Created: 5/7/1954

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io : Chief, Lincoln fHOU Chief of Station, Ouateaxla subject: edgowk Operational Report

as rocommcndod the publicationooklet of approximately fifty pages containingapal^encynlloals and oxcerpte from theM-Aprll-iffi^ Three thousand coplosostnd c. tates that he can get the ndJto act as tho ostensible sponsors.

A fifty-page document is too long, and we rcconaend that the excerpts of the Archbishop*i, 1mtUii not be included since that item has been well diseeadnated through other noans. However, the rela Uonship of the four articles will be made clear, perhaps with an introductory paragraph which points out that theottor wae firmly-based- in church doctrine and .policy aa expressed in the following encyclicals.

Wo also feel that tho nunber of pages (and probably the cost) can be further reduced by including only the salient portions of tbe encyclicals (Rerum Details will be worked out during the next meeting with Q oi arrangements made to furnish thomoney.

One thousand c ollars were passed to/" 4 to cover the costdditional copies of thoTjohbisbop'fc^pa-jtowl-wrtter. Any further details regarding publication aid distribution will be forwarded as

nquiredeply to the letter sent to c s an inclo3ure to Any steps you might take toeply will bo appreciated. Meanwhile, if xhibits airy unusual anxiety in connection with tliereply,c ias been instructed to ascertain any specific aid/or urgent needs that we might bo able to satisfy.


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inform us soonest regarding bis proposed trip lond the travel data requested in5 will be cabled to you.

C Jhaseen interest in handlingWe can report wiu: satisfaction that to date his contacts have been promptly rude and his reports are complete, clear and accurate. aore complete evaluation of both C J Jwill be submitted after they naveeasonable time to demonstrate their capabilities.


George/ty Tranger



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