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SUBJECT r Meeting of 6

Present! Aiabaacedor HUleVMT ond L


1- Th* JnbMSavior described tho orrioeee soneralertlnr nsrora ntended Invasion of Honduras by the Keopedthe effeet that th* Guatemalan Air *tt*flhe

to Tegucigalpa had flown bis own plan* Into Honduras and had, for thla reason, bean detained i March of the aircrafta nap on which the various OTCO Installations were narted by inaabere In pencil. This, In tbe Ambassador's opinion, added acne evidence to our aural a* that the current strikes and activities efralaet tbe OTCC are eiepperted by tbe OustoMlena.

horoject ba initiated for the collection of covert intelligence fron now through theperiod. Bo pointed oat that lnWllgenao beyond that relating directly to la of sirtruna Is^orteao* to bio mission of keepinf reaee In the oountry. (Thle natter w- dlaouteed Lth DDF who referred lt to Chief, WKD for eotlooeparata operation to anythinglrotii^fc t'nroln.)

3a called e'n to th* expected 'Separtor*

nbcut arid-Mayuropean tour and requested

that we try. In addition to hia own e'o have this tbe only channelfor Batters

of such dalleany tbat the Ambassador cannot withcnt parscnalveilMP Tt

i. II* requested hie rations ramarka with regardoot to ba eonaiderad aa derogatory and asked that easepersonal ooanendatlon be accorded at this tin*.

Tbethe ratrsonsl plane wea brought up againEmbassador. advised the Ambessador that it ibm

hia inpreselce thet the Igeney In ell probability would not be ehl* to satisfy Me re-mlrementa.

nativities or

} Ths .'ubfui: "loro tins bs lost In has baaa asked to ascertain why this staff

hss not rat baaa activated.)

Kith regard te thesoo to err1st the fionduraa Air Force, ABbassador *illauar at'.ted that ha had talVed to Col. Hofsra (Easentlva Officer to Can.1 endeavor to supplyrorriets parson uv3 vho . oontaot in this raerrd Hr. Xerclt Roosevelt.

Tha Aahasasdor repeated the of:'er is tc tbsof hia son, who vill shortly be on vaontlaa in the srea. Kr.

L Jstatad that it was our general opinion that tbe use of um fuaoaaaador's bob In oeuneotlon with operations would be politically unwise and would offer tha opposition an easy point for provocation. Tha /abasoador concluded that should the need arise hia son would ba available.

Aabeasader reported that ba plans to leavestopping overnight la Saw Orleans at tbe St. Charleswould depart Tuesday via ran latarlcan,inand Sen Salvador aa route. The Military Aid Treaty Teaneoccerpasy hln and will, with Secretary 5'olltovl'* priorgiven eonaplcuoua treataant by our official people at tbsIn Cuetsaal" City.

10. Tha Anbnanador rcoowsudadrult for

bla so of hlfh chareoter, Intellltant, and very eager to serve.

11. Tha ftnbassador asked -rhet>or Col. Sawyer alrtit ba briefed since, la theopinion, he wasary elos*KJtuSSS aattsra la Ms Funeral Intelligence eoleotleo. ** J ointed cut thsntegee to Col. Sawyer,ainesent status and eugcerted tout tha onlyt inn tha labeasador tdsht wish to part rai Col.would bendue speculation on his part.

ths /uboeaodor oni

being requisitioned for the Kobaaay*

und to be held byAabeBBodor'B use end protection of the Urea oflarae. ^

e. The Jjnbesscdor's oecretary (to be ereignedirstho ahould arrive In Tagu on or about


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