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above captioned individual was contacted by thotby

uu contactcity who also was

a perronai lrieno oicontact was madeime when C ^

had been released from tne hospitaleekend pass, which had beenthe knowledge of his immediate family and which allowed thebo made without their being cognizant of it. We spent approximatelyat this first meeting in which C substantiallypreviously given, but dialearer picture concerningrelationship with [

stated that for the past year he has seen or been in theon an average of "not more than onco every three or four months",the bout trip in February. Furthermore, that he was not inhis execution of the agrarian reform, although he belloved in theprinciple, and felt that his views on the matter not only would noteffect onbut mightifference orthe two vmtn ne wat> not willing or desirous of having. Forreason hemental block"is

U ctions and policies and declined to rationalise or discucu uiem wjwi anyone except e further stated that his views had undoubtedly been co:cnunicatea to Arbenz ln an innocent ondoavor to be constructive by rj* nasmuch as Arbenz evaded becoming involved in any conversations iuui nia on the recent boat trip concerning controversial subjects as thoughs completely aware of hia feelings, was not in agreement with them and did not want to discuss them.

our ascertainingaa aware of tho Communistthe government and that he felt that therereat need to followa request was made to have hin cooperetc end furnishwhich he flatly refused, then reconsidered and placed hisabeyance to give him tine to think the proposition over. He didthat he wouldilling to go to Arbene upon his return and give

him his views on the reaction of the current public opinion in the Unitedhat Arbenz personally la well liked but ir being completely dominated and Influenced by the small Communist minority who arc in turn receiving their instructions from Moscow; that the Guatemalan foreign policy, particularly their relationship with the United Statesstern powers, is dictated by the Communists andone &rtrtussiaf designed to place Giuitenala in such an intransigent position that it

will result


will rosulthaotic internal and foraigojpolicy which will allow tho Commies to solidify their gains, with the possibility of usurpation of tlie government itself, and that after the Communist influence has been removed, all differences between the countries become secondary and easily oolvable.

tw Concerning the aforementioned, it is the writers opinion eally believes that he is long overdue in making his positionand that by doing it in this manner, he will bars

reconciles, .as conscience. C- agreed to forward thc

reactions to the drop box set up in New

Grand Central Station, New fork City).

5. econd neeting vas had withC he following day althoughquite evident that he did not wholeheartedly subscribe to the idea ofmeeting. However, after making tho contact, it.became obvipuu that, was not on adamant against coopcrating/sB

do foecure neans of comnunication could be set up for him toin Guatemala. He suggested that inasmuch as itommon

accepted procedure of receiving one's mail addressed to the American Consulate, that he bo telephoned cither at home or at his office advising that he call at the Consulate for his nail and that ho will road and destroy the sans prior to leaving the premises. The aforementioned will give an Insight to f7 thinking process that he willetter but will not allow personal contact. Furthermore, it is believed that the activation of this source be extremely slow at the beginning inasmuch as he has been apathetic forong period of tineeneral buildup instilling confidence is necessary to overcome inherent conflicts, and beosition to handle hinersonal basis in thc near future by the station. Furthermore, all capital is invested in Guatemala and his personal welfare seems to oe nis aomlnant motivation and everything that is requested of him should bo held in this light.

Alan N. Heelfoot

Futhermore ^hat the "whi'o paper" charges were received by tho

American public with little or no interest and that he

unfounded and

believes that such/redrflcules charges only tend to alienatenimosity toward the Arbonz government.

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