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from : tation, Guatemala SUBJECT: Operational -Program

Message Presented, to?RO'A PAGE


I?<FO: Chief, Sffl!


SQUIRR rear, the following message to

in the presence of Graham L. PAG3.

The consejo welcomes your offer to help in the preservations national independence, which requires the completeof communist influence in G's affairs.

The consejo has loomed with regret that you and your fiends do not like X. The consejo reaffirms its complete trust in X, who has been serving the cause loyally and efficiently.

The consejo takes note of your desire to keep your activein our jointecretnd Y. The consejo assures you that your stipulation will he honored. Sinceave been speaking about your and P's patriotism only in terms of the very highest praise, it will not be easy to make them believe that you arc noto be one of us.


The consejo reiterates that no political promises have been given or requested. The Junta's plans aro essentially military In nature and all planned movesictated primarily by military considerations and arc therefore devoid of ulterior political motives.

The coneejo shares your abhorrence of needless bloodshed. You doubtlessly realise, however, that the scope of the conflagration may be determined by circumstances beyond our control. There is bound to be prolonged and grievous bloodshed, if troops are committed to quell the uprising In the capital.

The consejo is anxious to avoid clashes between military units. The Junta's plans at this stage do not call for tho removal by force of unit commanders, because It is considered unlikely that the Army will permit Itself to be ebusedommunist tool. However, any officer rospsn.iibis for the killing of civilians rising against the regime will be called to account in accordance with Guatemalan laws.


7. As yet conditions ln the capital fail to meet the strategic and tactical requirements of the Junta. ^The consejo expects that patriotic elements in the Armyommand will do everything in their power to counteract the employmentntemalan troops in the defense of the regime. Military intervention would merely serve to protract the struggle, needlessly increase the suffering of the populace, without, on the other hand, influencing the certain outcome of the uprising.

consejo is confidentamong

the officers' corps of the 'Guatemalanan oe ui>uu lostaff officers and troop commanders to .loing the uprising or at least to stand by without attempting to quell it. Even ash hour proposition this would be of vital help.

9. The consejo desires to be kept informed by you on anysuggestingtheArray will support the regime anax join thecommunism.

The consejo counts on your active cooperation in theof your associates with the importance of ridding Guatemala of communism at any price. Aiey mast be convinced that any shot fired in defense of the regimehot fired in defense of worl communism.

Tlie consejo wishes you to know that several ranking officers in the outlying garrisons are uncommitted because they arc not as ye convinced that they areerious and well-planned . The consejo trusts, that is this should nappen, your judgment will net be blunted by personal rancor but that for your country's sake you will counsel them to join the battle for the liberation of Guatemala.

The consejo is in need of reliable information on internaldevelopments which mayearing on the success cf our enterprise. The consejo counts on you to provide suchand is going to supply you with briefs to indicate what type of information and what specific data are needed.

The consejo has designateds its representative in all its dealings with you. He enjoys the consejo's complete He will be the consejo's channel to you and vice yersa. The consejo asks you to consult him benlacing in anythat may endanger you and the cause you serve. If you disagree with the consejo's decision, blame the consejo, not him.

The consejo considers itself responsible for your personal security. Guatemala will be in dire need of your services aftsr communism has been defeated. The consejo will do everything in



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Its power to see that no harm comes to you. Bear in mind that you do not stand alone, Guatemala's best sons are on your side, "any officers who are your friends have already joinod the cause and are giving it unstinted support.

he consejo wishes lo convoy to you that it considers mutual good faith one of the indispensable guarantors of victory. The consejc has complete faith in you personally. The consejo also hasfaith in the cause which you have committed yourself to serve.


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