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SUBJECTtee In Response to Question* In DJJt Jfi, J

la At the Wiener meeting on Tuesday,ave sone Information in response to the questions set forth in the above reference. Moat of this information was drawn from notesakad to provide copiee of these notes. Enclosed are three such copiee. lou will know who to give then toould recoomend that one copy go to Dick BlaseU who was particularly anxious to have It*

2. Let ae raemphaaiBe that the encloeures are only notes and should not be otherwiae interpreted*

C. Tracy Barnes

Encloeuresets of notoa)

4C- 3

Ajnutt io act Ckaia

1. a.

Tbe organisersu been selected for each ol toe specific target arose and currently are in the process of toln^ briefed a* to their specific duties and nodus operandi for their respective targete. It if anticipated that during the next Wo ue-iks all organize ru will be in place and en gaged in laplementing their respective plana. Each organizerairly detailed concept of the type of organisation required, the idea title* of Key civilian and military personnel plus specific target objectives and responsibilities aealpied to each particular target. In the case of Quatsmels City, J; distinct areas have been deelgnated for Beparate organisation and development.

'iily hteams are presently contemplated. The leaders are in Tegucigalpa presently being briefed on the details of their alee ion and should be read/ within the next two weeks to start recruiting and forming their teaas at the staging sites end conotance training.

Special equed leaders (h) are presently in the Tegucigalpa area and during tbe next two weeks will be engaged in preparing their teaas and fining up operational details.

u) Sabotage tessts leadersare presently in Tegucigalpa being briefed

on specific) and preparing formation of final toons.

status of BROsi

Seven operators are In various stages of readiness. One for Guatenala City is being readied to enter during the next two weeks, his agent Bet baring been forwarded and should be there ready upon his arrival.

TBOs. Presentlyperators at various stages of training. It is conthat one IRQ will be established during the next two weeks period with GALLIQERJ5 providingesaage oenterTrCP),

ilges ants onanist ed for first two ccnperatlvmly large shipments of arms within the next two weeks. Some arms bars been removed from the storage ares but the exact amount is not known at this time.

Earliest data of complstion of black flights isay, latest and probable date isay. Complstion of black nights into Honduras should Satisfactorybe completed with Salvador within theays -it Is contemplated that the balance would be flown to Utter country oro Honduras and It to Salvador.

?. Major morement of arms from storage to forward areas Intended to begin in the latter part of tho next two weeks. It Is significant to concent heroin that owing to dmrelopment of improved rapid means of norlng fairly Urge erdpnenU of arms into target area it in con ten plated if suceeeoful no appreciative delay will occur from the original plan.

B. 1. otal


1)otal of P9 tons would be shipped to ilonduras in tho ovuot required. If Salvador o; ens up in tl-ao,ons will go to Salvador.

C. Answeredbove.

atest report Indicatesen are presently in rlortduras. Most of these nan would be expected to re-enter Guatemala oither before or during the operation.

E and F. Full report expected from Pan* within next week. Defection efforts concentrated an C and Smilax and appear to hare been moderately successful, rage's Indicates not planning to leave Ouatooale untilay* Full report due LXKCOLH,ay.

0. Hoses of those arrested not known. -fiBOfflT station being queried,

H. How that saUKTIC and SECAIT an in WSWENT capital andUnas are sat up with station and with CALLIGratEiwill be promptly informed of all significant mores ofhas net of agonts with good high level contacts in army andstation agents who nave high level connections and who are inprovide info of value are ZSSB.CB, ESQOXEE. ESPKBAICE and ESCROW. also will furnish valuable info once he la lined up. Capabilities

government to meet PBSJCCffiS moves difficult to determine as not known exactly how many officers will elect to actively back regime, however, plans include flattens to disrupt ooaaunioations and transport, cat off or sabotage arms and ammo, and put pressure on officers to Join oppositionsy.

Is usBTOdiT government la watching CALLIUEHIS. however, aside from possible leak through Sierra lt la not believed government aware present PBSOOCESS plans. Sierra has not had aooees to Info of value for three weeks. Cktiaiiswiitl is worried and on easy. Available evidence indicates that It has little accurateBFUCOiSS and that no concrete plana have Dean laid to meet PBSOCCESS mows except possibly action manifested In aonduras in past torn days.

It la not believed refusal or granting of military aid to would have any material effect on PKWCCKBB or upon position WSUIBUTT government. Ha evidence exists that WSBUHMT expo eta or has sought assistance from JX2AaQS and there are no lndlootlona that any sooh attempt will be made. The only possible interest would be In extent KHFUSK military power would be offset, thereby reducing danger from that direction, ifewever, kSifUnVT gcvernment has indicated no fear of armed attack on part of DCFLUSH.

*. Present lUU of readiness

Tho successful implementationiUC.OOD and theampaign has contributed materially to the condition log of the targetreliminary state of readiness and is believed tosychological capability to arouse anti-Coasrunlst elements to action in the manner contemplated for the operation. These psychological warfare assets are supplemented by other asset* suchress organs, leaflets, rumor osjamjjmem and character assassination thus supplementing the foregoing capabilities.

rogram having passed through its cadre training period is now in process of Implementing it* organisational plans baaed upon asset* developed in meantime within respective target area*, fermltlng allowsnoe for minor set-backs in the whole there la every reason to believe that this program will be able to develop in manner contemplated.

rrelladnsry report onrogram has Indicated the successful development of new high level military asaet* which will be Incorporated Into current PBSUCCSSS plans bat at this date representing en encouraging potential thereby greatly strengthening the asset of STJCaSF.

ro gram appears to have Increased the Intelligence coverage of this project which together with other asset* appear to be capable of providing sufficient intelligence coverage to most re-julrscant* of this operation.

In conclusion. It is believed that PBS0CCES3 has thus far successfullyapability to fulfill tho objectives of this operation and may now bo conaldsrod as having entered the preliminary state of operational readiness.

B. It Is orawrtnarrod operationally feasible to bo ready for final showdown during thooune. During this period In order to derive maximum effect from national radioay should be on either theh or Ore of June.

0. Wo are planning for success and will notany action bo taken unless assured of success.

Note partioularly the excellent aueoees of waflUTOB and its deception contribution to FSSUCCK38. Bote also progress being made toeneausla, Dominican Republic and Cub* in addition to those already implicated! Ilcarague, Honduras and Salvador.

A. When black flights

oarlieotay probableayaoro flights as of

Whan aoTuarmBj to staging el-Usi

ear (cache kits)

n operation nown operationay

Category II gear (for ebook teaas)

now known asatter pert of Hay probably.


If i DTKltoOS not open bs


Tonnage to DffaoOS (If0 lbs (Cat II)

Total tonnage all blacklos.

Total delivered tolbs.

(all to WHOOPS)

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