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Subject. uuatonalanbe. IBJUOCJ

analyse Party situation

Date of Infoib

Plane Acquiredi Guatemalay, nutemale

Date Reoetredi

Sourest of ouatemlnnof Keporti 6


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th- merlod follcwln, tn- conclualoa ef the Caracas conference thethe*Partioo Uaatomaltooo del Trabajo <rVf) ears terete* inrlaertly toof the reeulte af the conference and the effect ononvocBitluuJos* Manael^atrjMXhe latter etetad that the actions of theat Caracas bad unfortunately Indlootod olaerly to the worldnature of the forcxament. PCttTtHT replied thatreeeenv but that often things do not work out ea anticipated.

Ba added that UsMlii greator tV gaisiimwnl, and thathorltleo arcrarythin,-I* balls' ap thef the part ln uu eye* ef the public

ere beln* made to prove that the lnt*rrentlom la the 0

eocuTeraooowat success for Quatemala, snd WMsamT said that la athe dclaratoc bedood job. at the beginning they weresnd uiwMrtala, and it was even feared that Ouillermo rOnTELLO night anil out torioaas. However, the final reaulte ear* aaeh that AkjfcJTC end the oiottu.aut seemed pleased, and according to KORTUHX ARifcHZ haa decidedn becking- tha Coawoniste end leasing the party to power deeplto oppocitlon lntomalItself end throughout Central

thereoelTed fron ARflfcW end otherthe Communist leaders are unaaay end worried. Everythingthe lnpreealon of vir.or end confidence, but actually thla la merely

a front, Uiaoourags -nt rotfana among Comnurdstnd lt la stated that disinter ration la apparent ln party organisations throughout th* varlou*ountry* owing In large pert to the activities ofadio bUtion* vhich ere publicising the nature of Ufa In Uuotenala snd tbe failure of th* delegation to Careens.

lu eocnt lectin 6 POT lacdere,straoaod the

ln^Kteaet- of the party'a winning mayoralty elections, end he aleoed the neoeeelty for bavin, centers nana: as port cap! tens end com ami cation* chleff In the port area*. There mustareful stony of the all party bmade in the* Utrjy oaimc, aooordin; to PT^TJITI, anc oooe theer rtepo arm taken the party should cautiously start ite realwit th, carta nty that the ooadn, presidential elactl-ms can betad by asking those resent to take all possible etops toh' of the people, tollin. of all ttv triumphs thus far molise'Jhe sine they ean expect in the future.

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