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WJL-A- o


Chief of Station, Ouatemala

INFOt PBSUCCESS, Headquarters


Hie ok Operation against Jose Manual FORTUHT Arana

Is tbe English originalpanish translation ofLetter to the Central Committee of theenouncing PORTT7HY ssagent". Please find the namOT member vho is onterms with Subject, preferably sn intellectual to whom the contents

of this Utter could be ascribed, to be signed to the latter. ather obscure person, living in one of tha more remote towna, with the reputationurmudgeon, would Been to be our boat bet). If you don'tuitable name,ikely fictitious signature. In either case, the letter ahodld be mailed from somewhere outside Ouatemala City, to sake any official investigationifficult.

any deviation from Uie authentic communist party stylemistakes which you might discover in our Spanish translation. Havere-typed on locally purchased typing paper. Hall the original toCommittee, perhaps pare on oily addressedeater of tbewould bo likely to discuss the eentente with ths other menbera firstpeas it on to rORTOIffuch as QUTTERRKZ. Ton nay slaocopies to all individual members of the Central Committee, preferably

to their private addresses. la addition, send either carbon copies or photostat* of the original to President ARBEHZ and selected leading government officials, to suitable newspapers, radio ststions, members of parliament, eta.

the same time, pouch to LINCOLN eitheropies of tbe letternegative of the photostat, together with information when the originalin the hands of the addressee, so that we nay make additional use of Itand possibly other outlets. (Pouch at the saneew copies toto save time.)


KFL/U Distribution!


- WASHtt)

- LIBCtt)

Uorta Abierta pora El -touto" Central del rartluo Ouoteamlteco oel Trehato r uatomala City, austonale.


Quando uatodea fundaron ol Partido Coounlata do Guatemala boce cuatro enoe you Mono do loo prlneroa on uairno* hanlando oatudlado lea grandaa obros do Kar*donate enoe doabiendo ootimi.ente partdxlpado on ccUvtdadea aommiLatco oatuiilantllea en nae do un pais bajo cl idorioso llderato do meatros ooaaimdaa aovLottcos on la Juvontud Ccouniota latornaalonol. yo day la blenvenlda doedo ol fondo de Ol ooraefa al eotablaoLnlonto do una rame auatenaltaoa del nundlalaento conocldo partido do Stalin, he entusiaaam la oaignaclon que nueetroe oeaaMdaa eovieUooe ban plansado pars noeotroaardia pan Ia liberaclon do lossapeelnoe de LoUnoara la luona revolucionerla on contra do la earre aortal dellalxamo Horto Americano. Io bice todo lo qua puds pareueatro pertido enavta tIUI oempafla.

Sin embargo, hoy ao voobandonor eloe explicare fnncamente ads raaonoe pero tonar oete grave peso. I* primera resoo ee enouantra en la persona do au SocroUrio Ooneral, Sefior Joe* Manuel FORIUHT Arena. Deapues do lo que Ba ne onteradoo puedo ILaaarlo oas camarada.

So ha proooupado algulen alguna vos de lnvestLgar ol pasado do FOftrOHI. coao un partido revoluoionario debe do haoerlo aan en ol oaao dal mfia oscuro do aus


onpleaioa2 en lada la Pnou- la Legion Sritenioai

o on las eabajadu de loe paises imperialistae no oon osas que oentros do esplonajo lavement*as perooaaejuo alias oapleon loosloante son elegidas pare loe ads nofarios trohajos doaabotage cn contra do oualquier oovlmlanto revolu-oxonarxo*

_ *tnbsjo como agents incitador, FOaTUNTn amploo an la Stalling rroduotsa ocntroladora Horte JaaSrloaaa del aomopollo do drocee, Cono taa toe mercenaries bsporisliotas, el aembio do un capleo 3ritflnioo ft uno do loe Eatados Unidos tan pronto so dio cuunta do quo loe oapitaiistao Horteu gwierao lo hablen qultado olos oocqpeUdoree britanlcos.

En la Starling rroduotsl Jafo do FOKfUNx fuo David Corcoranhermano ihonas fu* uno de los confidentes del Presidents Rooeovoltpero quien aiontraa ton to so ha oonvartldo on uno de los peons reaocionarioo iaperialistas. Adoftis, Corcoran ea ahoro ol oerebro quala luoha de la United Fruit Company en contra de la gents den contn de la reforaa aerarlfl cuo nuestro partido ha patroeinado.

Caiaflndfls, oomprendan uotsdos eiioro porqua esta reforms agraria ha msrehado tan dospeolo, porque han hobido tantas fierosan pocoe iieohos rovolu-cionarioa, porque nueatrotodaviaoa negooianbes deanoui. prcporoioi^idolos inaenooB bonef-cloe en vez do sotisfacar las nocooidaoen fraternales da lae gen tea do lo Onion Sovifitico? nfonaado FOuIUtn de sua tratoe con el Jofo Corooran, aus converoaoionee conentc cuordintdor de Corcoranea ba dioho ol de le cuonta do barwo quo Corcoran lo ho puuoto, para benefioio deHT, en ol Chose Uon* de Hueva lork para que FOIWrJi, ja vo^ la xro do los gu^eraaltooos lo hoyoair,tai- aojuro de una viae fftull cono recoaponso por los Mrvisloajiyoa

- 2

United Fruit Co.

So eatoy saguro quo uatedee no saber, de estas ooberdasuestrseLq, todavia ccovencld. que la meyoria de ustedes son rovoluolonarloe honestos,a oausa dc Lenin.alenitev. rero el neobo de qxe ustedes hayensntenido on los puestoa nasraldoraa ooao KOK'AIUZ ae lndioa qua uatedea son entcremonte deficlootes en su obligacion ocao r- voli.:cloiwrioe de vigllerlo aual, en laa pelabraa de meetro inolridableaestro, Stalin, es "la base de hlerro ain la cual al partido ooaunlata no prodra siouieroeali?er su histori cu tare*",

les ruogo oue purgen si partido do traidoros comoua ooaplloeat lo estoy seguro de oue nuestros asmaredas aoviatlcoe repidanente las ayudaren en esta vital tarea pare cue ustedes puedsn llevar al partido de nuevo por el canine reoto hacia una viotorioea revoluaiAnroves de laa Americas, taaos oue ustedes hog an esto, ni conoieooia ae lmplde el parmsneoer en un partido onea oabeaa un agents imperialiste como KOSTJHT.

$lerga Vida al Universal rtrtido Cossinlatal

I Largea Lucha par la idbereolon de las Americas J


Open Letter to tho Central Committee of the Partido Ouatemalteco delCalle uatemala City,


Whan you founded the Communist Party of Ouatemala four yearsas among the first to Joini having studied the great works of Marx and Lenin In my etudent years snd hsrlng activelya ocemmnlet student activities In more than one oountry under the glorious leadership of our Soviet comrades in the Comstunlst Youthelcomed the estahUshmentuatemalan branoh of Stalin'side party froo the depth of my heart. asabout the assignment which our Soviet comrades bad outlined for ua, making Guatemala the advance guard for the liberation of the workers and peas ants of Latin America snd for the revolutionary fight against the deadly grip of North An eric an imperialism, id my very best to assist our party in this vital campaign.

Nevertheless,n forced to resign from the partyhall explain to you frankly ny reasons for thle grave step. The main reasons lie in the person of your Secretary General, Senor Jose Manuel FORTONT Arana. Afterave learned aboutan no longer callomrade.

Has anybody ever bothered to investigate the past of FOKTUHI, as aparty must do even in the case of its lowliest member? If yen- had, you would have found that he had been employed2 by theSection" of the British Legation* as every cocnunist knows, the press sections in the embassies of imperialist countries are nothing but thinly disguised espionage centers and the people whom they employ locally are selected for the most nefarious Jobs of spying and of diversionary sabotage against any revolutionary covenant.

Prom this Jobritish agent provocateur, Fortuny "advanced" toby Sterling Products. controlled drug monopoly. Like somercenaries, ho switched from British. employment as soon asthat the Horth American capitalists and their government have wrungfrom their British conns

At Sterling Froducteortuny's boas was David Corcoran whose brother Thomas was ones one of President Roosevelt's brain trustersbut who in the moan-time has turned into one of the worst imperialist reactionaries. Moreover, Corcoran ie now the mastermind who oommands the fight of the united Fruit Company apainst the people of Guatemala and against tho agrarian refora which our Tarty has sponsored.

Comrades, do you now understand why this agrarian reform has proceeded so olowly, why there have been so many fierce words and so few revolutionary deeds, why our coffee still goes to lankee coffee dealers, permitting them nuch profits Instead of satisfying the fraternal needs of the people of the Soviet Onion? Has Fortuny reported to you his basis with boss Corcoran, his talks with Corcoran's Halo on agent "Alfonso," did he tell you about the bank account which Corcoran boa set up.



for FOHTUNI'8 benefit, at Uie Chase Bank la New lork so that FOnTUKY, ones ths wrsth of ths people of Quatenals hss driven hlsi to flight, nay be sure of sn essy livinr as the reward for the services which be Is rendering the United Fruit Col now?

I an sure you don't know about these dastardly betrayals of our causen still convinced thst noet of you are honest revolutionaries, dedicated to the cause of Lenin, Stalin and halenkov. t the fact that you elected and Maintained in your topraitor likeindicates to ae that you are entirely dsficien-la your duty of revolutionary vigilancewhich, in the words of our unforgettable leader and teacher, Stalin, la "ths iron foundation without which the coamunlst parly cannot, even begin to fulfilsask",

I beg you to purge the party of traitors like rORTOKT snd hian sure that our Soviet comrades will readily assist you in this vital task so that youbring the party back onto the right pathictorious Soviet Revolution throughout all the Anerlcse. Unless you do that, however, ay conscience forbids mo to renalnarty which hss an iaperialist sgent like FURTOHY at Its bead.

Long live the world consuniet party!

Long live Uie struggle for the liberation of the Americsal


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