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SUilJECTl Trip to, on May

the twottended two long meetings, one eachFrank Wisner's office. In addition to Wiener and myself, therefor all or Dart of the meeting the first day,nd Pay Leddy: theMessrs. Bissell, Helms, Roosevelt

theseelivered with very brief explanations

aper with attachmentshart plus explanatory material covering the CALLIQERIS Internal organization]aper with chert covering the CALLK1EXIS Internal Intelligence organization;ocument prepared by Major Robertson on paramilitary planning.

reported briefly on the following subjects:

had been done cn the suggestions set forth in aby Mr. Wisner giving deception ideas. ointed outwhich ONTRICH.was given plus mentioning thoofCT he use of C Jtrip.ossibleimnlleating Pcron and tbe use of letters from either asis for making it appear that helproup in Texas. It was felt Jaaghtif his activities were limited to Texas. HUTTINGon this on his trip. As far asJwas concerned, Itthat it might be unfortunate to have his activitieswith SUMMIT mixed up with raising funds forthis might tend to make SUMMIT look like a Perhaps aba later isit mightinterpreted as an effort to raisefunds As far as the CALLIGERIS -C JiettersWisner was anxious to have something done and steps

are being taken by LINCOLN.

ERRATIC letter to the embassies in Salvadorthat the enclosure which purported to be information oneffort3 was still fairly good for

return of the fold including athe recent visitand OHTHICH andfunctions Jtylans to perform when he returns.

d. PAGE'S activities:


d. PAGS'S activitlosi ith respect ith renpectabor man to holp him. Aaeport from SOCCER on hi6 return was mentioned but detailed discussion uas withheld pending receipt of the SOCCER report in writing plus PAGE'S dispatches. Ae, Headquartera was told that it was too lete to pursue the CIO man any further and LINCOLN would do the beet it could through personnel already in the field and through any openings which [HT7TKG may find on his trip to Mexico.

Thoampaiyt and the opening of SHERWOOO. Fortunately as to the latter, the report in the New York Times was available for the second day.

f, o conncent necessary.

S. Tho resultsto El Salvador.

:.. overed the following administrative problems either In the meetings or through personal conversation with appropriate Headquarters personneli

need for another girl and radio operator tn as told that both wore ready to go but were beingby State Department processing with the beat estimate There is no doubt that Headquarters has expended

a lot of time in trying to break the loe Janinally asked Wisner if he would personally try to do something. At least about, tho radio operator. Ho aald he wouldas advised byJthe telephone onhat the radio operator is scheduled to leave Washington on The girl should followays.

Question of not sending info copies of cablesand no objection was raised. Headquarters statedcertain energency cases they felt that an info touas useful in order to permit it as much timeroblem before receiving the action. Ino rule is without exceptions but statedopecases would be few lo which Headquarters agreed.

needecond recorder at SHERWOOD wasI lbs advised that Headquarters was taking action.

S Security questions were discussed mainly with

was told that info copies of cables marked SECUR had been

regularly coming to the Security Division since early in February; that two of tho four individuals for the Phillips program could bo brought in

innediately and

sebbet rysat

iaMdiately and that the proe lea on the otherOCe Insteadwae duo to lack of information at Headquarters end that aprobably be sent without too much trouble although this

ew request and it would hare to be considered in the lightthe facts. uggestedhe talk

on tho telephone about these points which he said he woulo uo.

The umwidmfsit of PTVALL'S contract to substitute per dlmuartern allowance was fully acceptedssume that there will be no alfficulty.

The following points vith respect to tho State Department were discussed i

need for State to be working on suchew government, conditions which mightto such recognition, economic aid andthereto and generally what sort of politicaltvould like to see. These points were picked upby yisner and tossed to Ray Leddy who confessed thatdate has not even discussed these 'ueetions. Thewere also mentioned with Mr. DulleseetingI left where it was agreed that probably the bestdo would be to list those issues on which Stateneeded and submit then to State for action. Both LDICOIK

nd tlead-ruartera should do seme work on thisouldthatthink about the problem in order to

iscuss it with NUTTING on his return.

aiSht also be asked for ideas obviously not in terms of submission to State but merely in terms of vhat international political problems will nocd to be resolved, if,as and when the new government takes over.

question of whether or not Ihe military missionshould be withdrawn. idnot feel liketoo hard, particularly as tho reason for notat the present time was largely based ondealre to keep the mission. Peurifoy hasto watch the situation and to request withdrawalany time he thinks thc effect will be good. Defense,would like to pull the mission out but may beState not to do so.

SS WilliSnHCOK was discussed at great lengthhowever there is already cable traffic on this, 1say that Stateable to HICOO to ask theGovernment either to recall the ship or to auunited States to take it into some Itaited Status port for


inspection. The British have been warned in case the shipKingston or Belize,been asked to

take whatever action it can at Puerto BarriosC0IN has been asked to take any possible action against movement of the shipment across Ouateraala in case they are successfully landed.

Other things donei

calledand oxplained to him the reasonsfelt it was better for the present to call

talked towho stated that withof the 3rd aircraft plus crew chief, it would beif necessary to fly all three aircraft at the sane

time since the new crew chief iso-pilot and can thereforewo man crew with the transfer of one of the pilots from one of the other crews, lie also stated that he knew of two other pilots that could be signed out if needednderstand, were foraer commercial air line pilots but presently outob.

discussed PP material with'C iv> completedthe telephone.

has been dealing withC look into both me question of Epecial intelligence and

I unfortunately had very little time to discuss this with himwas justad to leave for the plane. oldbe able to give

hire th* background. Despite thehink that he understoodas driving at.

c. pent about an hour with Ambassador Willauer who discussed certain subjects which he had previously mentioned particularly bringing his plane to Honduras. hinkersuaded him that thisatter on which we couldn't help. At any rate, Frank rlisncr proposes to do soidn't. Willauer mentioned worry about the present labor situation in Honduras and referred to infomation which he had received regarding the seizureuatemalan plane when it landed in Honduras at the endlack flight. Cables have been sent asking for further information on thi* subject.

f. Finally, the topic which perhaps took the most time of all was the use of overflies in connection with PBSUCCSSS. Without -oiiii- intohe following in my opinion represent the tentative conclusions reached:

(1) Any use of American pilots will be very difficult to sell. Particularly is this true as to our present CAT

crews out

crews but it is also,reat extent, true of any American crew. The main oasis for this objection aeons to be the feeling that there is no cover story for American crews which will stand inquiry. ossible but still doubtful exception might be granted for night leaflet drops.

Any use of CIA procured aircraft will be difficult to sell. Again it isuestion of inadequacy of cover story but it was also mixed up with general objections to overflights and to air drops both of which Headquarters feels are sufficiently unusual in Latin American revolutions to . result in United States implication. In this connection it might be said that the very arguments for tho use of the planon and crevs, namely their greater efficiency, oleo point to the united States since they confirm that equal operational efficiency is not to be found in Latin America.

(3) Use of foreign crews and foreign aircraft can probably get approval. Arguments above however against use of any aircraft will still be used. If deliveries of materiel can br nade by landings rather than .jurachute drops, this might facilitate approval.

(a) Use of free lance pilots and aircraftt Honduras would probably be unobjectionable though it is hard to know what sort of useful mission they could perfom. Thoy might be of some use to create confusion.

'Je should, by next Tuesday, present to Headquarters acne pretty definitive plan showing the minimum number of both leaflet and supply which will be needed that rosupplies ere contingent and therefore no number can behe planes and crews which it is propc-od to use together with applicable cover stories.

9* In this connection, we should tr# by noxt Tuesday, to give Headquarters our best thinking on the following!

movement of materiel.

movement of personnel.

for Santa Fe.


f. Thoughts

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