Created: 4/28/1954

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SUBJBCTt % initiation of niscusalon Detaoen OouJuiaa and Salvador

1. At your earliest opportunity, it la desired that youPancho ths situation regarding ths Junta's uss of taawomsnd ths nssd for lsssdlste action in that direction. It lathat you infors Pancho that ths gross Is of tho opinion thatprobably Tory receptive at thla specific nossnt to any approachaeainat Guatemala. Therefore, Pancho should ba askedsad attempt to arrange tha earliest possible Yisit towith ths fall support and basking ofto dlssuss the

aattar of covert rapport betassn ths tao countries for tooperations*

r- i tudesired that Vol* with tha full support of C sks his approach to Csorlo oa the basis of common Interests,

sasrtionins to. group only if necessary to Indicate solid support for Pancho. Val ahould.tmjlertsdto_the possibility that Osorioive, or at

it^llt^Cosamnlsts In Cwtemsla as erldSnoad by tho recant assinstlon attempt on President Somoaa.

Vslebould be encouraged to point out to Osorio the intensive Coaaamlst pen-

etrsUon of ttadnrjs snd the threat whloh bangs over tost oountry, Inferring

that the same applies to Osorio. Furthermore, It is believed very pertinent

U a

which is dastined to be successful and thersfore is of vital ooacsrnto^

osorio not etij for the beosflto whloh b. mould derive, by mam action, but

by the lapllsaUons which would prevail after ths victory should Salvador

refuse covert osalstenoe*

o inform Pancho that the group now has ain Salvador by the nsms of Keao who isosition to backstop any arrangsncnts laid on by Val and Osorio with the Junta's representative In Salvador. The nature and the extent of Memo's participation In these and subsequent negotUUcns snst bs left to your discretion in ths field as tho senior representative for the group.

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