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Frank G. Wianor'a Hemcrandufl. of4 Regardlni.

Cotor end Deception

reference ocfaorajidun covers numerous practical ond feasible linos of deception approach. The attempts to implicate the Docdnican Republic. Vonosuela,ro "uaturala" and alligh degree of plausibility because of the past interest of these countries In the Guatemalan probloa. Tluso linos should therefore be pursued.

towever, these projects hare their llaltatlons In the sense that tbe ffcpBdnican Hepublic, Venezuela and certainly fUcaragua are our "friends,to

the extent that they side with us in vigorous antt-^cmrsunisa. Some consideration should theroforevon to thoir "plausible denial" situetlons too, since ve aro so extremely concerned about ours. It will not be particularly to our advantage lo be found associated withil-fi and Venezuelannd to know thatl-ovo tarred our own associates.

this leodo up toroposal to exert our bent effortsimplication of that great and good friend of tho united States,fbroo. Pepllcation is entirely logical, since he isvanta to doainate the Hemisphere and han on established recordIn internal Guatemalan affairsery clumsy -Sous of tho steps in this plan might bo as follows.

Coronada Lira, CxLLXGEKIS confidant, will beay, on behalf of SMflT. Pegged on thia circumstance,can be engendered to the effect that thoro Is roally muchLira's visit and that he is negotiating with Poron.

of this story can bo expected or induced fronand tne Argentines themselves.

now, tho atory sliould be ready for pick-up In the Tho Independent press can recall the attempts of the Argentinianto influence the Guatemalan labor situation.

could be aont to Argentina. The new case officer incould explain to EKKATIC that ho, KELLBANK,atriotic American

and lovedut thatolicy drove him alaost .no political despair. VELIBAT'K could explain that the JUVIAS had had to

a Two


tooporiao with ERRATIC because it was impossible to. support. How he, VELLBAKK, had coae to too decision tbat it was so taper teat, forhat Guatemalan Conuaunisn bo destroyed tbat private men of good will would have to do the Job, even without the support of. Govornsent. MKLLRAHK ahould therefora offer torip to Buenos Aires for ERRATIC, on tbe basis tbat Poron was the most powerful eatl-Coaraunlst in the hemisphere next to the United States. It is presumed that, given ERRATIC's natural vanity and skillful salesmanship on HEUBAK's pert, ERRATIC will rise to the belt.

Similarly,ould be sent to Argentina.

Based on the above, documentary evidence of Argentine complicity could be produced. Alternatively, Argentine letters to CALLIGERIS could tie rexec in with the successfulad this might be proferablelo-in only with the failures likend ERRATIC.

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