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Request for Aerial Study

REFBROCE i Msec- ofpril Concerning Bens Subject

following area studies for drop-acneighest oriorltyhasis freeDOC/ORR

It la requested thatr.ehd hit staff perform-'overtime and weekend work in order to complex this request aa soon as possible. Tho arcs atudiea are listed below in order of their urgency*

s. Select lor. of one primary and one alternate dror-aone within an approximateilo radios of Cohan. The primary acne should bv ea close as possible to Coban.

b. Selectionrimeiy drop-sone In the general areaa point two elles south of Pslin extending to tbe southern outskirts of Aeatitlan. The area inolodee both sides of the highway but should be studied principally on the east olds of the highwaylles from the highway. San Vioente Paoaya lies in ths approximate asnter of the area except for tbe area extending tolias and lying south cf Pslin.

o. Selectionrimary drcp-aono within an approximateole radiusancho.

rinsry drop-Bone within en eoproxlwtolle radius of Encuentros. The preferred location would be In an aaaterly direction of tbe Pan Aaeriesn highway froa Encuentroo along the southern side.

highes priority is piece on area (a) above,be initiated ianedletely, holding up other work bBing * this office if necessary. It lethe arop-aones"oe selactedrelininary baeie andlater with verification and sketches. If adequateproves difficult to obtain, please infewt Kr.

m m

3. ahould advise this office immediately If bla

preliminary auauen indicate difficulty in locating suitable cones with the strict limits defined for each of the above areas,imited change In the delineation of ths areas nay be possible after dieouaaion with tbe originators of the request.

Ii. The general pattern in which the studies era to be aade should be as outlined In our referenced memorandum whioh statedi

s. Locate all ooaslble drop-zones away from nain roads in least populated areas.

b. Shov approaches to nearest vehicular read.

o. Xndloate altitude of drop-zones.

terrain obataclesadiusiles.

with the aboveopy of thefroa which thc study is made.

The above instructions aro particularly applicable to area

5. It Is requested thatinform this office lnsted-

lately of the estimated time of oonumoo of thia request.

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