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from : Chief of Stat ionC

subject: cEKCRAL- Operational

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1. Attachediteral translation of tho report given to


the undersigned by F


We will continue toan? details now in

possession, and whichbtain in tnetheory Mentioned in

s su^osted that If

able to identify anynts working

u:anarua, that extreme care be taken in settin* rau of tnew since their sndden de-usebe attributed to the writer, rt Is believed that piecemeal expulsion from tne county would be best solution to the problem Jxiless circumstances necessitate stronger action.

ia located T"

Jr.orvnsitlerabl*oi cirie Chare

ing of .iif.chinoles in

orm an to Indicate that marksmanship practice was

belli" conducted in that place. Also heard were grenade and

demolition cha.*se explosions. ne is permitted to enter

or leave th'o farm, and no workors are employed Tor work on

the fnrra. One of the foromoneighboring farm, passed

along its oflgea end had to run away bscavae the bullets were

cailng vorj' close to Tiin. In the last few cays, ii fanaors

guanas (Co.jnent: on edible li2ard)ho

boundary of the farm were aurpriaori and tohen to one of the

f this farm, wj-fch according to the informants

raining carp. Thc farmers sew hundreds of

Individuals dressed in khaki, most of thorn colored, but

i.iany white, "as the country pcoplo are accustomed to call

tho Ticos" (Coasaanti Costa means). The II farad re wore

beaten and threatened that if they said anything about

theyseen,ould beecause they wore the

onlyo had arrived at that ulace.

There are many other proofs that this is one of the iraininv sites of on smeo Movement which is said in that locality to be against ncateiAala and to have tho iaiovledge and approval of tho .jovernment of tha United .states.

?he fcni is an ideal site because of its location,s aj>lain surrounded by mountains which is known as

_ t place toistance of

^n^ navigation and transit la prohibited on

eers and ed^os ofver. In the river and near tho fnrn are various big launches of "ferry" style, and other launches and tugboats, whichiven momento throughrer to the great lake (Cedent: Laket night "iUiout bein" seen, andnr-ili.:'" on the count of oar front lav; or enter one orr'Vui's which era navigable In part such un the Sepoa, thorro vih'avigable up tc patrt cf our ncv.ntalna, thj *an Carlost the garaploul i'.ichbe oato ?rai *nlsosa ParlsAata, ?at*rtt del Colorado, and the *ann theto Lfc&OUl in chout two Jay a*

von raOnont, ^Tnd if thoich is Midla ia nnde3 reported last year, that t"aire simultaneous tiovetccnts against Guatemala itnd Ceate ?Ice Tor Ihe pui-pose of not foenainc attention on thJo ccjitry. The aforementioned rivers aro navigable in the .aoin uoll Into our territory, which vjould be Ideal for tiiKu, and furthermore that there are farms of Calderonistas fjo.iiient: llowers of Rafaol Mi' Caldoron, ex-president of Ooataond onof Figuoree) on the Rio San Carlos where they co'dd rest andive tho appearanceuldoronistc ;novct>ont nnd laterhen -his QentteKian -ica blamed (CosiKont: SOaaOtt) he could say that he did not learn of the matterh his hands of the whole thins."

"he launches and tugs montionod are ordinarily -sod byor the transport of cattle fron hia3an Juan to his Hociendea on the Islands of Solentiname at the mouth of tho rtio San Juan or at the junction of the Flo San Carlos anand hla other farms in the vicinitioa of Los Chiles, "jpala, Capoe, or "ardenas. That la, they can pats as cattle boats and be canoflou^e^ as such In order to avoid attention. Tha plains of this form aro suitable for an ewar-ency landing field; to pick up tho pcoplo there and loavo thein at one of tho farscs of the Calderonistas, or to transfer them to other landing flelCa better situatednd theia on their final trip to the south or north.

?hare aro confirmed reports also that in the early morning t when tho city is ouiet, therereat traffic of jeeps, the occupants dressing in khaki. The

f the trucks uhleh pick up the milk on theseen them.

eries of reports Nbloh OOnfliei visits of rcco Caldoron irvancisco Caldoron, brother of rta.fael'"aldorcn)ia^ua on'i also to those training cawpe. h'o know hbet Roberto TIHOOO, is the liaison am befcweon Sonosa one'd<.nthat he was In ifana^ua andfc seenore thanays. Ve also know thatKS, Carlos Alberto CASTRO, and other renegade Contath whoa we :osta Rloonj have to sottloaccounts and whoc-Pd In subversive actJ v*o also .Uoappesved.

a Onen certain elroloa of "Icara;,ua it has

n v, "oin^ to "Ive bvllets to tho Costa


"chave reports fron other elaccs ond countries

concerning these movements and which we are investigating.

We" Imowi Tor example, thatatumalans':illo Annas is in Honduras giving traininga number of enlistees totalling.

know that the wireiplomat travels in connection uith these movements andiaison agent for these same.

The Government of Costa filca does not care what happens froir. Kicaragua north and has maintained and will Maintain the most absolute discretion concerning this matter as long as it docs not prove that within this Movement there isiovenent against this country.

These data are confidentially personal froro.H

Twho believesincere ana opportune intervention by the Government of the United States in that which might affect the tranquility of this country.


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