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1. In Tlcw ofuoioua security al' our localu in ore: ar- to -ay*rfollowls-,- steps:


i fx.incr. ia located in r'bUilciTlti,lc entrcr.coa anc which, for that reason and

security pro-

section, . laat-

conslc erec-

ooe-ft dan, ecu:;. rwaeon, i w

Otherr - teon

2t . ^ officialt Lose *jj the police vis in. thathoulvi.iaeifC authorities, In vlow of this and silica we oad loa, attempted toKl^aSCE nderground wlt.iout successt wis declJedV.ovld hoc preso'it hlnuoli' to the police Out tnls time woulobey our inn true-tions and definitely oury hiaself. .'e do not anew how serious is tbe policebutuspects "AJOT*tne wom- err*ated Ln 'uertoonxoctlon with thein^ai^n,ve ircpLicatod uix and tna! tut- police would hole' indefinitely.

Accordingly,i;s. la now hiding, cut temporarily in the hOBSSand relatives and la iaaetln^t nitwit at.lsces. fo ret to theae leetlnr places, 7i friendsand

wo laivo rented an auto-eoblla for RAZKAoA*

It la obvious tnst this isemporary axpodlent*. Therefore, we have arron.ed for the following:


course of tne next fov cays;

willew car to replace the vehiclepolice seised and subsequently releasee, ne willsalt of hia -'resont vehicle as soon as It has "cooledthe salu price of this car will Do returnee to this Station;

5)hasfairly safe house at present in the, city and will


soon obtaini will boor lifteplace tfcrt roitod

vehiola ta now ualn-. is cur ia heinL. puroVinvd ti.ro" Y.

a ec^ATrjxlstJn; only on oaporhlcl: ve"lii-if-d. &) aven'e nousaafc*"

uaa of boats, etc. ho will bo ableontact

with ftf: wi'on frolon*occessTv.

hcill be wade)arey

ct^rTin.td places.

r>Clf>.: 'urin; tho Uie /AW.andled. . they

in what io believedecure nanrsar ancba

no reason to believeHOW la eo-npro-nisec'. esult of the probability or VAIVfc'.A's compromise, aaT and sinco VAIVA'A hadocllnj. feat all waa norueiTaud thftt he aoemodightecidedot for him to leave the country, not only for his own protection but also to prevent the possibilitylap which would cause Incalculable da-arehia tiaie. VATV'.A, aa oer,Hlcaay with instructions toH unon arrival and to chock as to tne probable damage cone to his cover in this country. Hia family Is still herehe roavlta of this OOOOk.

outih WBHRTTO reports ttat in all hia contactsIVAVA there wore no indications of any aurveillances; nevertholesB,it is -ny opinion that It would be preferable for VATVAt'A not tc- return to this countrydthore doesOsslbillty that he -nay beand the arrest of fin American career agent would aeuso more damage than thc rotainin- of what haa proven to oeelatively valuable operation.

C. 3lnce thia atatlon is facingperationalof increased policevinr specialthe obtainingafe houao andoleroentlnj: otherto make ourore secure.

has "iade annt with VATVAPA'a wife and sister-in-lawore well aware of VAIVActivities, so thrtcarry out their previous intention of movln; within theor threo days from where they art presently staying. Aathis is dono end it ia evident that this move haa notparticular attention on the rjart of the authorities orle -ny intontion tc haveCoata ilea whil-

word with thair landlord that family sickness forces them o Cos"Men but that they wish to retain their apart-rent and that thisccupied temporarily by unidentified friends. They will also'iree or four month rental deposit wtich snoulc be sufficient to allay suspicions, -ilnce VATVADA haa -mrchaaed sot* furniture locally and since this furniture will bo needed for this new apartment or safe house, it la my intention tc Muy this fro-nVAIVA'A st ooat and It willecone station orooorty to be used forpurposes.

P. as ppovt'i'isl'f reported in, encouniertiC certain difficulties on nis recant trip to .rutiapa. s bolTciVt'd, 'lovitvcr, that these difficulties worend tvit. he is'Tdeduspicion, ine

with ourhas been travel in, ex-

tensively by jeep and pas server cir, both cf which beloo; to hi**. It is believed that this ar aniiOTiont isr tii*

Throughrrani ed for the printing of caros on-oxenv-ir any ar.:' one of' tneso cards which alwayss been able to rente'cr nftiw-Ais currently. is carover'C" byand wasover*oo';-a behe afytec to pce salty of purchasing

another vehicle,an bo done in the naroo ofmber Company. At trw time the originalwas made, it ap reared llkaly that the automobile in question would be neoded for the Kin. Program and therefore

authorized that this vehicle be purchased withllotted toro^rant. It now turns outhojt needed- ut will c*to

'E"AHCE has also rentedhoneyottage onnatitlan, lll atiotvr cottage Is lieinc rented oy n hia own mm and in that ofand TfiAM

Eventually woc otta^st ontltlan since tho surroundings and cover of this ialto are suchurveillance of individuals going to sownd then takinr offoat is extraordinarily difficult if :iot impossible, 'fhc use of these cottages and of boats, which arc readily available anc generally Included in the rental of cottages, will -ive us non-susplcioua and highly effective means for con-act anc of olu<"in: surveillancec.

3. In ace! tion to tho cottages on Laketltlan, wo are alao

faced with the necessity of obtaining safe houses in tilspreviously mentioned, the vAtVAna. residenoe willa safe house if such onnt proves to henet, th*urniture wilt bo purchased in anandr.o furnish sor;.- other rslacowith the VA'V'.'As. VA*VA"A's car willormal, manner with arrant-eventsae sorealityill boco-ne an oporatic*r, aysale yf thine" ear e h.s:

ne natter out it see-ns that this can be done quite rear lly.


2 ealizet have authorization toa series Plncos nly have authorization for one* 'n trie al tv. rwever. Itlcarl"

ond ;ne in tne cl ty.

fc'Vts not suf! J ooiiove toi vnovaking aro loceosary an -to thecaa of Wis operationsro ftnd'uvorl'i ti carr- tji.. o he opoortunilccr allta wit'. fl^COLJ prior toelieves tte pace ets Taster and as iissp difficulties incroase,y are aliesto do, nav be foroad to taka other anf'aounr s, ouV ar-nroolRte yor-connents and approval on this matter.


oon aahall advise as to th? attaints ez^encoc1 aaoh caae an- vo explanations vhy thesere ao eocveodod. /ru nay be assured that alli;rea are dcov*aontad in as Tar-as Poasible and that we shall expend nor on.ny oi fe houses or other facilities unless this; iswattir cf urgent



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