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Action JfM tafcan us atofreaaltlasrip taken byndr. tliMll to timOLH oopril.)

Present et aeetlngi Mr, Halae, Mr.r. Ueeall,


*elabursa*ent to the Kirineaction i _J

Approacharinee for o'turter aae of nlanaection i

J etc.

aad kmc* problaa for LiKCOLR otatlon peraoenel -oartiBulerAotlaii

L. LIHOw afor enn adelttaneltlcot

Bequaat nada byenar to USCOU when he waa there for tha

Toll owing i

Operational "len.

on aadiUeael Internal allitaryto be provided.

(both of these papere due from Mr. BotiPi not later than Tuesday, iit*) Actioni Mr. Fames.

6. Security, eover and dacepUon. USCOW sow oonalderlngwritten by Mr. Wiener lAile at LIBCUIJI eoaitled "Ways and Mesne of laproTingr and Deception forperation." Also, copies of this nanorendua hare been furnished, to hr.r. Roosevelt, T. BiaeeU, Colonel King, Xr.Q C Jfor tt*ir oanaideratloo end roceaueaeatlone. hlfr. uj i, to eeriee ue metoer or not they plan to use aoy of tha euegeetijne oontelntd tn this -eaorenduftt.

?. .oeitlon

in tou oh with Kr. fc. orx he la area on ale vie It to aae C Jtn tha next day or Jie to ^erouadef". Jetav with ue on thla.

Hr. fclaeelVe suggestion) Preparebrief aeaorendua for thethe eiouat of tbteas been loat her*eeuit ofaround by State on tha peUey is ova. if thefall, we oould use this aa evidence.

Hr. 'Jltner and hr. BieaeU. *r. Keterlln* to find the flrat oabl* whloh we aent to the field telling tnem we wore having dtffloolty with State and eend it to Mr. wiener who in turn wjJJirat draft of the lewmdua rftl. Mr. UaeeU preparing tha final draft.

of r t ii LiKCOUf1oonoluslon that until they ah adrron nr. hiohara expectingwould like to aoo thia question Iteot open, Aot ion; (Colonol King haa talked UL Jtaowa tho full atthi*. Ho ahould kaepotC aa notOuateaala Also, Aabaaaedor Peurifor la moot

enaB tie about thia.

aoaaagoa that tall thoof how tho trap vaa aot forchief (which UNCOtN got togather and gave th TO* while

ho vaa there) ahould look good to Kr. Holland. ActionI hr. Biaaoll. (Kr. Biaaoll toaaorandnm of operation* and aeooapllshaents in tha field of political and raycholo;iotl warfare reciting boo* of the actual auoooitaa va have had.)

it for hwadcusrtars t

to it that ther*uch bro;iderofatalan."

nd play op if nectsaary th*an lu* life of Bonoia and what Arbaniin alndie otherauoh ae Hexico, CM le, Coata Pica,

Action i Kr. iassall and Rewnbsr to eantloo it to Aabaesidor Peurifoy.

12. Mapa. Kr. wiener aakad Mr. ToUrllna to prepare tvo napa. Co* ahould ba fairly detailed and ahould include tb* road network, railroads, eonetunloatlona,of Guatemala. Also, th* naawa and looation* of th* nine garrison towns should b* aa this aap. The aaoond aap should b* of Oastaaala and aurrounding aooatriaa to take In up to the Mexican border and down to tha Panamanian border. Action i Nr. Fa tar line.

Mr. Blssall'a point*.

1). IJHCOUf is interested inew military peraonnel inolunWar Colaablan lore anans. LXVCOLNthat hoadqaartara aire thia apush. lotion i fcieaall and Mr Hr nows the foilon this aa heit originally*) Mr, Bissau will dlasoss thia with Mr, L. nd also check to sea what, if anything, XO haa done cd this.

The Toloo cfjw, Kr. wionerow convinced after talking with LMCJW personnel that wmil ofd>'eejeetlone te this ere Miihoat foundation. Acticni Mr.

1$. Thefabor aan dotal to Ouiteaala te talk idth labor people down there. Aotloni Kr. Biseell. He will talk ton this.

Origi tr. Bloaoll ooi Pfi

Mr. a



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