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PBSOCCSSS, Headquarters



Letter of Instrootlona

Two copies of "Letter ofrogram" sre enclosed for your information and retention.


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SUBjacTi eeoptUonProgram

Speolf o- Asslgnnont of AllanREKLPOOT

efinition for purpose* of PBSUCCETSi "deception" hereinafter will be Interpreted to Imply oil operationality of whatever algnlfloanoe whlc serves to or oon tributes towards one of the following objectiwoeji

A. Protection of United States participation ln PBSUCC1SS.

A baelo tenet of thle operation boo always been that of conduct Inlnanner that pi anal hie denial of any or all activity may be present. Tola responsibility requires constant study and applicatl of Judgment snd olandeatlne trsdeoreft to avoid dleclosures whloh deny or limit the application of plausible denial. In addition to thla pre throughout all operations, lt Is Important that PBSUCCESS endeavor to broaden the support of STKCARP to include the involvement of other countries, overtly or covertly, therebyasis for sharing responsibility as well aa applying plausible denial to United States activity In order to avoid or sdnlsrtss charges of intervention.

D. To deceive or oonfuse tho enemy as to tne true intent!one, oepebi and/or plena of SYNCARF.

This distinct type of deception requires cone tent review of all operational aotlvitlea ln order to prevent the disclosure of suoh lnft tion and immediate preparation of plana to distort or confuse tha ones to deny hla every opportunity of obtaining complete assurance of FBSUC plans end intentions. The suooeasful application of this form of dooc tion requires not only careful planning and guidance to operational details but to the preparation of major plana and specific operations order to achieve any degree of success.

D. To deceive and confuse tne enemy regarding the loyalty and unity his own forces.

For practical purposes tola category la included under the go nor; deception program owing to ita close relationship with the above actli The occompliahmont of the objective* of confusing tho ononyoyalty of hie own personnel should have os an end objective that of creating dlnsenalon, disloyalty and divisionary activity within his r: Tliiaeries of minor operational actions ae wellaajo: operational effort utilising all assets and facilities of PB9"CCS8S.

Upon examination of the above definition of the deception program, PBSUCCESS, It la apparent that the fulfillment of these objectives requires maxiau.ni exploitation of all assets et Headquarters and In ths field, whetherr KOGOWN. Accordingly, Allen N.eniorfficer assigned to LINCOLN, is hereby designated es tho responsible officer for the review of PBSUCCESS assets, pastctivities, present end foreseeable capabilities for the accomplishment of the objectives of tills deception program.

deception officer, Allen N. RHELPOOT, will be expected towit. all senior staff officers and to have full access toinformation end assets In order to fulfill hisN, REELFOOT will be expected to present ell suggestions, proposalsto tha Chief of Operations for approval prior to implementation. contemplated that actual deception activities will be planned endby Allen S. REELFOOT through the existing staff operationalLINCOLN who will be responsible for the implase ntatlon of any plansnature once approved by tho Chief of Operations.

Jerome C. DUNBAR


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