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f Station,


Rugown Operational Report

1, Enol.eal with" campaign. ereto Lincoln with the exception.of the report that

a third car (Encl.ore siezed by the police.

- oompliarile with your inatruotlona Hatmara is taking appropriate steps to provide legal and financial assistance.

2 End.elate to security matters and efforts toto go underground, wo discouraged the use of AT Thecausc he had previously, in ths earliest stagea ofoperation,a ck of courage andthe cause. Donaldadigor can brief you on

havolarification of the conflicting atatomontsInf Enol. $. At this Ume we cannot definitely stato whether or not Easenco has found someone to actut-out between members of the black group andaturally we will advise you soonest when the matter ia decided.


The roport about the attack on Radio Internacional (Enol.as previously called to your attontlon in brief form (OUAT subsequently asked for special support in playing tnis matter up in EL REPEL IE If you have not already done so, it isthat thia- matter be publicised through all outaido media as an example of brutal suppression of the freedoms clalmod by the governnent to exist in Guatemala.



Encl.-na noted

ieorgoVL. Tranp.or^





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SUBJiCTi Meeting Between CARTER and ALBP.IrTO

A meeting occurred between Oscar II, CARTER and ALBERTO on Thursday,pril,

Main discussing the danger to CARTEResult of" activities of Tuesday nieht, as well as the- fnasibility of CARTER going into hidding -CARra states that inasmuch ae they did not arrestt the time the police seized hie. car would indicate they either do not know his identity, or are trying

to force his hand into exactly some such move as soaking cover and thereby indicating some sort of complicity,

CARTER'S car ie not registered in his nameawyer was goinR to visit the police toissing car and to find out if there are any police chargoe in connection with the car, or whether the nollcelne to deny any knowledge of theof the car.

The -police ne of the meeting yesterday, had made no effort to arrest CARTER at his home, nor had they even put in an appearance near his home.

The next meeting between CARTER and ALBERTO ia scheduled for Friday, nril,


+}' nd hiD rrouP returned to the work At, They uued different care and acted in different parte of the city from the previous nipht. CARTER state*one in tho hooes that the police would believe theuch nore numerous, ond that itifferent group from the proceeding nirht.

croup suffored no loseee on Wednesday,

the prenent time, reports indicatehroughout the country in puttlnr

% have been arreuted, includingorke nt aga) here in the capital. The police are basing the arroots on auch charges ns

1out licensee, oto. In SlDva'o caao, it io bnlievod that the police, have him charged with changing his licensehich the police themscivee did,

h reports that" campaignveryone isout it,neweoaper

f" lnforoea that in view of the fact TOt the Paintingncsday nifht. the officirS nartieg on Thuraday foroed -shock- groups to attack anyone they encounter's".



Thoea partiolnntinp in the *ZZ* crjrpnign vtera out 'fin aaflt nitrht (Thursday). It ia ncc felt that their activitioa will hr.vo to be curtailed so-denhat. less organised, no norn use of auto-nobilee, becmiso of tlie hepvy opi-oeition they are encountering.

The nolice hareuniaonern here in theonnected with the caaooaign -

He ish Calls, near the Escuela de

icina. Hiss alao seized. This makes throe automobiles that tho nolice hav captured in thla cawoaion in the cnnital.

Tho nolice deny all knowledge oi' thoof CARTrat'o car.

Kor aro they fivlng out any information on the nrisnncrs.


1, CARTER planned oninal effort on Thursday to see and convince Carlos play Duran to be hia lieutenant between himself and theDlackoun. CARTER states that if CliD refuses, he (CArtTiS) for the moment at least, is completely withouthaving exhausted the others.

a. ow appears more willing to carry out his work by directing the white propaganda throughinezydcl RobsI. and the black through whomever ha succeeds in ROttinf:. However, CARTKR states it is extremely difficult to keep these fellows working, or doing their jobs wall, unless he is constantly on top of them, and willing himself to ew riako.

3. The sketch below is thc present black aet-upi CARTER

C6rdovf Sur


Oriente, liorcste

Armando Riyorq Capital


Pto, BarrioB, Korta

A. Carinalives on thcnownby Jorge Cordova.


reportsearn of are, emoloyed at CTTJSa, gridat tlie c

has accepted the responsibility of working witn UAKTJrifti and thereby enabling CATtTKR to stayre in thewith less risk to his security.

man enjoys "iilemi ecnficoiza" on thecmter, is active, and his work nor mite themany nersons, as well asithotr.ve thet anv time of the day he



StlHJJiCTl Meetings Between CASTiSt and ALffiHTD

Two meetings have occurred between Oscar K, CARTER and AXBBRTO today, Friday,pril.

CARTER states that security measures taken by him to date consist of i meetings in theaters,pieces *nVere crowds are to beut stay-in" avay from meetings at the homes of any of theinvolved in tha grouplt-aysat the current meeting for the future mefiting, trying to keep his contacts limited to those in whomr the most confidence (not always

CARTKR indicated to ALBERTO at today's meeting that he is willing to take stops to go oartially. at lepst, under cover. This will possibly resultlowing down, or limiting, of his work, but he will do his best to avoid any such results.

CJOTSR's hesitancy to poer is explained by the great difficulty he has had to date in encountering anyone both capable am willing to expose himself to the risks involved in this viork, as -xell as being willing to take the great amount of time and trouble necessary in participating in these activities. Itisk for these fellows to take nart in anything but the most innocent activities, in view of the heavy police control, as well anniehment to bo expected if they are arrestod.

It is difficult to persuade these middle-class und poor boys and man to accept the risks, loss of time, and freedom, involved in the participation, at least in arole, in these activities- when among the rich, those who have the most tc loco under the Communists and the most to camevolution, it ie next to impossible to persuade persons tn evenollar to tho anti-Communist

In view of the office's past experience (dis-appaintinfr) with Carlos DiazARTER etatee that he will discard the idea of using himieutenant. He will see if Polo Bolaiioeiieono olse) can notore likely nroepect, if in no other matters than serving as buffer between CARTER and the others in theoup,

The next meeting scheduled botween CARTER and AIJJEriTO is for later on today, in the evening.


1. The -ublicity in tho newapn^ern ccoc-ming theIntcrrrclonal incident lecnt part due to "AimLX,emr to it that the ne*re re ira orated of the vent, rnrttera taken to the scone of theon.

r. 'lonortealy the cause of tho attack is the anti-Communist nroframs broadcast over that station.

The rnrtio technician nt tho Guardia Civil hao informed the nroup that the oecftultants wore from the" ttmt he, the radio teohnloian, had instructed them before they left,at purta of tfco station equivalent should be destroyed.

Tho C< Initiobo; ados iseeting to consider their attitude in tho rat tor. The locatarlaa of the mrkcteso expected to make an iasue of the event,

6. ampaign io getting underway to raise fumle to renair tho station,three technicians have been gotten together by the rroun to otftrt InTneniate repair work, -vith the hone that the str.tion can be rotten back Into on* rut! on no nuickly aa possible.

flnreral di-putados hrvo been spoken to with thothat they moke issue of it in corrress,

Tlenorts have been riven to be sent out to tho exterior,

R, OAUTKH reported nt rrfloting at nid-day that lt Is possible tho radio atatlon will bo buck on the iir pr.niu-timc torVy.

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