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Activities oW*hc POT

date Of info. 2u

place acquired Honduras, Tegucigalpa


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in Guatemalan Cccwtiuiist circles

prior to the opening of the Confederacion General deQuatemalteoos (CGTG) Congress inroup of prominent Guatemalan Communists met onanuaryto discuss Party matters. Those present included Jose Manuel FORTUNY, Carlos Manuel PELLECER, Leonardoaime DIA? Rozzotto, Manuel PINTO Vsaga, Virgtlloj, Antonio CABRERA, Ouillenoo Max GONZALEZ, Max SALAZAR, Samuel SIH3WVXZZA, olando CALDERON, Tceaa YAKCOS Kejia, Alfredo GUEBRA Borges, Dagoberto VAS-QtfEZ, Humberto AYESTAS, and Rlcardo BARRERA.

FORTUNY opened the dlscusilon by saying that the political situation faced by the Guatemalan Government wao one of great urgency for the Partidodel Trabajo (PGT, Guatemalan Workers'ommunist). PINTO replied that too much liberty had been allowed the press and radio, and that tho Party must be more firm if it does not want tc fall into enemy hands. He added that all those showing weakness should be expelled from the Party. FORTUNY then said that many members had left the organization of late, particularly during the last three months cf According to FCRTTJNY, tho decline in membership has been alarning, and he believes that same means, such assalaries, must be studied for stopping this trend. He praised the

jKmvcntud Femenil, saying that this group had collaborated better than any other in the pro-peace campaign. Many of the girls in the Juvehtud Femenil work for the government, and FOR TONY recommended that the Minister of Education allow groups of them to leave work at least once each week for trips into the provinces to discuss social and economic matters with the peasants. PINTO agreed with this suggestion and statedraining school should be set up for this purpose.

Virgildo GUERRA then took the floor and stated that there must be an Immediate purging of all membors who are not completely dependable, because lately





there have bsen rtany oases or treason in the Amy nnd other bmnchnn of the gov* rmwnl. FCffTlVT acrceif with this suggestion, laying thai ite would pre cent it tc .'EOT! Tor consideration during his Interview.

L. PINTO saidating of CotnonLst leaders hall aon* tls* ago at Ihw III neon do Ooya ln hsorloo City. arty nenbor known aa, Bowm usedo leave of tha local group, bacaune he'reportedly had rs-calved orders fron tha Soviet Union to go to Poneaeebruary and take charge of 'vigilance* of the canal aroa. Bowaa said that he nslnUln eofermlcaUaas with Oua'sMlaa contact known aa Ronald Stlwvrd, Uvea atv. Sort*oris Mr la [AS Acacias. PINTO said that tbe parson living athould ba ustehed carefully because hs isln Moilco of otlnr. an Aiaarlcen spy, notwithstanding tho fact that ho belongs to the Cemualst Parly.


During the last days nth, the Centralee of tha POT agreed toote to Presidentsking for the lmadlatc replacement of alldipluaatlc repreientatives ln Central Asorioan countries and Mexico, Including those in sabordlnate positions. It was decided to increase tbe salaries of beads of Party groups inan tries by the snoot afnd Increase the pay of tbe rest of Insn the exterior byuelaalos.

6. ote from Jostino A.OT scent in San Salvador, to Partyin Oqatnala City, covering the vesii endinganuary, ttatasessenger had just retimed frtsi Kicsrsgaa. the letter had been ahla tonlns that boxed nsrchsndlse was belne unloaded at Puerto Cabeiaa, Xlcaragua. The large boxes bore norkia* Indicating they contained machinery. The mes esngcr said that he hadis to establish that the crates contained arns which have not left Kicaracua. he also said that there are abouthi ted States troops ln Sicaragua, sll ef whoa ere stationed at the airport. Cdsnamications betwasnnd the POT appear to te very gcod, aa one latter ril spate had fren San Salvador on Iim arrived in Party hcsdquarMr* the sans day.

T. Onk, lasaediateLy prioreparture of tho Ooat-maian delegation for the Tenth Xntei-Anerlcan Conference in Caracas, thereeetlng of the delegates and prominentln 3ns ten* la city. Oulllerno TCPIBLLO, Ouatanalan Foreign Sinister, "ae present al this ncct-Ing,It use stated that thle wis Inn first tins ha had been aeoneadquarters. IELL0 aald that the delegation ehould not astke any aoves which would Indicate thet Qua-an* la is Cceewunlst, but that tee lease ofshould ba atreesed. Later la tha evening tha iscussed thoso and press alcnante which wero attacking the governnent, and It wss agreed that thle nst'or nuatkrn up with President AA3RI?.. Sone noons wist be found totop tc this typo of adverse propaganda or at least to restrict lt es such aa poeelbl*. It was pointed oat that such news sdght cause the people to resent ths POT, ever, though the reports are obviously lies. The group apparently li aware of tha activities of tha opposition In the eitarlor, "nd lt isurprise fron ono nonent to another.

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