Created: 5/5/1954

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It Is believed that tho entire matter of providinstor tho operations of SEMANTIC and SECANT should bo studied carefully, Hors-tofore these payments have been made through CALLIOERIS inbut it Is now felt that tha transactions can be handledore efficient and securo manner through the Guatemala station. SSHASTXO is In charge of all CALLIGERIS intelligence agents in the country, whereas SECANT supervises the military net,

Ihe passing of funds through ESCGBILLA appears to be the seat logical channel but It le felt tbat we should know more about the i

of this agent's business situation. It is understood that bo 18

wealthy snd that he hoc many business connections, Boverar, lt Is;not <

how the handling of the largo sums needed for SEMANTIC snd SECANT is to be explained by hin, oparatc account will effectively conceal the payments to hla, but how will he be able to make the withdrawals and the emnasnge Into quottalcs without causing socmen* and questions? Payments in cash by the station might be preferable, but the problem of obtaining quetsalfls would still ba present. Can the eta tion exchange such substantial amounts of dollars into quatsaleaecure manner and then- give the ouetsaXes

to ESCORTLLA? This would appear to be the best solution if it can be arrangeda

io the situation re carding taxes in Quatemala? Arecompanies required to pay income taxes, and if so, is lt necessaryannual income statements with the government? It such statementsnoeded, does the covarment make periodic checks of bank accountsbooke of concerns? In tho event such investigations aro not madeit be assumed that the government has confidential informants into report on unusual transactions?

ii- Such quoetions as theae have occurred to LINCOLN, and it is likely



that tha Guatsasle station will think of other problems Involved. It ia therefore requested that the entire process be reviewed carefully andetailed scale. When this has boon concluded you should prepare aor coble outlining your conclusions oe to beet nuuanor for handling



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