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Presentl r. BlSNl, Mr. winner, Mr. Holme, Hr. Dam*a, Col. King,

j Mr. EaterUne

Department ofr. Raymond Leddy

1. Mr. Winner opened the meeting by briefly outlining Assistant Secretary of Stetenterest inaae on the rooent assassination attempt against President SOMOZA of Miceregua. He Indicated that the Requirements Staff and the PBSUCCESS Desk should work Jointly lnaper for Mr. Hollsnd. Mr. Kstsrllne advleed Mr. Wieneronsiderable portion of the available materiel, re the assassination, had been turned over to Mr. Leddy of the Department tbe previoua week. During the couree of the meetlne, Mr. Wiener called Mr. Holland and advised him of this faot. ACTIO* nd Esterllne

?. The Robertson promotion case was reviewed by Mr. Helms who indicated that positive notion would be taken ln the near future.

3. For Mr. Barnes's benefit, Mr. Wloner reviewed the official Headquarters positiont Flights into Honduras. He atsted that no flights were to be made unless tbe DCI has sufficient warning ln advance. It was noted that Gen. Cebell stands firmly behind tho DCI on this matter.

Ii. Hr. Winner turned the meeting over to Mr. Barnes, stating that the meeting was for hla benefit ond he would like hr. bsrnes to conduct the meeting aa he saw fit. Mr. Barnes stated that he would present Ms report ln two categories, adminlstrstive and operational.


oio uw CTA oftwo additional personnel

for tho Guatemala Station. He was advised by Mr.thet tho matter waa receiving oonatant attention and that the preaent ETC for Guetemale by the ooncerned lndivldoala la IS Hay.

o. The earthed by whloh oablee relating tc security matters originating at LEa'COLX for action by the Office of Security was reviewed briefly. Hr. Barnaa waa advlaed that cables bearing the lndioator "SECUB" ere iivedlately releaaed to the Security Office. It was noted, however, that on one occasion the indicator had passed unnoticed, but that tho system of release had been reaffirmed and no further difficulty la anticipated.

regulations covering the entrance to tbe JS byon offlolal Agency business was reviewed briefly. Kr.thet he was not awareovert eecurlty clearancerequired prior to the subject entrance. He stated,because of operational necessity he desired to discusspersonallythe Security Office. authorised him to discuss the matter

BarnesKCOLH's desire to route all cablesto fsoilltsts control of the operation and reduce the cou-bc

burden on the Stations within tha Regional Command. Ha wasHeadquarters agreed with his position, but that thenot be followed in emergency situations where Headquartersadvisable to communicate directly with Regional Hr. Bsxnosrogress report on the conversionorders from permanent change of Stetlon'""bY,

that in his opinion thetatus should

have been TOY rather than PCS, and that he would like the natter to be niven rrompt consideration by Headquarters. He was advised by Hr. Ssterline that the Admin Officer forwas working on the case. OPERATIONALi

a. Kr. Samoa presented for review by headquarters documents setting forth the structural organisation of tlie IKTEU, and PH cooponente of SIRCAR)'. Thc question waa raised by Kr. Wiener ss tc whether the oshotege Team Leaders end Radio Operators hsd been trained to>other, and whether they knew eaoh other. He Indicated that fie was greatly concerned about this because the compromise of any one of these people in Guatemala prior tocould well result in tho compromiseajor segmentjccess effort. Mr. fames adviaodionor that the Sabotage Teem Leaders were trained in the came area andwould know each other's identity, sndheconditionr. regard to the Radio Operators. Mr. itprnes wont on to say that although certain of those people would know eachumber of them would be awareay, and therefore even if they were

picked up, they would not beosition to expose the Jump-off date of the Project.

b. Nr. Darnea reviewed briefly ituation. Heftad spent some tine with Jand had pretty veil

determined tnetf^r ^had nada op hla mind to resign becausei

He believed that he was suffering from cancer.

2. Ho felt that deolalona had been taken by CALLIGBHIShim, andtie more than lip sex-ricepaid to many of the suggestions hoediae! oheok had rsvealed that J

waa not ln faot Buffering from cancer, and that he had convinced r Jthat his eerTloes were needed by PB5VCC SS. He further elated that on this basis, Q ancelled hla trie to Spain, and le returning to LIHCOLN to develop the political program and structure of government inUCCESS Guatemala.

o. Mr. Hemes queried aa to what progress bed been made In getting Department of State to assume some responsibilityVEKWEMT In Guatemals. :ie was edvieed that nothing speclflo hed been forthcoming to date. Mr. Bleael eleborated on the point, and raised the question of what controls and sanations would be exercised by DepsrtJBSnt of State immediately after the overthrow of thepovernment. Mr. Leddy Joined the meeting at this "oint, and the question was put to him by Mr. Wiener, rtr. Leddy advised that nothing had been done on the natter to date, snd in his estimation nothing would be done until the Assltant Secretary of .State for Latin American Affairs had received answersumber of quest'ons ne had, re VhSJCCBSS.

Ke stated these questions to the group. Nr. Blasel and Mr. wianer took exception to the questions for several reasons, and accordingly.

The question waa raised as to whether CIA personnel orof State personnel would make an audio aurveillsnce sweep of official

installation in C

Sr. Leddy

that ho would advise the group of State's capability In tho lanediete future. ACTIONi Hr. Loddy,

Fames indicated that tbeampaign is (elnlngstated that Guatemalan students are partlelpatlnr in th-the inolgnias on doors and wells, and In onen President ARBENZ' door. Mr. Bamos was queried as tocoverage had been good enough to dateo vide pege cn whichmechanisms could hang their efforts without Mr. Barnes stated he thought prees service had beenand that he would try to expedite the appropriate clippingsto peralt rapid propaganda action by VH.

Barnes reported that thaD station, afterdifficulty, was on tha sir and was bolng heard Inatated that LINCOLN had not reoeived reports of press covers, econsequently they were unable toooal reaction. was

sdvised by Hr. Winner tbat there was seers question in Headquarter a' rind sa to where the broadcasts were supposed to be emanating from. Hr. Barnes stated tbat it had been LINCOLN'S intention to create tha impression tbat the broadcasts were originating within 'Juatemalo. g. Mr. Barnaa reported that the WASHTUb operation waa proceeding, aud that first reports on tho matter indicated that the Kloaraguan Coast Guard wac being armed with cseeras to get further evldenclary material re the presence of Russian subs off the Nioaraguan coast. He further Indicated that the WASHTUB incident had received press coverage in Europe as well as ln Latin America, b. Mr. Barnes advised Hr. Lodch/ tbat the United Fruit Company's claims against the Guatemalan Government had boon oounter-produotive to the best interests of PBSUCCESS, and he could not understand why tho action had taken place at thla time. Mr. Leddy stated that he had mentioned the matter in meeting on previous occasions and he had oover been advised that the action should be withheld. 1. Mr. Barnes asked whether anything new had been developede large arms afilpaent to Guatemala froa Europe. He was informed that there was nothing new on the subject. Mr. Wiener then indicated that it was time sorao conorate plan of action re blocking the shipment was developed.ong diecussion ensued during which the following ideas ware advanced!

The feasibility of elnking any ship osrrylne arms to ^uatORala prior to Puerto Barrios.

The feasibility ofegment of the railroad between Puerto iiarrios and Guatemala City, thereby delaying delivery of the arms.


3. The poaaibility of Inciting etrlkee In the Puerto Barrios ares* which could csuee enother delay and possibly tho destruction of the arms during unloading et Puerto barrios*

ii. The possibility of having the Wulfbrook diverted from

fuerto Barrios to en Aoorioan port where the ship's cargo could be examined and confiscated if found to be contraband material.

After considering all possible actions, it was decided to i

1. Contact theand determine whether

they could refusef the Wulfsbrook when it arrived at Puerto Barrios, and whether they could incite strikes within the dock area. Thoylso bo ssked for any available information they had on the railroad between Puerto Barrios ond Ouateaala City,

ACTION* Col. King

7. Ask ths High CoBaaaeloner in Germany to order the Wulfsbrookhip of West German registry)ort other than Puerto Barrios, preferably en American port where the cargo could be

A letter waa dictated to be presented to Mr. Holland for action*

ACTION- Nr. baddy snd Nr. Wisner

J. Tho status of the Santa Ke Project was reviewed. Mr. Bernoa reaffirmed the need for the project ae sn alternate to SHVHVOClj and he was assured that the Santa Fe Frojeot would proceed according to schedule.

k. Baraeo stated that tha anti-OofMminlfit Congress slated for laU May, waa still scheduled, andCOW would oo able toandidate frees Guatemala or perhapsT to direct the couraa of erenta In Mexico. Heised that the person Hoadquartera had expected to aend would not be available. 1. Hr. names askedeport on the atatua of the Golomblen -lHvr;ich at one tine had been contemplated for useCCA". He wss advised that it waa not feasible to Incorporate lt in Hb.StiCC'CS.i,


m. Mr. Bsmes woe advised that an effort would be made to obtain an experienced sabotage nan from the Offloe of Trainin- to aaslst the Honduran Air Force ln the Implementationounter-sabotage jxograa. n. Mr. Rsmos raised tha question or "Over-.'lignto." ss advlaed that Headquarters had/haa never approved "Over-FHiHtg" for PRS'.CCfcSS, and that Mr. Wiener did not feel that it wss within his suthority to grant suoh approval. He stated thet he realised the Importance ofck decision re the matter, and that the setter would be referred to tho Director promptly.

5. At Mr. Wlsner'astated his views on the status

of PoT.bCCfcSS. He dwelt at aome length on the format of revolutions ln Latin Amerlas. Ke aleo raised tha question of how bestoould

the dM of

and TRiUTiLO of the

Republio, and thereby camouflage tlie hand ofovernment ln tho overthrow of the Guatemalan Government.

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