Created: 5/7/1954

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with General sreklae Bngardlng Military Klaalon in Ouateaala

1, There la ao plan or Intention la the Bepertaeat of Defense of renoTlng the alaaion la Ouateaala uitbeur prior sgreeaaut with State aad CU.

Mr. Oodel'e raearia to Hr. Jacfcaon aad Mr. Xadlaa pertained to the auujeet of seeding tea uilitary negotiators through Guatemala la tbe caapaay of Aafaeaeedor Vllleeer of eoudurea.

3* Thia proposal una generated in State aad aaa aot chocked with CI* but deeslopsd as follows t

a. Stateirect denend to Oeneralecbex of tbe Xater^nerlcaa fief ease Board, to bare our military teen go through Ouateaala aaroute to aondarasithUaaor.

b. General Webster reported the natter to General Krsalno aadroper dlreetive frca the Secretary of Defenee.

e. Mr. Godal's raaarka to tae Special Aeslstaate ware directed to Mr. aaaaae and iaplled that State should stop frrllng instroctloes to the worklng-aewel people la tbs Pentagon and shouldnanl cbaaaeia. Ba stated that If they did aot cease such notion

that he, Mr. Godal, wouldea official latter from the Secretary

of Defease to the Secretary of State oa the subject.

Mr. Radius asked Mr. GOdel not to take theofficially Inaaanrh as toe entire request was wlthdrean.

aaJtoiollowed up thc natter, *Stt"*ithe telephone call froa Mr. Dallas to Asst. Secretary Anderson.

3* Iter*o concern at General Xrmktoo'a itr-ol about toe operation la progress except to say tbat tfaej eocla lit* tom thorough fill-in than the? bam bad to data on tho aspport required fron the Bepertnent of Defense. Oeneral Ersklne fools tbat bo la Nortdns in tha dark" and

needs infomatlon which ba can use ln eenexntlns and inplensntiw the support


I have Just learned that Stato agnln today Bade further reejuasta on thla sane subject directly to the Wllll^ loisl people In General Webster'a shop.

CD. BnXMS Chief, Planning and Program Coordination


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