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ACQS, Quatenala



meed for Current Information

Surlnc tho next few weeks it is txkwaxy Important that LlJiCOLii haro oe raich detailed and current Information as poeaibls concerning plans ond octlvltlGB of the Oovornmoct, Army, end Ocoraunlet groups in Guatemala. Following are examples of tho types of Infomatlon deolredi

Hint ore tlie piano of the Government to moot an uprising or invasion?does the QoTorntacpt know, or what assumptions is It making,

regarding opposition raorermsatflt what does the Array plan to do ln theevontove asslnet the Government? What le the poUtloal pool Uon of Important offioers and garrisons? Docs the Amy have detailed plans to overcome on opposition movement?

If so, viwit ore thay and when will they bo put into effect? What efforts aro boini;by tho Government and Army to learn of the

opposition plans and how successful ore they? Mhat movenente of troops or officers ore beinc made and for what porpoooe? What aro tho plans of the Connmniote to support the Ooverrrwnt In the

event of an uprising? Do the ComunietG have any plana to counteract the action, or leHr of

action, on the part of the Army, ond what ara they? Arc the Coraaunleto making off arte to learn of plane of prominent

Covorrmont and Amy oflidals ond if oo, uhat have they discovered? In the eventilitary wveaent against the AHDEUZ reginw what will

tho Coriminiets do and with what? Wat are Gontaunlet plans tdih respootopular movement against

the Governln which tho Army stands aside? Are aovosode to weaken the Airy from an arras and oranunltiom

otondpolnt? If so, uhoro aro these arras tping, to tho Comnunlste


Where are the principal stores of arms end iibsjsiKIuii. and undercontrol are they?

rage 2


if^ ^ 4

What aro tha plana of the CCTC, and arc those different la any

respect froa those of th* POTT Doe* the POT have any plan* for the Indiana In th* went of a

revolution and what ar* the chances of tho Indian* following

uch pianoT

2, These ar* only examples of questions lo whiohd to know the answer*. They will vary nii.jit.iy fron day to day a* conditions chanc*. It ia eaaeutlal that you investigate thee* natter* ret larly through all possible couroe*. Iou ahould prwparo questions of thi* type for eubalBsion to all likely *ouroe* andnd these question* ahould b* rephrased and resubmitted every few day*. Do net rely on your sources evanishing information along ganeral line* whioh have been made known to them. Many have the contacts, particularly SaTUVTXC,FSCHOl/ and tapOOSHt, but they must be asked what we went to know in specific tern*. Zt will be neceosaxy for you to prepare the follow-up queetlous as answer* are received.

3. This natter should be given priority attention. We need accurate Information in order to successfully oountersct the enemynd the hulk of thie Information must comonts in Guatemala and Honduras. During the next few weeks detailed qioetioas concerning taotloal and other intelUf enoe setters will be occasionally sent to you. however, you should consider that the above basicre valid every day. All important information which you think we fihould have promptly can he oabled. Tho balance can be forwarded by pouch weekly, or wd-woeiOy, If possible, under the new courier echedul*.

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