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Instructions for HfiUAitTT

forward attached notes to Hocorty os usual.

Headquarters: raxegrcph lu In thod notes Is inyour JZR^. , .




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For Hoiiolfos YourcJ

lie perc.-ri.pli 3* note with satisfactionas been abandoned for tbe tint- seinj. In vier; oi ihe wide scape onu tie considerable sue. ess of" cu.-ax.it2i, another operation alsoumerical symbol would bu obviously rather confusing.

Ite jwagroph Ul We are taking upquestion of approaching the InternationalCross because of Salaaa and shall fniorm you, if any action is taken. For the tine being, don't mention this to rancho.

Re paragraph bi rrinting la VuZ on onion-skin paper for easier shipment to the factory is sn excellent idee, rloase push as strongly as possible all efforts to get more copios of La VOy. to ite intended public. Concoring LA VOZ, wc suggest that you raise at your next meeting with ranoho (orhu quostion of abandonin; tbe original XLETIM altogether and devotinc tho ontlre space and effort to LA VOZ

and its military audience. Iou will reaeober that the present status, in which LA VOZ isupplement to the Bolotin, taking but four pages of the totalwas understood to berovisional measure, to make ths transitiontudents' paper to an Army paper less abrupt, fids purpose has now been fulfilled and time is getting abort. Ke shall appreciate it if you can obtain this final change as soon as practicable.

It- It nightod idee toeries of articles on the Soviet Army in LA VOZ. ihe aliened prowess oi thc Ked forces and their (greatly exaggerated) victories in World War II aro known to be among the strongest arguments used by Communists for propaganda amonj military personnel. These series might emphasize, for instance, the following points*

the Red Army isolitical instrument. It war- created during the Civil War to conquer the groups which opposed the Bolshevist dictator?:hip and hasolitical instrument over sinco,froo top to bottom by secret police agents.

In all blood purges In iiussia, nod Army officers wore among the violins. neoiQiaber Ksrshal'Tukhatclurrsky who was executedarge group ol' senior officersalthough he was not guilty of any orime, but had been "framed" by Hitler's secret service who had played forged letters, allegedly written by Tukhatchevsky to Co man generals, into the hands of

World *sr II found tho Ked Army entirely unprepared, again for political reasons since Stalin wop convinced thst his psot with Hitler would lostuch longer time. Hany millions of Russians died because of this error, thousands of Soviet planes were destroyed on the ground, hundreds of thousands of officers and men captured during the first few weeks and the Sod Arny had to abandon tho most inportuit parts of European Russia,ll thc way to the Volga and tbe Caucasus. Only verycale sssistance by the Western Allies, involving thousands oi planes, tens of thousands of tonke> ciillions oi tons of other military material as well a* foou from tlioaved the Soviet ^nion from certain defeat.

(j)r II, tho kcu amy proved to have the lowast. noralt ataaj all tho bellijercnt powers, Kindreds of thouaanda of .Tea Amy soldiers, tliousands of officers, even severali' Hus^ian Ccnurala, did not only surrender to Hitler's aimies, out volunteered for active duty on termeny's siac against Stalin. Under the coeaand of lenoralonor graouate of ths Soviet War Academy, general staff officer and lin&ily armyiuicslan Array of liberation" vros formed on Jer.sn soil, anlietlnQ moreoo Red Army officers and men.

U) -verorld war II, iiuasia has assumed supremeana control of tlie armed forces in all countries where the coramunlotn Jjivo come to power, au armien in tlieso countries ere being renoJolod after the iiuesian pattern. In reland, forubslan Karehal hat been appointed com/ender In cliief of all armed forces, ulsewhoro, iutsslan military control ia leas obviois, better disguised, but not loos effec.iw

hope tbat Kanuel has local talent available to write articlos sonewlat done the acovo lints. s, if he agrees to the allocation but has nobody to write the articlescable us for manuscript (but keep in mind that our liaitou editorial capabilities, too, are somewhat overloaded).

Another suggestion in connection with La VOZ* please keep ln nine tint the anniversary of AiiAilA'e murder la in July aad that it ni^htood idoc to remind readers ofell in advance.

paragraph lui joveloping of more smuggling routes is moitt essential,pointed out before* ploaae keep ue informed on the progress being inade inand concentrate your friends' effort on this matter as nuoh as practicable.

lour report

noted with no comment required. We shall return the tapes in

lour report iJC;

h. rie did not knew you had not kept copies of your own notes. Since you write "early- reports, does that mean that you are now keeping copies? rlssSM advise in your next reply so that we might write our notes to you accordingly.

9, j of your report rfli. referredpecial odition of flolctin aid Vos for the Holy Week,ea which we approved and which you have carried out in the meantime.

Ileaive ue at your enrlieot opportunity (if you havo notn theull roport on tho circumstances surrounding the deothhe reasons why he wasartyr of communist persecution (since he apparently committed euioide in exile) as well as any other pertinent details.

lie your ca-le inquiry on loailot OombP Thisisundcrstanlingi gadgets in question are reservedpodal purpose and can therefore not be roloaeed for anything else.

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