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ProgressBSUCCESS For the Periodpril -


I. he following events of operational significance occurred during the reporting period:

A. Ura. Catherine TAAFFE, on American anas dealer, appeared in Guatemala and talked with President AR55NZ and Lt. Col. MEDIi-lA. She subsequentlyetter to her husband in Now York instructing him to purchase aircraft from Suedenissident group of Guatemalan Army loadors, headed by Col. SANCHEZ, Quaternion Minister of Defense, and MEDINA, bothon are reportedly plnnninc to overthrow the Guatemalanand eliminate the Coorainiats. een alerted to note all contacts made by Col. TAAFFE in.

3. In regard to the HEGARTT cover matter, cover coespany officialsthat they would taketo relieve tbo prcfient situation which waa so confiningactivities. The new directive by the cover coooair*KEfVJBT to have wore freodom of movement and permit hLnstore outside contacts. Hovever, the cover companythat HSGAHTY my possibly be kept under surveillance atof his local chief.

USAF, roturnod to Washington onprilGuatemala where he io unofficially persona non grata. is currently in process.

has requested thatto travel to Lincolneriod of approximatelyin connection with paranil itar- phoning for El Salvador

has been suggested by Lincoln to,SCtlOZA any be using tho PBmcCSSS operationloak forby his country against Costa Rica.

v. >iring tho reporting period, ninehts were completed8 of which csrriedarrying coomi-

nicationrfor cherwood.

Information has been received to the effect

tinue to co-operate with PBSUCCESS.

staff agent has finalized plansriphe will attempt to obtain information aod/or -hean individualis related by marriage to President ARBENZ.

Costa Rican Minister of Public Security told npril of reportsilitary training

site nearHe further indicated that there were

ruraors of possioie mcaraguan attacks on both Guatemala andthe Minister that. would not

stand by aftd* see Costa Rica attacked; he concluded by stating that an investigation of the matter would be made. It is believed that the training site in question is Saranac which ls now closed.

J. eport from Cuatemala indicated that the Guatemalan Government plans to round up allopposition leaders during the furst tvio weeks of Hey. General uneasiness continues in Guatemala,and threats havo been made that Government* censorship will be imposed on all radio programs.

II. Administrative Support

A. Logistics

were completed by Chief, Administration, DD/Pfor the'assignment of oneaircraft to PBSUCCESSin connection with air ouerations fromUL.


One additional crew is being cleared for assignment with present sterile crews now conducting air operations fror- FJHOPEFUL. Subject was recruited by AMD from the West Coast. ontract covering services has been prepared, the terms of uhich are substantially the same as for the Cat crew chief,

The matter of reimbursementfor support of Station Lincoln was resolved. um as transferred

toto cover current chargesnd future

requests maue by


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