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In higher circles, Alfonso SOLOSZANO, Mexico-trained Concnunlatthewa* heard to state during toe period that he SS"!pr?SpeJtsJh?/re3entwith dlscoursfier,ent (See In view of differences existing between SOLORZANO and

"ottD estimate the extent to which his opinion ia shared. It is believed to be not without significance, however.

trueeleto have resolved iteelf*? urIne the period to have been . negotiating for the purchase of several, large fincaa, includlnc thrt owned by the HODGSDON family in the Pafcululraceproperty in the same regionhird near Pochuta.

The press announcement to the effect that raemberarxarian committees in the tscuintla area had been removed due to theif failur to conform to the precepts contained in the Agrarian Law" was anof continuing efforts to play down Communist influence in that region (Sec

Nervousness In government circlss was Indicated by theunusually bitter exchanges between pro- and anti-governmentCongress provoked by the proposed homage to ESTRADA de la Hozpropsal to cancel payment of the government's share in theof the IGSS and the INFOP. (Considering the faot thatwaa established to care for and aid the working class. It wasthat Cftrloa "anuel PELlHCER and Victor Manuel

GUTIERREZ took determined otands in favor of canceling the government

&l8ue toelations with Alfonso SOLORZANO, IGSS head mentioned above, is not known).

Perhaps the greatest cause of speculation and atrain came with the rumored dismissal of Chief of the Guardia Civil, Rogelio CRUZ Wer accompanicQ by the accusation that he was the leaderommunist movement against the present regime. Although qulckly denied? "edacity of the report was supported by the fact that several individuals hadhotostatic copy of his PGT carnet and because CRUZ Wer wss not available at his office for concaa but confinedick bedbad cold."

That the sense of Impending change oft attempt at change had penetrated tne highest government cirolea was indicatednd Embassy contact to the effect that Presidentother had recently left unwinint'ly and under pressure for San Francisco on her way to Switzerland where she is to remain with the ARBENZ CHILDren. According to source, her departure followed her pleas to her son for more moaerate policies, his response that it was too late for such changes, and his insistence that-she go to Switzerland where she wool be safer ahould anything happen.


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It was also reported that the armed guard at the national Palace was suddenly increased during tho reporting period by the addition ofoldiers ai-mod with automatic weapons (ametralladoros dehoj were reportedly dispatched from the Ouardla de Honor on short notice and their assignment Is said to have caused much specula tion and nervousnoas among both tha officers and troops concerned whooup was expected.

Lastly, the attack on Radio Internacional and the vigoroueof participants in" campaign (see belov) evidenced the government's uneasiness and desire to crush opposition activitywith what appeared toack of knowledge as to how tomost effectively.


If tho enemy picture Indicated loas of composure and somefriendly forcesonfidenoe and strength not previouely demonstrated.

The outstanding example of this new position was that of the opposition press which has previously shown Iteelf reluctant to go too far on controverelal Issues. Following the armed attack on theInt-eroacional and the announcement by Francisco BMU that he had received instructions to omit politics from his daily radio news program over La Voz de la Telefunken, editorial columne decried the use of such tactics and playod up the abuse of civil liberties In general, devoting particular attention to the dangers ofreedom of press and radio channels.

Support for tho Archbishop and his anti-Communist stand con-tined to be forthcoming in editorials and from Accldn Cstollca de Ouatemala aa well asroup in Antigua. In addition, groupe have been formed In various other parts of the country to back him and his position.

" campaign In ita Initial phaso undoubtedly servedin arousing curiosity, speculation and suspense. wore noted, however, primarily boeause of thofor tho defacing of propertytho "vandalism" aspectprogram. However, tho vital foct is that merry peonle who hada dangerous complacency and apathy have sudoonly realised,consiaerable shock, that there does exist an orgenizedthe present regime which is not only wlllin; but able to ro out sonethln... Tho succeaa of thia maneuver in the face ofprecautions is also regarded as extremely important becausetend to hearten nany people who have been simply afraid to rthornoie," campaign is now being shifted and tactics will be launched against members of their iroserty. It is huoian nature that those who are not


ET pbsuccess HYjAT

harmed frequentlyerverse ploasure In seeing the powerful "top docs" be given the treatment, and since the government is the targot, the fact that the &ovornment people become victims will notmiss. We expect, however, that the newspapers will 3ay that this is vandalism because there ia little else that they can say. Actually, it will be vandalism but vandalismurpose,

this Initial effort upset government and police circles waa evidenced by the immediate arrestsmany of individuals of proven innocencemade in the capital, Puerto Barriosoman was the first person detained) and other outlying areas.

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