRATICwould cooperate with CALLIOERIS. He agreed to do bTcompletely.0ositive action loading to an entontT

any evidences of cooperation have come froa CALLB3EH1S, the entire organization of ERRATIC haa becoBM increasing lnaensed and they now 5nnint

blTSlalntaln, tSnol-forth extend no further cooperation In Guatemala to the CALLIGERIS group! Indous volume of propaganda material from CALLIOERIS now

l^ntrLV* undlofcrlbutodbecause ERRATIC channels ofpreviously used no longer will touch it.

10. ERRATIC said afteris group will be obliged to further oppose moves by CALLIOERIS in Guatemala sinceelMs atorSveLve-


ST fSCORP have done Guatemala aore ham than goaaVnd kUI^Of hamper any successful movement.

CAU'raKRTS' organisation la ao thoroughly pene-


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