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Chief of Station, Gustenala

_ roBitacoa

ZnTOt Beedquartere


auuTJUl Tactical Instructionst X)

tM ten oosu to EtvohUthe xols they ore to play ia tne) final phut ofthai*

sssescs la to set op eat bla cnrrent, core or to direct the work described below ia a

Plana anot not be dlscloaed preoetxLreljr eren to Essmofi, ytra will giro hia too following imtnwtloM with the asTflsnatlon that aeawiiai to ccnfidentlel information jdct received, the HHieliasejit la aboutatn en ear *nd all earU-Cennomiat groups and activities, tho erjparetrt rnoaoa for the followingherefore to iffotott hU-onp^eittoa against the expected sxttar&nentf ell enti-Ctearaniet actlvittea weald

the imdareroaiid heedquartorB anst be wf csaardtd aa eo

having traffie in and oot of that loextt*to the


with cdrCTj^tancCT

Voidable alJdxaa, by neiag dead drops for laffnlria casKmricaUanfl, ond co forth.

SgjgKgja to concentrate tha work of hiacat thatieo, diatrlbotiog hia napaMUMaa tcoordlas to the relativeand lan^rrtanee of that dtyi

Puerto Barriee Gob* Juttap*


QWaltenengo Quiche


lu Betohief for esoh oflttoB listed above who ia torn shouldeputy who cannot only assist him bat also replace him ln oaae the efalef himself would be arrested. The ohief should cithererson net known as an active antl-Conwenlst to tho anthorltlee in that locality! or if he is known ae such, he anat go underground, avoid hia apartaant and hla usual haunts, live temporarily In another clt* dletriot ornaerty Tillage or isolated house. If thla ahould prove impractical,

ESSarOS mid do better toan from another city to tho plaeo ln creation, wher. this would Lo entirely crrrvrn and could therefore operate with relattTe iaponlty. In thla case, the newly Introduced city chief would naturally require proper introduction to tho localSSaWatakehiefs and their deputies frost amongst the people with whom he has already worked and when he can tract. There Is no tie* to discover new personnel snd to investigate Beam).

.ach ofty teems Should consist. In addition to Us chief sad deputy, of people far the fellcwing puipesssi

iaison men to keep covert contact with nil local anU-Cceanmlat groups and el(who will be at the aame ties the natural carriars for tho lctended rumor campaign)j

an edlypistimeograph machine operator for tho Local production of leaflets and handbillflj

Distribution peraoanel for meterlal either locallyImported by us who at tbe same time night also take Care painting end sssgssa? operations.

6. h ofome* should be supplied leeeirlstoly with the followinghloh however la not to be used until we gin ths order and which la therefore to be stored secretly either lc bualriees

he stored secretly either la offices where such material will not arouse any suspicion or ia the of people not known es entire an ti -Conrania te end therefore unlikely to be tarsals of house searches. Tula material ahould notably inoludai

One or soTcralachines.

A typewriter (whloh ad^ be rented or borrowed).

an ensonete enpply of etsnttls.

Sufficient peper for the mimeograph iisnfalne.

Ink for the nineograph machine.

Faint for vail pointing operations.

(Possibly also the glace etching kits whloh we are sending te yon).

7. We

a undcrnttmd that tha police bare bean checking on thoBlneogreph eaehlnee and any other equipment which night be ntilUodgroups. It will therefore bo neceeaary to boy euch equinathrough business fins which would use It ln their normalto buy second hand equipment, If available, whloh tho policedifficult to chock. If neither of thee, two methodsawrUrlal at least bought by sonebody from out or town,

preferably using phony identity papera (If Identiflcatlcn la required tcorchase) who should be given Instruction*elievable cover atory as to why and where ho la going tc use that ec^ipaant.

8. the foregoing plan must be implemented on or before tha end Report your progress aa well as the difficultiesas poeelble, by either cable or dispatch. Qtva us arrtunt wabbbmm. rWjo carryJtisfli there la shsolntely no point ln pinning our hopes onus also names and

lather availableU* edty chlafe andutloe to bejrppointed by EBBTOK. Each city chief should submitkuy SJSfffttc-daU report cn the political aad* in his ares, listing the leedere, the strengths and tha prevailingof local orennlmittons rcncerting the gorarnwentas well aslenents on which he feels the oppeeltlen can rely.

oo realise of course the Importance as well as the extrena sensitivity of the plan presented In this dispatch snd will therefore

progresses, wo shall send you Pert H. For tho tlsnsthla new organlaatlcn entirely "in being-1 they must notactivity until wa shall giralhenost not snnertaka

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h Distribution!/ use

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