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deer don PANCHOi

Oar mutual friend, who tpant eome days vlU) you, placed In ay banda your letters written to aepril* In then you aat yourself to answer my letter of tha 9th of the aame month lntated, among other matters of resl interest, thatudged of least Importance, ee it la andeally consider lt, that of ay separation from the tasks which for soine and with such great hardehlpa and aaerlfieea we hare been attempting. Inspired by sincere and high Ideals and firm and generous proposals. Hy decision was not made in the heatillful reaction but (as the resultold analyelaeries of facts which do not conform to my way of feeling and thinking. Hy health see tha matter of leeat weight In my decisioni we who hare aat ouraelreeourse of life fraught with our meet noble enterprises snd who bare sworn all, absolutely all. ao the altera of an Ideal motivated by convictions of marked solidity, we ean think of ourselves ln order to tend our bodies when duty ealla us to comply with tha mission whloh we have set ourselves. emonstrated on my trip to (Mexico) and for thlandloated to roe lo ay last letter thatourney bed been one of felling down and raising myself, for this was the truth, receiving la recompense tbe satisfaction of having complied with the endsursued In the manneronsidered moot There are other thingspiritual character which pain snd whichand which obligate asiven moment to make tbat whloh In other Olr-ouaeteneee we might call greet decisions. It la not the first time inave found myself In similar circumstances, many are the anecdotes toould refer,id not (thus) have to make allusion to my cam parson.

X was greatly pleased tiy tha oonoeptuel alas of your letter of the Zlet* Only the lamens* goodnessriend, tho sensitivity of Ms feelings and the heights of hia mind oould have dictated words so emloglaal and so undeserved by mo. Tn thsa there la an over-estimation of ay values and an affecting overflow whichaldound very pleasant. That littleave been able to do bee not succeeded in ths colore nor with the reliefs whloh your goodness painta lt la. That which there bee been end always will bereat sincerityreater esteem, aa mnch for you ae for our true friends. The unity of Ideas, oon-vie tiona and proposals, as you aald, haa kept us unified, for dletenoe doea net count when the mind and tbe sentimsnte find themselves ruled by the aame oeueee and motivated by the laentioal fdrcee, snd that identification will be malntsanad,elieve that tha reasons whloh have maintained us ln aoond are bom of convictions strongly rooted within ourselves. housand thanks for your warm sentences, aaen, for your words of encouragement end for your letters which signify to ae your preoccupation with my health and your desires for my well-being. Many


Ifre fully read my latterpril, you will find ineries of events which Impelled am to make that decision toade reference before, end all theaevents, la spite of the explanations given by tbe representative of our friends and the promise to ohange their atltude and to heed my oomplalnte,these events continue in force aven today without being toirm confidence of being able toesolution which bad ite origin in tbe execution of aald erects. At tba risk of tiling yours going to refer to some of them In order toetter comprehension (of the si taa tion).


My trip to the house of this person was in obedience to reasons vMch according to my criteria wore oi crest importance. Our enemies have aaeosition and have thrown themselves into the attack. Realising their powerful influence, almost decisive influence, which thle senor (RAMIREZ) had in Octoberii inelieve we must not underestimate hie intevention within tbe gen-ral frsmework of our affairs. The political responsibility has been pieced oo my shoulders and within theae attributes which were ascribed toecided thet we must combat our sdvereary ln hla own bouse, what to do? To visit him, to determine and weigh bis strength, endudy and to consider the wey to combat him effectively. And this wasid. etermined his weak flankslan to attack them. ounded outiscovered the forces which we could move against themi student, workers organisation, catholic orgsnleatloan, eoelal secretariat, preaa and radio, the Frente Popular Anticomnnieta, organised capital, etc. egan negotlAalona with said groups and investigated the possibility that they mirht be able to act in the moment ln which we needed thea. lso analyzed the force, situation, and aid of our adversary compatriots. The logical and elementary investigations having beenesignated the persons who could maintain the necessary relationshipreater rapprochement for the employment of our forces. The focus of the attack on the Committees of Friendsere laid out along lines which were to be followed ln an immediate manner! the Instructions to enter ourinto Guatemala and the necessary Investigations in order to determine enemy concentrations along the frontiers were also demanded, and the conduct of ourwith the students, workers, Chomch, catholics, press and capital were deter--iAne*. lou can understandelt when on my return one of our principal workers informed me that he had received different orders and the proposal to subject it to the direction and control of Colonel RAMIREZ, who hseaaeveed ae our adversary and who refused to have any connection with me. All the Informationave received demonstrates that this person has the support of our friends, including thet cf an economic order. Our neemle feel confused and possibly have even come to thinkad tried to Bound them out(on their loyalties).

Faced with the clven situation, all my plans are in suspense, all the tasks which demand urgent and immediate attention paralysed and we have lost ptmeious time In which to work and to consolidate our positions. Pronto continues to come out, butardlneee which prejudices our proposed plansave not had news again of our representative in Mexico and the instructions have been given by other people, without ay knowledpe and byave no confidence. The campaign has stopped beinp. planned and corrdinated at leaot in relation to my Ideas and in relation to the layout drawn upeneral framework of operation. It may be that it ia in accord with better linesm Ignorant of.

With respect to the Comlte de Liberation deust state to you! they are opposed to you one hundred percent) their work far from beinp constructive is negative, what's more, destructive; Intrigue occupies the mind of It' directors. And thle latter In an underhand labor unfoldsonstant nanneri the bulletin, as you know, evinces the feeling and thought of thoae who direct lt, not In the high spirit of asnd national campaign. btained photostatic copies of mattere ta be publishedualified as hardly elevatingeccesnendedmediate suspension of these sttacks. Neverthelees, the Bulletin with the material which had been ire pared and which vas pointed out as undesirable and Its directors continue to enjoy the support of our friends. In the last budget, there were two sections which added up to two thousand dollars and whichaa theynhnd no otfier explanation or concrete explanation,-led me to think that it was destined for the adverse proup 's support and for tlie bulletin which

I do not Intend that our friends should subject themselves tohink and feel. Ther will have their reasons to art inv, butI bell ere thatt ^proceeding vill prejudice us and willovenent which they ere patronizing and to widen they hare given without raffling all theireel it ity duty to call their attention to the harm which they are doing to us and not being in agreamnt withosition to retire for the moment frcsi our organisation,onsider that mj work is subordinate to greater planso not wieh to prejudice.

Inalled together scan carefully selected friends and together with thorn discussed ideas and plans) as my thoughts were accepted, we were able to arrivo at concisions easily as well as to programs of action which in their full unfolding involve four phaaeei a) the conduct of thection)) askseriod of fifteen days prioray| o) collaboration in the moment of conflict! and d> eupport and aid, one hundred per cant, in the consolidation of aha newo not knew the final progaa which is to be discussed in tViatenale along the lines the aforementioned linesxpect to know thea at the end of the comingeriod inill confer with persons charged with this teak. The work has been initiated but the campaign aust be directed and su ordlnated to the nllitary operation. In order for thia proposal to be carried out it ie indispensable to get exact Information on our pr parati one/nxm the organisation of all the

as well as

Catholic fores under one chief. To thisave instructions for thotheee great sectors and on the form of operations at this moment intho informationust receiveh on th- plane andwith thia knowledge to lapart new instructions. Thia la of great importposition in our affairs vill not escape you. On the otheraveextend the movement to the houses of Francisco, Oonsaloa end Dagoberto

, and Mexico for the nomont and to initiate tasks in Albertlnatha land of the Doctorand if posaible

to Colombia, Vensaela and the Dominican "er-iblic where there is rich soil. alma came the idea of recommending to you an active journey in Francisco and of giving inotructlone to

HaHco. For the greatest success of this a" ere rise there must be selected those persons to whoa each delicate mi aa lone can be in trusted and who, if poaalble, can achieve an exchange of ideaaction between the chiefs of the different churchea. In the lest issue of Pronto an important position for this moment waa defined. The antioommunist action directed from these bases, andoordinated form, in my Judgement represents thc mont powerful resource that we can utilise in the fight against communismelieve that with the exception of Coeta Rica all sympathy and eupport will exist on the part of the governments end peoples of the before-named nations.

Well then, the campaign must be focusodigh plane andocial chrlatian conscience. Constructive action among the people and destructive for coawuniem. Therefor* its development auat be in obedience to cleerly Ofined lines and to themes of progressIts labor. Por exanploi first the social programs for the benefit of the people must focus on drawing away the greatest weapons of marxlaa and, this conacieoaness having bean formed, to draw the maeeas into an open, positive and total fight.

Taking into consideration thataideg of you to give your prompt and active collaboration In carrying out our proposals, to spark the plans toave already referred and to begin to work in those countries where

nothing has been dons unaointed oat. upport th* Kecd of oar Ch-irch Is basic| the support of our catholic people, fundamental, and the planning and execution of the fight against ecaerunism,nified and ci?rdlnatrd action, of great import. o not kr.ov what vill be your thoughts on allare stated to you and therefore it will be of great interest for me to know your Ideas and eommsnte.

Broadening the foregoingolieve it advantageous to suspend in our publlolty organs the publication of images and to finish off acta which night confuse the political and social position vith religion doctrine with regard to what Religion Is of Itself, aa apart from the social crlstian orientation end the chureh'a position of combat, and to concentrate our fundamental problems under Judicious political, econonie and social plans in order not to spoil our lines of government and administrationvithout looelng sight of this, to comnent substantially on each of the basic thoughts of thc pastoral letter.

I still do not know if you received my letter and ite attechnentent to you In separata pieces to the poetal boxes which you gave me. This has concerned meave been sorry not to have any report of its receipt and its reaponseonsidered urgent. eg of you to let me know if such documents did reach yo<ir hands.

I hope to have from Kexico reports on the tasks which vere assigned in connection vith thateported in the above paragraphs before the end of the next week. If yoo could giveprior to thie time, information on the tasksid for you, it would be* of great interest for me, forope to hsve an exchange of iapresaiono with our friends from Ouatemala,xplained to you*

Our friends have left the direction of these natters in my hands, of course with your close collaboration and approval. This they let me know at the end of last weok ond for thisid not acthould have wished. Immediately, but in that interval of the suspension of myent them my ideas and made my requirement* known in order that if thoy were acceptable they would be given Immediate attention by thoes persons whom you indicate. As from theave explainedlear manner that ay retirement amid not entail an Immediate suspension of activities but on theas prepared to be useful in that which wasave continuedhall continue contributing my ideas and work for the timetill remain in those lands.

ecenteceived neva from people of importance in vhloh they asked me about our relations vith General TTICORAS for they have receivedto work from him and ho has sent them credentials in the name of the organised opposition of which he Is tha self-named president end countersigned by Julio SAIfffWAL and Alberto GA!s secretary tnd executive member respectively. Thia aske of the (recipients) an active collaboration in destroying tho preannt government. These jaraons have directed themselves to

me, calli;ii: :ncivil chief of our movement,sl-cinc forove answered themo not represent noroldrustid explain to them the foregoing, exhorting them to fight in our' ranks,nowertainly they will do. As yen see, ths ajBsjgjfci Ind person does not ceaao to play bis game, believing himself the predestined nan and trying to disconcert and disorient people who have not been informed of the trie situation. It seems that the contacts which were made with him on tbe part of our friends have given hla new hopes and he is trying to take the greater part of thea. The tiny group in Mexico has the csme attitude and of these you have to take care, today, tomorrow, and always, for they bear within themselves resentment at distraction and in potency which are very bad counsellors. This you must maintain very soon, especially In the hour of the pre at resolutions, for they are disposed to engage in the last battle without concerning themselves with the fundamental Interests of our country. In your plans for action you must consider this possibility and be prepared to neutralise lt. This does not mean that youd go to extremes, but rather to maintain yourself alert and take all appropriate steps. Thus otrne time you must take care of O'-RCIA Granados,xplained to you ln my piece-walhas been activeounter-coup. One must not forget that one of the forms of political action iswhich has brought such magnificent results to the marxistaiin the movePKnt and infiltration in the government, and with this knowledre, to work in the present and in the future.

Another of the mattere dealt with in my letter of tbeie that which has to do with the responsibility of the task which was assigned to me. Apart from the natters toave already referred, everything else relative to political direction remains subject to afaat which waa discussed ln Miamieturned, consequently tbe situation has still not been clarifiedeel myself freed of thin responsibility, Tlie tasks which were born of some poeition or some charge have been for me always the cause for profound concern. elt myself ln the position to respond to suchccept tlien,nowan count on all iheecessary to be able to carry thento theo not accept themecline them. This being ny norm ofade the decision to separate myself froa our enterprise, believing it impossible becauseack of the^cTJSpaYation to continue alonp the llnea which the fulfillment of obligations which involve responsibility imposes. In practice, in large percent, the situation has not chancedtated to you in the third paragraph of this long letter. ancelled ny offers to Margarita IKESSLER. QANDARA returned to his family and eveno not have any new Information about the offers which they made to hia andsked you for in an urgent manner,anted to analyse his case oo the basis of oonplete fairness and understanding. With regard to them sincerely sorrynow the prestige which she enjoysnow of her bravery and patriotism and the use to which we could have put her in the moment of action) but this matter must be considered cancelled. GAKRAPA seems to have been ae alwaysisagreeableneas steaming from the position which he held in Guatemala, isagreeablenesaould have been able to resolve In finding myself near him, but before doinganted to find out the antecedents in order to be able to act, but as I

said bohese background facte hare not reached na. The affeirsare being managedxplained to you.has not

sent ne the plane and budgetsave asked lor repeatedly,onsider fund mental for it ie urgent that Fl Rebeldeombative position in the present circumstances) it is not important that they clone it for on the following day another newspaper can be opened up with another name and with another director, giving uo -aterial with which to atteck ffar liberty of expression. u must judge my ideas and thoir sppropriatenesa, but In tha instant in which we live and given the depressing eventsovement on the way, it cannot be continued along tho lines in which it operates today. You shall arrange that which la moot fitting, .The affeire in Mexico,now are not planned and therefore are not tlfjjkonlng relations and cr.ati.ng thc bondsolieve indispensable. o not know if Pronto is getting into Guatemala in thc manner in which It wes planned,ave indeed seen,and consider it bits the target, that proclamation which was made of you es the chief in that piece by emmigrent compatriots.

In accord vith thatromised ourriendancelled my reservations to leave the Unitedu,to the litth of Jufty of the presentate onillwith ay familyeriod of eight to ten months. My trip willstudy and observation thaough countries of greater culture andthe political, economic and social order than that which wo haveour own land: butill leave Jibe *th of thein order to engage in ell that nay be urgent end inight For thisave celled LUIS (either Herlindoove asked hisi to call

and if possible anotner lawyer of high abilities. m thinking ol enti-isting them, along paseoctly defined lineshall give them./thB study uridical statute which will prevail during the transition government) the law of public order which must be immediately put into effect, the arrangements which have to do with the reorganisation of the judicial organism, the labor code and social security, together withhat refer to public health and eocisl assistance. These vill be the first tasks, without discarding theof the new law of agrarian reform which is bo crude but which in my judgement must focus on tho created problems and let usotallyconstitution aspect vith courage, decioieonese and energy. o not know even today how ve are going to make these natters concrete, but if ve have raisedas. flag of constitutionality, guarantee and respect, we cannot sanction transgressions and arbitrary actions by reason of political necessities. Therefore you vill have to consider the effects thatosition is going to produce among the workers, until today the beneficiaries, and in order to answer then, to establish norms whichompensation for thc advantages obtained by them. If you do not act thusly, we cannot ask for the confidence of capital and offer eeeurity to investors, but the problems of misery must be resolved under progreesive plans, respecting private property en the condition that it be placed under plans for production, Tne reserves of industry for development and diversification of products have to bo considered. Ve shall work within these ideas. Ke shall study also the fundamental planstrong

n relation tc Internal nndsets, the features of credit development end the jTograma for cooperative development. Ic abort,we must ooncern ourselvea with the most urgent end Important in order that something lo prepared for the moment in vhich it is needed. avel the lawyers who are near you have been working on some of these mattereould appreciate it if you would send me your studies ln order to consider them within a coordinated plan which must be done. ave also discussed with our friends the political memorandum roteucigaloa and from vhich the plan, which you have designated by the name of thatas derived.

One of the matters which has most concerned me and which deeply preoecupiea me, is that which relates to the agents which you are going to have at your diapoaal in the crucial moments, ave maintained tho criteria, andave expounded it on rope ted occasions, some in your presence, that Ikelaupport tfctMldtaaWleviatlon is indispensable. onsiderannot conceive of the feet that the action might be lost. Triumph must be assured and if it le trueave confidence In the people incorporating themselves in tbeI cannot fall lo think that such confidence will derivotrong ond decisive sctlon. The army will be with ue in the majority if it seea-juftsproTided with powerful resources. Tou could ar-ue with me with Just reasonnow little or nothing of theae natters,annot forgetas in contact with all our oreaniiationsnov perfectelly well the psychology or our men and of our people, and that, with thatm able toasis on which to expound ideas which do not lack su stanceave been thinking of the sc prest responsibility ofdirectorsell you rincerely that within those standardsave nlwayso not desire such responsibilityo not have the certaintyigh percentage of success. This is another cf the vital polnta of view which oblige me to maintain theave decided upon, ave the impression thatill rive us bases froa which to operate now perfectly that the triumph will give hia full fastiion for thsttbackefeat would be an inexhaus table soaree of accusations and responsiidliilea,

Touisit to maelieve It would be of greatbenefit,annot fail to realise that thle would involve dangerswhich in the present moments should not be rtaksnitere'dr thla reasontried to explain to you In these lines (of thehich aremy points of view, my feeling' and my mot'iod of thinklnf. Penallyrelay to me your Ideas and if through this proceeding wc cannot arrivethen, only then, to carry out the conference which youto mo. I think that with better channelson than those

irtilch we have today, we could point outdleooss the men who are goinr to be effective collaborators in the government, taking into consideration their Integrity, their Reparation, ca.ecit. for work and identification with our ideals and proposals. now tbat in tlie hour of triumph tho tools for work be more than enough to spare.

Xou ware pleased toteUne that, taovirn me,ould never feel any satisfaction in having felled In the highest engagement with the Patrlei that neverustify my absence in the orvstell nation of our supreme* Ideals, especially in the precises moments in which the people calls and demands our presence." ake pleaaore in thaee exhorting phraaesnow that that is your sincere thought and ia that whioh ie appropriate to one wbo loves hie oouotiy,hink also that in those instants which you point cut, my usefulness would be rery relative and, if you wiah, secondary,aid before. In ths moments of trlunph you will have at your Bide our aoet highly valued men disposed to give you HflNmrnm^l' their efforts in all that you demand, Persons of greater ability end high note will obscure my limited abilities and because af that my cooperation would be very relative. Wien the nation demandedas there without reserve, to respond to positions of greater responsibility and danger and it is for that reasonelieve that unwillingeao does not exist ia ae of not having acted in accord withsacred duties. If much later ths Patria or you demand my services, because you consider thet inight be of use,tated to you in my previousas be there promptly in order to present ayolf in tbe ranks, *ndthin should not Somehall maintain aywlf apart, with the Satisfaction of having contributed ay share to free tha Patria from tee coeHuniBt cancer which today destroys it and end to place it in the hands of parsons of great integrity and morality, of high canabilltles, of firm convict!one and |Bbiiibii ideas which have oriented then and doaducted then noble

through tbe solid course of progress, prosperity and justice. To eee our Republic under tha eymbolo vhloh ve hava created end under the postulates which wa hava expounded to our people, furniahae my apirit with the vell-belntt deriveduty complied wit*.

I ask the Creator that he guide the directors of our oovenent end that he* bleaa our causa, because it is tho cause of honor, of good, of liberty andthe higheet and most noble xaxxata ideale.

friends will have all my sympathy and in regard to day of tho coning month,ill need

too first fifteon days of July for the arrangonanto for my trip. ope to have all your news and all your charges during this period of work whioh ff am disposed to utilise the naximua of ray abllltisi,

you to manifest p> your ronembered and very estimable wife

the affectionate remembraxces of all my family, in whoseoo participate, andarm assesses for you frommbracee you your


loyal friend who appreciates you moot ainoerely.

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