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The tenor of both friendly and opDosin n Guatemala In reporting oerlod was ?et by tne saae chain of events, and while Itossible to note the superficial reactions of both forces. It ia difficult to describe with accuracy the depth or intensity of these sentlnwnts. While It was apparent that enemy forcesrrled by developments oocurlng during this period, it was equally clear that they continued to tske active woasurea to halt or suppress the sources of this discomfort. On the other hand,riendl?s were interested and ira-oressed by anti-RoVactivity. It is not known tc what extent they the-naolves wore Inspiredsuo:>ort or -aitlcl--ate In further s'ich. activity.

Thcn sounding ths dspth of feeling ia both .croups was enhancedack of InfontK-tion concerninr. certain ovonts such as the disturbance in San Juan rrrlta, OoDartrrent of Chi-qulaula, the details of which revain confused and uncertain.

Nevertheless, despite the qualifying factors mentioned ebove. It la believed that the dominant mood in onemy circles was one of lncreasod nervousness and strain, tinder tho mounting pressure uneasinessack of belief in the government's ability to silence the opposition have grown.


Although enemy forces were far from passive In the face of mounting opposition, they exhibited signs of increased nervousness and frustration In addition to such tangible manifestations of tho opposition ass" and the clandestine radio, high officials wore preoccupied with "Invasion jitters" and fear of revolutionary plots atlll to bo uncovered.

Following reportslandestine radio station calling itaelf La Voz de la Llberacldn, the government began making every effort to silence and/tr counts act the effects of this station. Although conflictingas to Its position made such offorts difficult, the policeundortook an intensive search to locate the station. The possibi-



litr that it might not lie within the borders of Guatemala, and therefore not be subject to Guatemalan authority, caused enough concern so that Carlos ALtfARAIXi Jerez, Communist director of TGW and the individual responsible for the control of radioin Guatemala, denouncedthe station's treasonous messages and appealed to an Internationalegulator? agency for assistance. Pa the week wore on, the government's atteTpts to track down the station became more frenzied. z de la Tele-funken tried to "drowr- out" the evening program; the governmentlackout and was reportedly using an airplane-mounted "radlo-corapas" to detect Its position.

In the meantime, police werelose surveillance on the offices of the CEUA and making numerous arrests in an effort to uncover opposition plans. These arrests were reported tonti-Communists Inorth American businessman who was held for some two hours beforeeleased,ather and son named Carlos Enriqueturo SARAVIA who were detained for several dayB, beaten and tortured before being abandoned without funds in the interior Department of El Quiche. While held they wore questioned concerning Individuals who were recruiting oersona in ihi^te^ala to be transported to Honduras for "Invasion training."

That the government was aware of and concerned over theof invasion from Honduras was also Indicated by reoorta of Guatemalan management of the major labor dispute In Honduras aimed against the fruit company and the government.

In addition to the above, enemy nervousness and indecision were inherent in reports of Guatemalan troopank movements along the Salvadoran and Honduran borders, and in rumors of uneasiness in the leadership of the oitrounist Pai tj and bewilderment andof Major Jaime ROSENEire in silencing the opposition or learning Its plana. There are also indications that the government believes the Catholic Churo.e involved and/orlan to overthrow the govemaent but hasno lndea of how to combat opposition fromuarter.


A great deal of Intorost and curiosity was aroused incircles durlnp reporting period, and those persona unallled with the organized opposition speculated as to its potential strength.

One of the leading causes of excitement and talk was thcof the clandestine radio station and aa government efforts to suppress It Increased, popular interest mounted. While little is known concerning the reaction to the contents of the programs, it la believed that the general reaction was very favorable.



Atmall sector of the opposition woe upset by news of the death in Tegucigalpa of Manuel MORALvs Orell, cn oxiled student who wasn the bone of Col. CASTILLO Armsa, and viewed wltj disbelief resorts that he was killed while playing "Russian reulett< There were rumors to the effect that he was actually murdered by Guatemalan jvorn-urM sr/jntawirnlnp apposition.

The confuced reports of the disturbance ln Chiqulmula alao aroused speculation.

Despite the government'c active stand. It is believed that the anti-government activity of recent weeks naa been effective and tha faith oa the pert of both friendly ana eneny circles In tie ability of tho opposition ta outsnart tha government and act In onashion has grown, Tho explanation of the ai(mit'Icanoe of "oa" and the continuance of other an tlactivity should au^iosnt th.


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