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FORM Doc Ko.i

Indicate title of person to take action and that of


r i %0 piace comments thereunder by rrumborod

lx Initial in center of page andine

( the page and forward. Each recipient is to

(.above procedure until action is completed snd

filing. This cover sheet must be retained

yo?'/ /enclosure.

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tf([ ^vWi ievoVd. *




bTJBMOTI aUHBlT Congress

i. Review of subject fUoa results in tho following positive tacts:

Tho Congress is definitely takingay in noxico Cityj

First public anncuncenents hava been issued by KJdHIhLO;

alcearles for south America have already leftpril, those for Central America are supposed to hava leftpril (to make personal contacts with delegates and start local propaganda for congress everywhere)!

"Any AUBAKA stations in WH have already complied with HQ instructions and named suitable persona and groupe to be invited.

^ co^reM'rovided for in the original

,ave either not yet been taxen care of or, at least, tnore Is no record of any such solution in the LlMCuui files, lbs most significant of these aspects are!

special staff officer nas yet been detailed jforsupervision of the project (Latest request is inT JlC? of

pril, aoking to detach Joel h. aebackereekslu

we received the agenda of the congress today (lnfto the original agenda outlined rf

J "namoecond speaker sets!ecture on the naiy specializedmcn it includes.

C>ltiAU7'nation whethar

tno delegates to the congress would be representative and democratic:eplying inequested Eq to forward any^atory inrormation on prospective delegates* apparently no further action has been taken either aide. LlNCOU. files disclosed information onn. of which was derogatory (indicating that the delegate was strongly anti-Oa and anti-democratic, though also anti-ccaeainlst).

3. Important fro* the rSSOuCSss viewpoint: although/" jmma to

d9trj^ si report8ihttachearf?otliiis resignation leaves apparently our entiro plan it concerns Ouat, without an Instrument. even beforetoubstantial part of the funds tor tneto insureore influential position-in congress matters.

hance for SS

I could find tb explanation in the files.

other questions, not mentioned in tbe files, but presumably pertinent to

a congress ol* this type would include the following*

a; How is HaSHTEiiJ going to maintain undisputed control overay proceedings of the congress? Ittulos of procea*dure? secret caucus of inner circle of his intimates? "hat else?)

how will the congreashe-fcl be guarded against disorders and undesirable intruders, such as communist agents, hecklers, other "lunatic fringes" always likely to gatheruch publicized convention? (Arrangements with the polioe* HwSHIf-ui'e own strong-ana squads? "embersof ZKAFRAID, militant students?)

"hat provisions have been made to prevent the congress from degenerating into squabbles between competing groups, especially con flicting groups of Guat exiles? (miles of procedure might include pre-arranged list of speakers, notions to be screened first in closed committee, or the like).

5* "ecommendations'

a) we should iM'SVthe HQ sendsualified staff officerJtciether nebecker or somebody else, and that :or either

this officer either goes via lJHCOui or be briefed in wash by undersigned;

Me to

toamong ourselves as quickly as poseiole how replace/^ Jin the Guat part of the Congress;

wo might request HBfl to clarify the points listed inbovewhich we cac oresunably do only after receipt of theirpril pouch taeof** ,

d) Undersigned, on his scheduled visit xoCL IL "in attempt to clarify as many of the unanswered questions raised above as possible and obtain anand up-to-date picture of the state of preparations, the presumable composition of the delegations, the competence of the key personnel involved, and so forth. Study of the files, however,arked reluctance ofH andC admit JulMCOLN's role in the entire project. Undersigned therefore recommends that we ought to limit our efforts in this matter to the rBtfJuCESS interest in the congress, without attempting to bring about whatever changes might appear desirable in the over-all plana and conduct of the congress.




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