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Chief of Station. Guatemala

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3ugf> est ions for rrepaganda Techniques


Tho following aro suggestions which you sight pass on to ths personnel whom yea consider suitable. This isirective snd yea amy feel free to adapt, expand or reduce these suggestions as your local situation and ths Qualifications of your personnel may require.

Dropping leaflets i imple mechanism to eoatter leaflets upon streets. Into nesting halls and similar places without endangering ths distributor oan be rigged up in the following manner. oard of wood, eardboard or ths like snd put it on the edgeausa top, of the girderridge, the balconyeeting hall or the Ilka so that half of the board stands free. Put on tho free half of thetaple of leaflets, preferably in an open container suohardboard box. Put on ths other half of tho board(nhleh rests on tha house, bridge or theontainer filled with water, heavy enough to keep the board in place. ittle hols into that container, near tha bottom, so that the water will slowly leak outi hile, the container with water will become lighter than the box with leaflets et the other end, the board will skip and the leaflets will scatter down. It lo easy to repulata the leaking of the water so that lt will give the man who sets it up sufficient time tor that tho leaflets will come down only et the desired moment, for instance ln the midstarade, after the startesting or th" like.

Decentralized production of leaflets! roup producing clandestine leaflets conaidere police surveillance likely. It may reduce the risk of the runko the bulk of leafl-*te from tho production place to the ultimateln the following manner. Instead of running off,eafletsirteopraph machine end of transporting them in bundloeopies each to the further distributors, one can type ins toad five sets of stencilo and send these atone Lis to five different mlmeograoh machlnea which aught ba located ln dlffer-int -artsity or eren ln different cities. Stencils can bo much mora easily transported then ^cKages of leaflets! they raay be rolled into umbrellas* intoframe ofo rolls of shoot mole and the police, alerted to

lookiroe.iagrt unlikely to dlsoorer the bearers of mere stencils.

A. ttiPJ! up paatTc snd stickersi wherever conditionsIt will bo useful to put up posters or stickers hy teams of flvo /aan each. Number one noesards ahead of the othorsi h* cokes sure that the neighborhood isand determines wheroatora shjuld be ut up* Uumborfollows himafe distance,rushponge to put water (If the posters are gummed on thehich Is alwaysrn the places where posters should be uuti the soother there difficult will lt be to tear down orl'ace ths posters* Number three follows cloaoly after numbero eairlee the postore end auta thorn on the spots preiored by nuiabor two. Nunbor four follows again; heag or soft brush with which he makes sor* that the paster, especially Its corners, lies flush with thehich .takes It amain more difficult to damage the pastor, "umber five followsong distance, perhapsards after number fouri he nakea sure that nobody suspicious le approaching tharom behind and warns his collearuns ln case of danger.

Hanging nosters etc. In inaccessible if there Is danger that postern will be torn down by hostile elevate quickly after they navo been out on and if It Is not coselblo tc arson Ire mards to nrotect them. It might be possible to place then Into t'. ts where the opposition will find it very difficultr whore their removal will causa considerable trouble and publicity. At nlfiht time,ig men may climb on hlith bridges or towers, on rocks overlooking busy highwaysrtar to put up posters,r point suit-rble inscriptions. If the saot in question Is rather high above the normal traffic level,y reco nlsablo symbol can be used. pecial trick la toigin? or thobetween few trees or wooden telegraph polesighway! after the nlacerd has beenua, ane cuts Into the troes so that thoy remain standLnr but that it is no longer osaiblo for anybody to climb up and to remove the placard (In soon euch casos, the Fire Department of the Army "nplnoers had to work for several hoars to tuiast* tho obnoxious plAcart, thus ot-tmctlnr arrtraorJlnary nubile attention).

Changing th- ^canln^ afaostare or wall inscriptions! In nlaces wherejutdoor 'iionapanda la vnry active, ltoccasionally bo decldod topr^prlate ecxintoraeosuros. SL-nJe dostructlon of such oostirs is of tor loss effectiveubtle changeheir rteanine> oster wayor"'ur Cjurtryar"i byverpeintlnj or otherwise re-

ovln- th two lett rsatnLnrasilyo Its opposite, -iet-jrea too sen change thalr .cretin'- stioko* af the brush, la ardor to oaks such chon'ssXestpontmal decision as to xhat should 'eti chanroa end irtm carry out mi dec-aUn on the br-ifulaet scaleand nt tho asvn*at least during the str* nir.ht.


Dlrtyrblm oUons forootlngsi one of th* simplest my* toeotinge of hostile group, provided these nestings ore eir.ir.lyneed by uoat ra, consists in nesting serosa or under thesetrip with tho worde "The Meeting Does Hot Take Place" or "The Hooting lino Been ro5tr)onedator Date" or something similar. Such strips can be printed in advance on cunreednd should bo printednd with letters*o the usual posters employed by thegroup. They shoo Id be put up onlyoars befor* the -oetlngo that the group has Uttlo chanco to Inform its friends nndnat thisoax.

f BSsgi oost'-ra' herootpnmtively safe and rather impressive tenna of destroying onoiy fosters without unduly endangering theinvolved. Onelxturo of phosphorus and water or some other liquid which /nifht oither hohe ooetir in little glass viola or squirtedubber ii, he water Ma evaporated, the Phosphorus will burst into florae i denendln* upon the oronortion of the caJcturo, we can rognlato the tiaewhich -layc?saaryoofo escape or to set the burning for the -ost effective -exjertt (fur lnstanee, when an enaqyedo is Msaing the snot).

Ubq of bai loonai whilenlloona -oy occasionally bo usedast resort to carry nnvjn.'vuida across tightly closedil balloonse effectively used locally. In facet countries, It is possible to buy sosieair or sone similar nnttaxt. One crn either nut (print,ira>le symbol on thume recognised fron thend or one ern use then toew Jeafieta orie aofopet. ioru *. lag,

placard or pom si'Unr conspicuoushenovor* used, one raistof the direction and sooed of thewind nnd choose the launching nlace accord! ly so that the balloons will arrive at tho right tioe in tho right piacjr.'* ora bottlesewunpa aro all tho equipment ru-ouired to irTlato rjch toynd such on operation eon therefore bo carried outa ration won, adolivory trues or the llko.

10. ull noprociato your consents pb to whotlior and to what extent the above suggest loneliceble toop^mtlonst We shaJl tladly contribute ntiatevor add' tiorml advicoy bo able to ;lvo. o billwvoturlnj; the nexthere will b< little tiro sr opportunity to jvolvs conew techniques oi to ship uieh soocialin add tion to thc it ens already af*der*la te hood, how--vsr,oggfivon tn Uiels-otch -ay bo quickly ass! cn to the -oroo -ivl Lvoiver, thus n'Sdin? to tho uffoct iveneoc of year effort.


uita-rOe - as!i




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