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CaUf of Station, nBOGCBS, aWkjoartara


Motae for /rancie K. HKCiKTT. rlaase transmit the attached ta* notes tn the usual earner to BB3ARTT.










1* Iof our do toopril, we hod inig*ested that raneho ahoualrivate latter to tha Archbishop, not to ba aad* public. In paraf our note* ofprll, wa aakad whether thla jitter hod been written and dispatched. Va hope Terr much that thla has been done ln the Hantaan! ot, please aae to it that It la dona without furthernd lnfora us accordingly.

view of the vido-ecrssd and overwhelmingly favorable pnhVolty whlohletter continues to recelro both in Guatemala and in other countries,it essential that Pancho follows up that private latterenile statement.

Ve suggest that you hero his statement tape-recorded and pouch it to oa at your earliest

, our sfihtMi

ocoranlaoct for broadcasting rla' on might wish to give that statementdistribution through your own proas and radio outlets, but we believe thatta done only after lt bad been broadcast byifariPO.

suggest that Pancho's statement might follow epproadamtaly thal "Tbe fact that the Archbishop felt eoatpelled to issue that latter andacclaim with which lt was welcomed by the faithful In OaataanOa as wallin Latin 1nmrieat prove that Communism la Indeed an increasingly sewsthe Christian way ef Ufa preetloed by the ovvn^aladng majority of eeronly ia tha communist doctrine in itself athelatlfi,ll 1st practiceia undoohtadly going to ezpal religion from the aehools, to foroe thefron the church, away fron their families, into the ranks of ooaaamlstJust asemain lata did in every country where they aame towould have to go underground, Just at It had to do after thsIn Russia from where oar local oonmunlsts receive their orden* ss wallraads. lbs pieturea of the Holy Virgin and of tha Saints would have toby tho platans of Marx, Unln, Stalin and nalerJcovat they wererecently la snoh profoundly Catholie countries as reload and wuagary after tho

Caesejnlst* had Ballad power thara. Oar oppoaltion agatnrt the Arbens-Sorlet regime la tharaforatruggle for th* defers* of tha Christian religion and of tha Catholic way of Ufa. lo faithful Cathollo cor. aupoort thaegis* or baler to any of thc organisations controlled by tb* otaaaiiifate, whether they pretend ta fight for peace, or for tha right* of weaen or any otherhioh theyor thair unscrupulous bid for total power In car country,

h. Iou naytoart in Spanish on tha basis of tha abore outline, bat it Bight ba preferable to discus* the suggested aUtaaant with raneho and hare his or one of hia advisers prepare tbe text, utlliting th* above aaggaatlona aa snob ss possible In any ease, wo would greatly appreciate receiving the recorded atatooant as soon aahile ti eof the pastoral letter Is still vividy sdnds.


For Rodolfoi

Re your, datedprili

1* We are pleased to note that you have pursued the issue of smug^llnc more propaganda material into the factory oncewith Maiuel. Making aure tliat our output gets there and is actually road by the right people Is of paramount importance. We areit skeptical about balloon or leaflet bomb operations (on whichhall give you definite answers separately, by cable) since in those cases you can never know for sure how many copies are actually received by readers. Uor can you aim your distribution by balloon or similar devices at specific groups of people whom you want to reachfor instance, military personnel. In your geographic location, the usefulness of these devices appears to be even more limited. We therefore urge you (and through you,o concentrate upon smugglingwhether this con be done by legal or by illegal border crossers, by collaborating with railroad personnel, seamen, fishermen, professional smugglers or whichever other ways you may be able to discover and utilize.

payments for smuggling which you mention seem not extravagant to usprovided that you can control the actupl arrival of the material in themake sure that, once it has arrived there, it will also be distributed in the Do wliatever you can to check on tlie identities of the persons involvedsmugellns operations and discuss with Manuel the security angle of every In particular, make sure that the actual border crosserswhether theysmugglers or persons specially recruited for this purposeknowas possible about the contents of the packages, about their origin andand especially about the identities of the people from whon they receive

or to whom they deliver these packages. Keep always in mind that any of those people may be caught while crossing the border aid may be subjected to considerable pressuret the only facts which we can be absolutely sure that he will not disclose under any circumstances are the facts which le simply does not know.

mailing papers from your area to the factory, it will be advisablethen from different towns, In envelopes of different sizes, colors etc.,sender's addresses and the like, in order to avoid their beingcensorship. Does Manuel know whether first-class nail or printed matter areto be singled out by tho censor? Consider also the possibility of usingas inner wrappings In small postal parcels or packages, the main contentscould be some Inexpensive and completely Innocuous Items of any sort. shown that only particularly well-trained inspectors look at the wrappingof merely at the contents of tho package Itself.

It. He your para 31 wo do not approve purchase of the raulo station in question since we consider our existing over-all broadens tinfacilities quite adequate for the time being.

5. Re your we do not see any social reason for interference with the newidio station, to bo set up by the Ouban. On the one hand, thla seemsiversion of our capabilitiesery secondary direction,irectly related to our principal objective. On the other hand, interferenceroperly lice lined radio station might get your people into all sorts of trouble, legal and otherwise, wiiich we defLdtely want to avoid. Instruct thereforeo. not to

undertake any action whatsoever against Sr. Aramls or hla radio station, but keep us informed of all significant devolop-*ents in the propaganda or other political action sponsored by the eabaesy ln question.

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