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Chief of Station* Oustoaala


XaTOi XX3TBS, Haedcuartere


Ecooosdn Propaganda Thenae

li Wo ought to concentrate on tho following throo aooncnlon our lncreasing offorta to dewtroy confidence In tho ARBEhTboth In Ouateaala

(a) Tho OuatanuUan Ocverosamt plana to switch Ita ajporta. especially 9vffra, froa the Dnltsd StaWa to tho Soviet OrbitTin line with HalonkoT'e afforta to lncreaao ieport of eonaunora goods. Including such eoapsretlve luxuries aa oranges froaxpected psynent frcw tRflft nrlnarlly im, far* rohlnery (obsolete) rather than cash,

(b> The Guatemalan CP insist* tr.at the agrarian re^om la only a

passing, tranaltory stars, to bo followed as soon ea pcealble by

flrilWUTtHUofl ot agriculture Into KOWhozjb and SOTCHOZESi owing to the backwardness of Ouatanalan farming neUods, tha Rueslan agricultural xporta have Instructed Ouatenalan CP to adara that strict centralisation and state supervision of collective agriculture ia imperative, to be exercised through state ferae (Sovkhoaee) and with the help of forced labor.


(a) (Thia section was Inadvertently cad tad in tho firat drafti It ia explained below and will be elaborated on la later dispatches.)

nropaeate these thereto by'radio, cress and aa/ ether naana at oar disposal, ve reallie that the aaln effort mist be sad* et your end,ESCE aad whatever other ssseta you consider utill sable*

3. The first conditionoast securityt wo rooanasind that RAZHAKA should veil ths shove plan to RSS^lCi net'all at oaoe, but only In Inatallnents, one itemine, and Uat, la additionEM0R, only as fav people ea ossiule should boo aw evara of the black character of this eanpeigni tie oulk of even his close associates aust be rado to believe that Uie/ act on the -asis of actual Infomatlon obtained fron secret sourcoa. Inform Jig? by installBcnts will aleo nake It easier forto chance (adjust, elaborate) later phases, If this should becone necessary.

ii. The eeoond oondition isWe suerest the following tinehich youalter accordirv to tte local situation) f

The export planse revealed ar ?oon ar feasible.

the CF plan on collect-vitation of faralnfi should "break" notay*

fc) The currency refornuld be anBOonced draiatletlly lnnt rs.nute, notew days later (exact release date to be.y LWCOU In due Una).

5* The third condition Is edeyiatc lnpl"Eic.tattonoaoh of the three abore stories,^

tolauslblo po-irco for each of theaf

to support the source etoryoouraoct or other supporting evidence j

(o) te spread both the original story and th* supportingby appropriate ceans ef distribution and to follow it up, especially after too expected gorernrant denials night have attracted eren nore publis attention. (Zt will be presumably necessary to spread allor las prfjTisrlLv- by entirely covert mesne, making use of clandestine leaflets and rawer osapslgns on the at roast soele possible* )

successful implementation vill depend principally upon year, SAZRaRA's end ESSRWKia resourcefulness. Bow ever, we contribute In tha fellewincew ffugfjestions of our own and shall add later whatever supporting Ideas or materials we nay be able ta sat together*



abovePlan* would logically emerge frca aArbaaa and tho CP Isadora and night ba "credited"ourcepresident's office. It might be tied la with vioitourteln, poeeJbly alao with tho fort^onlngof Virgil lo GUFKRA, on behalf ofGIO, in tho Soviet Ubor union

onay, aa reported by Guatemala City radio.pril Increasing diffioultlaa between (huktemala andthe desire ofto increaoe cansror cooda laporto, the need for farm machineryrefora purposesmight be cited snong the MotivesO banOuateaals sight be hinted at,

" ^ notajor topic (last it deteriorates into another anti-US slogan), Ioury to have somebody Introduce motions for -less trade vithore trade with thento resting* of local labor unions or other non-opposiUooalhese resolutions should then be riven naximom publicity in Ouatemala and abroad one can later be quoted as evidence :or the "Export Plan".

"Collectivisation of Agriculture Plan" eight bearticles in the overt prees ond speeches via the overt radio (ifthis still feasible) reviewing the history ef eollectivisaUon In

o aTHtcountries, emphas'sinc how there," firB*istribution of land taken from the big Undownera to the eaiall people, but howhart time co-wunlsm showed Ite true face (beEianing with Stalin's first Pivs Tear, the individual holdingrorcibly merged Into KolkhoEosi Billions of huesian peasants killed their livestock rather than turn It over to tha cooperatives and millions of them were deported or outright assassinated, suoh articles or speeches m'sht endthe question whether thia is what theve in mind for Guatemala, too? ext step, you might prepare letters to the editors- of Ve paper* which printed the above article, pu-porting tofrom radical young conaonlsta, asserting that of course colloctivised, socialised agriculture Is the ultimate aim but tbat there will be no bloodshed in Ouatemalaverybody understeTda

l8^' PTaliiidnsries, somebody nightecret CPP defector might neks

ecret decision of tho CP Cf-rtral

OoasiitteeirecUvo frca ftosccw (possibly carried by somebody who

recent^ refcirrjed fromevealing the collectivisation plan, as

owned in para, above. Special care aust be taken to spread thia

etory by word of mouth among the farmers and inside the ranks of the CRCQ,

j**Refora" plan is obviously the meet difficult of the

threebut It sight have the most far-reaching effects if properlyiofora us as quiokly aa

a) about the latest status of the Guatemalan currency and

goTe-nment financee, date on increased currency Circulation,



b) which agency of the governnent and whloh leading

personalities of the government would eithepurrency reforn plan, participate In its preparation, or be given advance Infomatlon aboutlan.

With the help of your answers and of additional infomatlon vhich warequesting from Headquarters, we shall give you noreabout thle point ao soon as

Stationery and other documentary Material, thus far collected here and at Headquarters, are not quite suitable for use In all the above deaorlbed operations. We shall therefore appreciate it if you could obtain ^and pouch to ua ae quickly ea possible stationery, imprint* of rubbernd algnaturee of the government egenclee, CP headquarters and any other (official organisation vhich night ba Involved in any of the threeiscussed In the presont dispatch. If ve receive such stationery,n sufficient tine ve Bight be able to produce additional supporting evidence, whether for ftse by you or for outside distribution,

10. Tour coassente on the above are invited. Ke realise thatrecommendations in the present dispatch place an additional burden upon you and your aseets. On the other hand, ve feel that an intensified propaganda campaignery broad massuch as the economic intereats of the entire people) is absolutely necessary to bring PBStfCCKSS to the intended ollnax.

. pleaao notai For the

time being,ot bring any of the above to the attention of HEOARTT orelse. However, stand prepared to have all your available outlets piok upand give ample publicity toany stories pertaining to the thenea discuseed In this dlsptjch as soon as they appear In any of the outlets of uuatemala Station or as soon as ve cable you additional instructions.




/am ifr

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