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IsFECrFIC Transmittal of Contact Report

Attached hereto io Contact* Visit of Robertith

C luopy of the attachment was handcarried to

Washington by PLAYDONU.

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SUBJKIri Visit of Robertwithand

x, Upon arriving atand exchenging the usual^>leaoentries,

I stated that, my firstis health and the result

advised tbat for all practical purposes he was an excellent

health except Was within approximately two Months he wouldlnar gallstone cperation. iscovered that he bad beenworried about the possibility of cancer and aeemed to be particularly relieved to know that he had no traces of cancer snd that hie heart, lungs and entire dlgontlvc tract wore in perfect order. He currently is recuperating fron the aftereffects of an oporation involving the re-novel of an infected tooth root but by the Riddle of the coning week, the lasttreatment will be completed. His violent upset stonachs and long periods of nausea were caused by his nervous system. His doctor said thatere tranquil life would eliminate reoccurrences of these violent stomach disorders.

At thisold hln of the reel purpose of my visit, which was to advise him that the Croup could not accept hia resignation and that they were willing to toko necessary steps to allow him to reoonelder his resignation. dvlmtd himersonally took hie resignation letter to Pancho to obtain his reaction. oldPancho'a reaction, without any prompting or pressure on my part, was precisely the aame as that of thethat is, hia resignation would not be accepted. IPancho was very much disturbed and that be said any problems other thanoould ba solved. aid that although. Pancho, in hia letteronference, lt would be extremely difficult for Panoho to be absent from his Headquarters. onference ia necessary to ensureit could be arranged.

that be was nost appreciative of the Oroup's opinion regarding hia capabilities but that be was certain other people could do the Job. He stated that he had reservationship sailing to Spainune for himself and his family. hen changed the conversation to advise hia of the current progress being made inside and outside Guatemala. irst explained the situation at Pancho'c Headquarters. old him that tba enthusiast, in the movement vas high. Kany men had already been trained and returned to Tegucigalpa. The last of the military leaders were being tested by the lit detector team. Tbe training on all of the military people waa going ahead. c .Jlrnd given full roporta of their activities and ware now resuming their duties Inside Guatemala.

- outlined the important activities that had happened at LIt&OLH, makingof all poalive progress accomplished during his absence. In connection**eing made by the radio writing team -tC dvised himseen fit to leave the saf* house and return tcAfter

explain!np tho circumstances and details

that c ould be more useful away Iran LXKCOUJ. dvised hin that 1 Jtfould still have been writing volumltously and productively had

remained at lUJCOItf.

u* gain acfced when woapeAt C_ 73 Make Although be diddirectly, it did appear that be booit. At tM* point* Z hat perhaps the Group bed slightly neglected tbe fact that bisbla wife, had never bean advised hoar useful and how thpartent to the norenasnt an that perhaps we could better eaplain bio longpointing oat how important ho van to the Oroup and to Guaasala. cT3

r replledi "Itho givee ordore in thiahere ucs no further nTexntnalon on thateltad nmtrsllMd the imwpofran feet that hi wife had boon influencing bla tohis political activity. "tl '* anoh InproTod health undoubtedlyery etlawlatlng effect on Us uivj woo sppoare to bo-In the beat of spirits*

5.gain brought up the question of Ms return to tela oars of thotasks whioh aast bo dono.ald perhaps It would bo bsttsr towaa needed to be done* eferred to his written, atatenant that Msresponsibility waa lllusionary,aid that thio unavoidably occurred asof aotlona taken which wan not etriotly In aocordanoe with oarbat whioh had taken place because of the way la whioh the operationtated that delay In ocenonloaticne between L nd fanofcoIt more difficult for bin to dlreotly central the prspe&Bnnadviaod that when facedeed for lnwodiete action, Panchourry. tated that he could appreciate suoh IwrsadUto action aftertrip. tated that be was wary deflMtoly needed for the politicalIte resAflootlona In the econonie snd social spheres in Ouatesslla. Oatwhich hod been started by Mb and which was so iaiportant. wouldgreatly without his personal tmpervlsloa.dvised him of Meremain with tbe cause when victory waa In eightewaiddeparture from the avovoswmt atine. In spits of Ms

a very bad inpreealon with the many friends he bed personally Involved in Abe nova In view ofsked, that wo again review Ms speoifio reasons for leaving to whether we could not now resolve them,


C- rought out tbe followingocutentloni

2he responsibility but not the authority for propaganda snd intell natters*

Ris health and worrioe about canoer?

Ms asBxiooa trip and tbe opposition group which received direct el from the Group in How Xorfc.

went Into thesen great detail. greed with thoin general and in particular with his responsibilitystenuing from the Group's weaknesB in waking availablewe practised him, the lack of which had resulted inon Poncho's pert. dviaod him that remedial stops woreresarding the Mexican group. tated that fullest support wai

v-Ji toAnd lntlaatod strongly thatwee

taken froa theid not Bake ft fast* hard statenonb inrespect,id state that th* position of tbe otter groupnurnr aad woajci- until they oould no IflwjercUralyFaaohc (L roa?. tatod that It was lapoeslhls for ooQ ad aseuaed, orn/nfl

wlah not to'ooc Q_ but. nH.unnar1that In deference toperationlne too ant WVniB'nlat congress, wa thoughtisit would be neocesary. ttatad, however, that hla contact and eubaocfaant success vltb ad wore than overshadowed any othor failurca. aa branched du mm* intolong "rtsonsaliwi aa to hor thla vc coold be aore adequately sxplcltod* C ad prepared on thla matter. drlseu mJme did notould be lapoeelble to prodiet tho effectlvenese of hla ooegnlsn*

eturning to the aubjaat of the future plana el* tha country,ZL ea that lt would be necessary to etudy the problea withgreat deal ofskw -bether he felt that Foocho waa cdeonately trained and whether te had the calibre advisors surrounding hla necessary to devise and carryound political prograld he doubted that renoho oould somssMlsh the teakouiagained by leering Pan oho atriticalointed out the exanpleJuan uoalngo Peren ln Argentina and how the responsible and oonawrrotlv

elements ozw thehad not agreed with rerun on wany points and therefore.

Instead of taaWtej these polnta throogh, bad left ttelr nwJbisasaw1 or advisory poets Innplaned. Uda left only tha alternative of turning to people of eecon eellbre. tatedad ae intentions afhe ooaparlson between Pans and Peronjtated thet the possibility always exists that when one aan no olooe edvisore of high calibre, te la pwone to seek those who ara closest_ ianaedlately. Spoolflpally, ho sold he waa Interested not only Inolitloel progrsa bat also ln developing the structure of the teaponrb Pancho snsfla* head*tated that Boat certainly the Group would give racy aerlouo oonaideretloo to any structure whloh would prevent strong earn gorerrinwit and which would facilitate democratic gorertsaent.

* whet day of the weak te would returneplied that In view of au. tne Infornationad laiperted, the oonotllatory attitude on our port aad the greet aenonstretlon of loyalty, lt waa now necessary for hln to deaonatrete hla loyalty not only to the Oroup and to Pancho batho aany Individuals whoa te personally involved la tbaepeated tha: these people would ba greatly distressed to learn of his departure. ws than egret that te would.o take up thro* prlaary duties*

t;olitical pro^raa end to outline the governmental struotun of the teaparery Junta)

b# to direct th* propaganda campaign of tho Catholic uourohj

c. to actymbol of confidence to the aoay frlunds in the aoveacntwould, of oourso, neen asny letters of confidence and direction not onl pooplu ln Quateaolabut aleo to thoeo In the surrounding oountrloel mu booet morale end provide eesletonoe to the writing toons3


9. tatedould return the following day with c 3vho wasPancho's Headquarters later in the next day and that news

to remain with tho organization could be takca downaddition to airy

specific points regarding the campaign of thehis appreciation

and stated that he would be glad to continue diseuseions the following day.

returned with ne(ate the following morning and we discussed many of the forejroimt points, dwelling on how to resjsdy the several thing6 which have< e again pointed out his lack of authority and dramatically stated that his Kertcan trlD nlacwi bintery bad light. In addition to these points^ c .Jsiscussed natters which were irrelevant to tho purpose of this meeting, but which wore necessaryvisit with Pancho.

advised that he would re tornJenay. In the raeantiaie, he said he would prepare several letters to further the Church campaign.

He was interestedand was advised he would be telephoned

regarding the arrival jfn the United States.


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