Created: 5/2/1954

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Chief of Station, Guatemala LlmCOLH


Craiisa L.

A question has boon raised regarding tne security lmplicatlono of* Information froa headc^iarters points out that Colonol Glass conoid ereunreliable, dangeroussnake," ond thai C. 3ia tne only officer Colonel Glass baa so categorized. It is possible, however, that tho latter'o personal rolattooaliip with L. Viay have colored hia evaluation.

LINCOLN atated, in reply to tho foregoing inforaatlon, that it lo nroceediac to probo andaccording to findings in the field within the fcVrrogroa and that If le satisfied snd ao other adverse inforaa-tion is developed, eventual unification of u Os assets with SUCARI* is conteaplated. LIICGLN does aot feel prepared to accept the personal views of Colonel Glass vho has been auey frca tho target countryong tiae and mayersonal dislike fot l 3

LINCOLN aubalts thc foregoing for your inforaatlon In dealing J






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