Created: 5/4/1954

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Tranamittal of RDOOHN Materials

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Enclosed herewith are various KUCOWN materials which LINCOLN wishes to make sure Headquarters has received.

ontains duplicate pictures contained in enclosureh to: s an autoetatic oopy of the article which describes the event, la Huelga de Dolores. (Prensa0

Without the sllghest disturbing incident and in an atmosphere of happy clamor, tho traditional huelga de Dolores was held yesterday: (this event) is organized annually by tho students from the different colleges of the autonomous university of San Carlos.

The students -pl<=KOd on" and satirised the principal individuals on the national political scene, from the President of the Republfc to the deputies, and they analyzed in Joking fashion the different events of national life, particularly Guatemala's participation inenth Inter-Anerican Conference at Caracas, tha events of Salana, the purported invasion which ex-general TDTGORAS Fuentes and ex-colonel CASTILLO Armas are preparing, the crime of which deputy Guillermo OVANDO Arriola, the ex-president of the Conpress of the Republic, was tho victim, etc.

Several floats passed before massive crowd which had formed along the wayfrom the college of medicine to that of lavfinding in them an allusion to the punishments for tbe attempted subversion

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found among the toys of So nor COKACHO's children, to the death ofRETB, of the fire minutes of silence and of Roy GEHKEL to the fight between coffee and petroleum; furthermore, endless references to showbills ridiculing tho political parties, the Congress of the Republic, President ARBENZ, Chancellor TORIELLO, and other personages of tho official world.

Groups of atudents participated in the affair, dressed as

rabbits. Invading soldiers, and delegates to the conference

at Caracas, provoking with thoir ridiculous poses and jokes

the hilarity of the thousands and thousands of capital inhabitants

who wore present for the expected student colebration.

The enclosed pictures of La Huelga do Dolores are:


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Horsemen of the Apocalypse Paste Cosnmismo

Cass of the Coaacho childrenOuardla finding hand grenades Salssu-Plores, Honduranardlng prisoners Sti-uegle. and Russia for Guatemala ARBEHZ Articlegrarian Law

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