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hiChief, Lincoln


oie may?4

Reference - 6

woii, quatemalac

Operational Report

reeuests that the infornation contained in paraa.e passed to Calligeris. Basraara passed the information contained8 to Semantic through Escobilla. Our original plan to send lettersJudge and the Chief of the Guardia Civil atSaian* has been abandonedrequest contained in para. 5. refersrevious report thatby the name of FAS2UH. (fnu) had approached Escobilla and4 and stated that ho wasof xlled Guatemalan resident in Mexico,

Pasquel said that in behalf of c. jhe would undertake the violentof anyone selected by Escooixia and his brother. Both Escobilla and , his brother pleaded ignorance of opposition activities and said they could not ijna6ine, c- hould have told Pasquel to look"them up. In the tjie conversation Pasquel expressed his' dislike of the WSHOOPS group (presunably moaning Calligeris). You will note thatf thie enclosure now states that Pasquel was believed to be enroute to WSHOOFS to loin the group there,

Bataara has; been furnished with the Sherwood' informaUon requested icf this enclosure and told to pass it on discreetly. After essence hadthat he could not securely contact the subject ofe wasrue tod to lay off until we received further word from outsideollowing the receipt of the pessimistic report contained in para,entry and distribution of CEUAGE ande received your massage regarding the transmittal of these publications via pouch, Ftazaara has renewed hiswith Essence on this natter,ecure'systea can be established for receipt and distribution within WSBJRNT (see

persistently tried to get copies of the materials requested inEssence, but it was notay that' he transmitted the samplesattached to Encl. 2. If Headquarters has not been able torequest, please advise and we will make another effort to obtain the


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saterialn Kaacnco stressed the information contained infnd Kassnra requested that It be transmlttod to Sherwood. The subjact discussed infaa relayedable for study and reply. Disregardf Encl. 2. Asore, thia Matter has been reopened and new methods are being studied.

The subject offas provided with funds to procure" lapel buttons while in Mexico. The person mentioned in para.s also the subject of9 Departure dateas cabtod to Lincoln along with other pertinent information.

Para.elates to your request for biographic data on Essence aub-agonts. Kaaes are forwarded under separate cover. Please advise if such information has in fact been aent toO nd if you can obtain it froa there. Essence states it will be difficult tor hia to obtain it again locally. Copies of issues So. IS andf EL REBELDE (para. Z, Encl.ore sent to Lincoln under separate cover. Issue previously submitted.

UEorge L, Iranger

Sncl: s noted







J 1, eeting occurred between Oscar II. CARTSR and AJBRRTO onay.

^2, locatoria reported to hare cone

to Hondurasbasbeen

prrented in the Oriente on nor return Jouwnoy to Guatemnlr, CAHT3TI requests that thic nows bo Rotten to FAKCHO, with request for possible verification. Also, won ohe told or given anything in Honduras that can be dangerous foroup, Mther In Honour ae, or here in Guatemala?

J 3. CARTisi haa someen who bave requoated thatallowed to go to Honduras. In the coseouplemen.hey are loaders of black CARTKR feels that perhaps lt

rrculd be best thoy be cotton out of the country (sincelike to go) an they know too much about CARTjjRworked with him for some time. If they are pickedmlrht be daTJCOrous,In view of remitsisound-up wary shortly. not worryrauch,, as he ia younpor and

tougher, butC Jiaeers old, and his reaistonce in the face of torture laipht be slipht, equcsta that this information bo naseod along nd/or TA3ICK0. If no objections, ALUFTvTO will inform 3EK> this eveninf of the availability of theec^men,

^4. Several more arrests have been made In connection with" campaign, including the Secretarlo of the Tiquisate anti-Communist filial. In the Tiquiee.te case, the irmtter is probably as much to threaten the anti-Coromtmisti (in vim? of the growth of tho filial) as it le connected withlthough tho charges Lawyer and nonoy liave been provided#


J 5. CAHTER reqaests that no letters be sent to the Salama judge or Guardia Civil chief. It saeras that an arrangement is being made whereby within the next two or three months they will all be permitted to leave. Furthermore, they have permitted several of the sick oriseners to leave. Threatening letters at this time to these men would probably have the effect of ruining all those arrangements.

rother off Jprisoner,^

in Salama/ nas wen taxiing rather loosely

is sending people to Honduras, and that he, C Jis in tho group's confluence. Out

very talkative, ana gets carried away,

J 7, jjjLecalra (fnu) who works or worked in the Licorera Nacional, loft recently for Honduras to Join the group. His boss there reports that almost everyadio patrol car arrived at the plant, and that Secaira would go out and get in tbey wotlld drive around the corner and parkhile and talk. It is possible this Secairaovernment orcjo,

j 8. CARTliK again requests that information oil Cuban assassin, who arrived here from Mexico, arrioffercd to bump offho stated he waa on his way to Honduras to join the group, bo passed along to "ATCHO, It is felt there was something: suspicious in the way this roan hao anproached members of tha group here in Guatemala, This Cuban's name is probablyjTrasquel, as reported in previous report, either from CATtTSR or EHKO.

V 9, umber ofhave mentioned hearingbroadcast, at are the wave channels socan be made common knowledge to enable

CARTES was advised not to approach Francisco Baaza fit the present time. He is considerably busy at thomi irobably vr-tched by the government,

11, Concerning the entry of more Combate snd Ccunee intoAHTtflt feels that this is impracticable, Many of the persons who wore involved in the system of bringing three into the country are now on theany of those still here are afraid to bring the quantities they have on hand, out of hiding. One person has some

f the propaganda on hia finea which heto hrirw out of hldinp. because of fear. Others know thnt nrme, rtc. aro bclru> brought into thf. country, and thoir attitude is thnt they do notpaper {riBk-inf thoirs ttmt tima hasf they nrc to risk thoir lives,isk them for araB.

12a The next Deetinr scheduled betweenndaO is for Wednesday night,Tay.

c 3


SUBJECTi Meeting- Between CARTSSt end ALBH1T0

1, eeting occurred between Oscar II, CAHTftR and ALBERTO on Wednesday'ay,

J CARTER gave ALB&JtTOopies each ofndf "El Rebelde", These are enclosed.

J 3. Also enclosed are samples of the stationary used by the office of the Socretaria dce la jTeeidcncia de la Republlca. GARTER states that in view of the trouble it took to get these sheets which are used (they contain Arbenz* Kay Daye is not sure that he would be able to obtain unused sheets of this stationary if the office prefers the unused,

J 4, Many people are commenting on the clandestine radio programs. However, it ie suggested that those who are participating in the broadoaste do not use coarse words or shadyeep the broadcasteevel that will not offerri tho listeners, but will convey the impression that the revolutionary group is serious winded and worthy of the sympathies of the public The programs should not be styled along Cordovaines (the periodista or radio commentator who was thrown cut of the country, ond who is noted for his crudoness and vulgarity) The newspaper reporters of "El Impttr-cial" and "HI Uspecta-dor" had intended totrong attack against the opnosition because of its clandestine program scoffing at Gonzalez Juarez in which vile words and dirty jokes werend it was only after CARTER talked with these reporters at considerable length that they consented to forego the attacks.

' 5. PAI1CH0 eent word to the CEUA through ARAbiSLA thnt they shouldelegation of no less thannereone to the onti-ComfiOinist congressco# The attached list contains the names of those that up to tho nresent time have been chosen to attend thishis io going toonsiderable sum tftf money -nass^orts, nhotos, passage, quarters, and board whilexicD, etc. Probably0 each person, CART^ would like an iraciediate reply, if possible, if we can and will sunply this money. Because of the time involved in gsttinp the photos, passports, visas,rompt reply is desirable if any delegates are to eet to the ccngrose.

J 6. CAHTZn understands that personnel from theHonduras and SI Salvador will act ae hcado andof the various delcgationG that will go from CARTJffl feels that this iB an unwise stepof the vinculation rfi.ich the government and thegeneral will then be able to make between theand thethin tho country. the exiles have enteredhase of ownthe Guatemalan governmentorethis vinculrtien could well cause the arrestremaining opponition lewdcre arc still found It canve the impro salon that themovement of any worth is found outsideand while this may be true, it coultf havoor nep^tivc effect upon the oppositioncountry. It might be best to apeak to all thebefore they go to the concreso and reach anTibercby the delegations are actually eontrolBdfrom outside, but that this outside control doesitself. It is understoodT'ill

go as tho representative of CiSL'A. This will not only give tho government strong grounds to attack tho CjSUAubversive political party, but even the independent itcss is liable to viewrocecdure in this light.

f 7. It is understood bythe group on the outside will no longer send in issues of AJ1 Ceuage"ombats1', If this bo true, there is no need at tho present time,nst, of trying, to determine mathoos of brirnint; in increased quantities of sane, or neivsystems.

v* is leaving Friday morning

for Koxico^ He will oa gone someays. CAiniZl would like to have p'truission to orderr" lanel buttons (on the order of the anti-Communist buttons nr^viously ordered in Mexico and distributed through-out the country). This will cost someut these buttons are eagerly sought by the campesinon and -nrians. These buttons will be brought Into the country from rca oo through the croup's regular channels forrticles. This aiieara tooodhink we should take advantages scing to Kcxioo to order these buttons. Can you rive me. by Thursday noon,0 at thr latest?

J 9 " campaign is sxtcndlne itself through all the country, now more or less without the oi -ne -roup. s caught on among the peopleco^ie in 'ill theV. villages jrc. marking

j io. Jtndio Int rnacional is stillti-Communist program.

This nast weekave been sent out into the country to visitles ad give enoourai^ment.

j T0 pave Ci>MlC o on heroork, "to.,instructions to ittemntvc Onateraala this weak-ond.

J Tv.'c ^rsopcpes unknown} who are connected rithni' eo"le torvs beer,oettr vys.

j ZA. IWZZlX st-4esXrv>*lo *sA-.9

"ri^vrs soitc ti-v- ago. tr. is .vvc

c-:lo, ClV.^'

t* rm "he has not liafi artyeuwuL*tod "on hilBa

i5. The wxt lae'ting. bet*vsea CiT-TSl &nd .aLZRSO isfl for6 ray, ff.fc Vi30


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