Created: 4/26/1954

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CTi Meeting Between CARTER and ALHERTO

A meeting occurred between CARTER nnd ALBKRTO Saturday night, PA April,

CARTER reports that Saturday in the nomine Charnaud WacDonald asked forenuncia. r called together three of his friends of confianza, and after deliberating, answered Charnaud KacDonald that he, CW, would not hand in his renuncia until Coronel Diaz returns. It ttpsmpression that theaneuver was being pulled in the absence ofwith whom C'iSTutual assistence pact,

Thie petition for renuncia apparently le tho result of the series of cablegrams, photoetatico, letters,hat have been sent from different parts, making it appear that Off is compromisedolpe against the Arbenz government.

CM has asked hie friends de cenfianza that they keep this news to themselves, and await the return of

Df. aa,

ssures them that he cannot explain the insistence of unknown groups of making it anpear before Arbenz that he is disloyal, and of callingommunist (he hashotostatic of the FGT Crtrnet), He says t'nrt he isommunist, and that on the contrary, Rosenberg who is affiliated with the PGT, is not bothered.

The above inforer-tion was given in the "calidad de 'muy rrssrvFdo1

It is commented upon in the circles close to the abeve, the* Arbenz has spoken in the last few days of renunciando ln view of the great disorganization and anarqufa which seems to be growing in the filas of the fovcrnmcnt. Thin threat on Arbenz- rsirt seems to bo no

more than pure threat, but is at least an indication of Arbenz1 mood in the face of all the "bulla.

Archila, jefe de captures del lola Guardia Civil is the person vrho directed thethe 'Indio Internacional.

next meeting between CAHTJUt and ALEK1TOfor. either Konday,pril, or Tuesdaypril.

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