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jicl: Translation of Heport


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* considerable length of time there have been heard the firing of machine guna and rlfleB Inorm ae to Indicate that raarkananahlp practice waa being conducted In that place. Aleo heard were grenade^nd demolition charge oxploalons. Ho one la permitted to enter or leave thla faro, and no worker* are employed for work Cat the farm. One of the foremeneighboring fam, paeaed along ita edges and had to run away boosnso She bull skiers doming very close to hla. In the last fewarmer* hunting iguanas (Comment, an edible Uaard)along tho^

training camp. The farmers saw hundrooe oacf them oota^bS

^he oountry pecpla arealland threatened that ifonly ones who had arrived at that place,

roof* that this Is one of the training sites of an armed awvament whloh Is said in that

locality to be against Guatemala and to have tho knowledge

and approval of the Government of the United Sfcatiiu^

Tne farm is an ideal site because of its location. Itlain surrounded by mountains which is known as

Proa that navigation and transit is prohibited cn the waters end edges of this river. In tho riverthe farm are various big launches of -ferry- style, snd


, t night without being seen, and make

Jjwhleh is novl cable op to cart of cur mountains.

j state literally:


age Z

iven oonont* and If tho movement which is said

to bo against Guatemala io made ao woo reported last year,

that they will make simultaneous movementsaiatemala

and Costa RicoL-

*Ti-ne arororaentionea racersavxguoie

* h

ney oouxu rws C

ZS and lateruhan tnla Hue oould aay that he did not learn of the matter ana waeh lila hands of the whole thing,"

Tnas ia, tnsy ouu pass oa oatand ba oamoflougoa as suoh ln order to avoidplains of this fara are suitable for an urgencyto pick no the people there and leave them at onefemurto transfer thea to other

landing fields better situated to send thea on their final trip to the south or north*

in tho early morning

hours and at night when the city is quiet, there is aof Jeeps* the ooeupants dressing in khaki. of the trucks whloh pick up the milk on thehave seen thea*



ago j

We know, for example, tuat the Chiateoolan officer,as is in Honduras giving traininguaber of enliataoa totalling,

Ve know tnat tha wireiravelswith thaae Bovcaanta andiaisontheao eaate#

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