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i SituationBSOCCESS for tho.

I. he following events of operational significance occurred durinr the reporting period:

Peurifoy arrived in Washington froa Guatemala CityApril and aet the next day with officials of this Agoncy for Kotos on this meeting nay bo foundetailed "Mcmoi'for tho Record" dated4 In PBSOCCESS files'. . . s preparing to brief tho Ambassador onof PBSUCCESS.


* reported thatthe PP group in Guatemala, became the objectolice search.result ofby tbe Guatemalan Government on ook rofu-re inC partment, butthat sane night as he felt that his hiding would behis guilt. In connection with the police sttack on the

J group, Radio Internacional was attacked the night ofpril by five arv>ed masked men believed by the radio aUtlon owner to be menberr of the Oustenalan Secret Police. The owner based hishe fact that police had oroviously warned hln against carrying antl-Corramist prograns.

21 kvcil Prosident Oaorlo of El Salvador stated that ha andArbenz of CuateEalaecret pact pledging mutual Osorio also said that he has informationlargo anas shipments tc Guatemala. The boldon President Sonoza of Nicaragua, coupled with theworries Csorio in regard tontentionsSalvador,

i "


It has been suggested by Lincoln that travel to Lincoln forays In connection with PP activities.

Tho Guatemalan Governments intends to replace Sogelior as Chief of Police but ie withholding action until police complete on investigation of telegram; intercepted byents in an unnined

top si#nr r

nearby cou-Lrj'- Those telegrams roport>xlly rcvoul detail' of Calligerls' activities. One of tbeeeds, Te estau conprodos It was also reported that CRUZ i'er to give up his office until the return to Onslotwla-ofCarlos. Enrique DIAZ, Chief of the Guatemalan Arced Foroee^bo at pre cent Is touring South America. DIAZ was resHDZ'ppolntpent as police chief.

black flights were successfully con pie tedApril,otal0 pounds of cargo. flight Is scheduled forpril and will carrygear for Sherwood 3

regard tothreatened resignation, Calllgerls wroteto T. Expressing dlstreaa at his.throat toconcern for the letter's hoolth. He wont on toof his patriotic duty and stated that he hoped the twoIn. as soon as possible to discuss hlarelationships, and political plana. In conclusion,admits soec of his mistakesla the event ^follows through with hl3 plan to resign froastates that n_hls choicetT " O

team is now inpreparing to processthree persons previously not available for testing.

had an Interview with ihe possibility

of securing employment uith thateported to llr.

that the Interview was satisfactory as for os he was con-

cerned hut that no definite commitment of employment wasofficials stated thatwould bear from them in

about ten days. In thewas authorized by Mr. '

to travel fron C o his hooe j

Tho site for tho Sherwood Program has been established and is

Headquartersabor paper to be presented to Culllgoris for his approval, the purpose of which is to insure the eaergoDceree-trnde union rovencnt upon the completion of PDSDCCESS.

II. Administrative Support Activities

air freight flight was accomplished without incident fron C

oondpril. The cargo

of0 lbs. of cornunl cat ions gear for



Several routlno personnel transactions .wore acconiplishod during tho week. The Bain problOB with regard to personnel Is the Batter of their' present aod future etatusahd prcootlon "policy while assigned to PBSuCCESS. Lincoln continues to recosoend personnel for promotions end does not foel that promotions mist necessarily bo in accord with present WD policy. taff caper outlining thewill be subr-itted next week for study.

Headquarters received the monthly requirowants for additional funds to be forwarded to Lincoln and regional cceanand stations. The roquesi has been submitted and approved bynd the funds will be pouched through tho regular secure finance channel,*

Twice weekly pouch service in and out oft. as bean established for regional coessand stations,

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