Created: 5/12/1954

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Sea Pouch)

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Operational Ratters

Hoed for Current XnTorosUon


le of primarythat to learn whet theend Arcy know of PBSCCCESS plane end exactly what shipsproposing to take to counteract euchcotloce on the part ofooTonent. the reference message use Intended for noreganoral guide. The queslloae listed there must receive theinperations, Thoy mist be given, verbally or ineach agent who night possibly be able to learnof theanswers ere negative in the eeneo that ao Information isquestions Bhould bo rephrased and presented once

is obvious that ell of our plane hinge on an snureaessmuab the enorry knows and what their plans are with respect toXt is essential that, to hava this information* IouhIKCOLH and Headquarters inf orned by cahla of allon this Bubject, and the Cabled reporto should be followeddetailed reporte froa the agents, ke have good reason to sflstnwCA1LK3JOS orgsaiaetion has been petjetratod, hut we era notnuch information has been passed to the Guatemalan government*

3* It is uoderetood that the SEUsTrC/teECAHT net is capable of developing intelligence of this nature, fhey should bo Informed to givo Ittop priority. Of the Ouatemala City agents it is believed that BSraaAHCB, "SQUIRE, ESCROW and fSSHES are alsoosition where eecsj of this information should be available, to than. They ehould be iitforaed that they shtnOaVgive tMe natter immediate attentionriorityblT'SnT*^ fcoald to obtain ea nuch information ea

!u Xt Is requested that youable reply outlining vhatdone on this matter and what the results have been, and that theup

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