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Chief of Station,Chief, aril)

Luis Alfredo CASTILLO C.

For the past throe weeks, Luis Alfredo CASTILLO C. hasrequent visitor at the house of Arthur G. VAIVADA whose sister-in-law currently lives with the VAIVADA family. CASTILLO and the elster-in-law havelightly good friendsesult of which CASTILLO has become more talkative concerning his affairs.

According to hia, CASTILLO was Legal Secretary to President ARBENZ until two weeks ago, when heeave of absence froa his work In order to visit Switzerland. CASTILLO, who ainoe the first tine VAIVADA net him has exhibited extreme nervousness, told VAIVADA that his nby*-Uml and mental condition is auch that he could not concentrate properly and it was for that reason heeave of absence in Switzerland in order to rest and forget his Job.

Because of his position, hia request immediately came to the attention of the President. Acoordinc to CASTILLO, ARPFKZ called tho former into hie office, told him that all covomoent officials were overworked and working underand for that reason could not soeest in Switzerland was necessary for CASTILLO at this time. CASTILLO allegedly returned to his desk but a hort time later officially requested that ho be transferred to Berne,as Consul. Ills request was refusedesult of which ho submitted his resignation which was iraaediately accepted by ARBES7.

Ii. At the present time CASTILLO, accord in? to him, is enployod by the company

a general insurance conpany) in their legal department. He told VAIVADA within tho immediate past that he is attempting to secureon land which his family owns and is evon more nervous tlian over.

Apent's Com*?nt: VAIVADA's personal opinion ia thatery astute in-dividual, believes AnrTJlZ" regime is about topple and is strivinr desperately toout of Guaterala. VAIVADA believes CASTILLO wants to protect his real estate holdin;rs but would not volunteer any infomatlon which would indicate why he is desirous of insuring it. Attempts to draw CASTILLO out further met with negative results.

Cyrus E. turnette

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