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Quatemala would then botrong position to ask for and roooiva tho much-needed U. S. arms which its army presently lacks. This whole program will be discussed bj uatemalan problem which the Guatemalans must solve and stress to DIAZ the inportance of the need for positive action by DIAZ before the Gomerunlsts gain complete control, not only ln the executive branch of the Government, but also In the srmy itself.

5- The possibility exists that PTAZ msy Intermit IM|ono whloh Is directed to APP.^H? ss much sa Mmaelf,L the Guatemalan situation and the needoltiMm Inwill allow RTAZ to mko such sn Interpretationeit should be realised that there is no eeeuranee HTIT(, Jif the fact thet he -ntended to taT* this over with umi cnance existsiscussion with DIAZ will beaj1uknz. if relayed by DIAZ, as applicable in reality to hlneelf asl ae pointed out that the possibility exists that DIAZsome difficulty ln talking to ARBEHZ prlvstaly since theextremely wary of letting ARBSNZ speak privately to anybody forlosing their dose control over him (ARBENZ). Another reason whynot mention this discussion withARBEHZ ie that DIAZ does

appear to hare presidential anbitiona and may feel that hie action at this time would not only solve the problem of putting Guatemalaosition to receive the enthusiastic cooperation of the U. S. army in furnishing arms, but lould also ensure his becoming the next preeldent. Thisanbition could be played upon froa the po<nt of view thatRB: HZ may be so completely under the control of the Communists, wl ether willingly or not, that they would be the ones to choose ARBEHZ' successor, at w. loh juncture Communist control of the army would beatter of time.

6. The cover to explain *- resenoe In the ores would beia on an Air Route Survey taking hla to tha Antilles snd theof Southarter completionurvey of Centralmonth. requests iraraft be put at his

disposal bo lena authenticity to the wurvev nature of his work sinceto Central America vas made bywhich partially

hampered his freedom of movement. At the same time, such

aircraft couldossible excuse for offering transportation tothe opportunity arises. In planting the use ofaircraft,

It would be Important to have C si/ned asto

allow him the authority to alter tne route oritinerary as required operationally.

stlmstes that the best place to Intercept DIAZ would be in Caracas where DIAZrrive onay. If for some reason this does not prove feasible,'* aecond choice, Panama, where DIAZ le scheduled to arrive onay prior to leaving for Guatemala the next day. Although DIAZ will go to Barranqulila onh enroute fron


Caracas to Panama, this appears tooown to oonducteeting. Due to tho short visit planned In Panama, C as suggested that hePresident RBMOX, an old friend, and request him toartv for nd DIAZ soill be assured of getlng together with DIAZ and have the opportunity to speak to him after tho dinner,

8* L Jwould leave for Panama on oray, anday, He would rather arrive in Caracaa oniffind out in advance where the DIAZ party had

hotel reservationa.

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