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sptanc- TeleccaaBinioatloee la Qua Urn-la Roferencet

JU In connection withSTDUTOH waaa general outline of desired Informtlon and ipwl to collect itonneotlon ml th bio normal work. There follow the information tons far obtained, tho remaining datafollow by subsequent pooch.

2. sSTlnnTCfl advised thatan order for Installation of

4 teletypen the Presidential relaeen the office ofMini* try.has the same order,otal

achinee to be installed. ESTIMATORrip te the Palace on tbe pretense of looking orer tbe area there they desired the machines installed. Be was able to spend approximately two hours in tbe comnunicatlone area and on the basis of his observations, supplied the information innd tof tha communications section and radio roon on the first floor of the Presidential Palace).

ft. ESTTnaTOB was told by the chief technician that ell telecoanranicatlona lines areair cable and if Installation of the teletype machinee would blow thia Cable, all government communlcatlona mould bo cut off. ESTDUTOB was unable to learn tbe location of the cable bat believes It enters the immml illnderground. Be was told to devise same may to get access to this oable to determine the exact location and the best any te sever It.

The chief technician, named Marios the only person capable of repairing their equipment. Bell na In tenses of tbe equipment In the Palncs, the care, ths fines end the. ESTIMATOR said that this person wants to work forLng that he wants to change Jobs because every time the government is chaaged, they also ohange all the psreennal end he wants something that offers more security. ESTIMATOR said that U ouldn't pay him tbe type of ealary be le new. per month). ESTlhaTOR waa told to obtain hie full name, sddreas, snd as anon biographical data aa possible.

Presidential Palace. Tbe apparatus for Guatemalan Government tele cations ie located on the first floor of the Palace at 4th Street and 6th



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Thaooden double door with inside bar lock, ia located oa 6th Are oue. Directly in front of the entrance ar* twoocated laelde tbe doublenlieted aan who were unaraed on the occasion ofisit). Tirepower control board, and the energency power generator are all located in thie area. Ln the patio behind the comaunlcationa center is the parking area for tp Jeeps equipped with emergency power unite. (See sketches for details of location.)

Tbe Guatemalan governmenteep Land Rover equippedatt emergency power supply which is used when ask log tripsower aouroe for one of ther hoaebuilt (portable) tranaaittera. This Jeep ie used on week-end tripe to tlie Pre aidant'a finca. khan ia Guatemala City, lt la parked in the patio back of the coanunlcatlona center on the ground floor of the Palace.

They hare another Jeep set op something eiailar to the CIS! Amy Signal Corps coamini cation* Jeep. This ie uaedower supply with the Land Rover and is also taken on tri-pa. ESTIMATOR was unable to obtain further details of this equipment. Tbe Jeep is also parked in the patio back of tbe communication* center.

ARBEHZ has two cars (license snd further identification not

yet available) whloh are equipped with VHP frequencye phoneEach has two6 negacyclean* of which isivil, the other is for private coaaunlcation* of ARBEHZ). ESTIMATOR could not learn which channel waa for Ouardla Civil. They also have two spare units of telephone equipment which could not be used because tbey arrived with the wrong frequencies.

the President's finca, thereransmitter and complete ESTIMATOR was asked to obtain all possible details regarding thepower.

ARBENZ goee to the finca almost every weekend by car. Seperators (PH/CV) at tbe Palace. On* of these he takes with hia to the finca. He also takes tbe Land Rover Jeep with high frequency AM equipment and the two cars with high frequency PM equipment. Occasionally the only radio technician also aocompaniee then.

The Guatemalan governnent haaollowingi twooegacycle crystal controlled ground stationattatt phone. Eight of thea* are to be installed in Guatemala City and six are for outlying areas. The actual location of theae transmitters has not been obtained but it la believed (by ESTIMATOR) that they are still in packing cases. Further details were requeeted.

12. The Ouatemalan governmentonplete unite of Western Electric DTVATEL teletype receiving equipment which they are aupplylng to the three pro-government newspapers. These unite are still in packing cases and were received in late April via AVLATECA from New Orleans.



18. With regard to Attachmentwo Collinseceivers are permanently locatedndn the Palace. There waa also one spare (visible but not connected). Thereransmittersne permanently located and two spares for tripe or replaceaent.

The Collins SOOJ ie modified for use to contact ARBEKZ1 finca. It has two powers (SCO0 watts) but is normally used.

The two hoaebullt transmittersn) are used mostly for emergency. ortable and ia frequently taken on tripe.

Thereatt emergency power plant in the patio which will supply power for lighting the radio room and opera Uon of eitherransmitter and receiver or portable transmitter. It also euppliea power and lighting for the wire going telegraph circuits.

as tbe following telecommunications contact between

Guatemala andother countriesi

to Mexico: Radiotelephone circuit (leadline telegraph which

follows the Pan American Highway from Guatemala City to tbe Mexican border.)

to Salvador: Radiotelegraph (landline telegraph from Guatemala

City to San Cristobal).

Guatemala to Honduras: Radiotelegraph.

Guatemala to Nicaragua: Radiotelagraph,

Guatemala to Costa Rica: Radiotelegraph.

Service to the above countries is available.

istsinstallations (radio/telephone/ telegraph) by call, frequency, power (auxiliary power) and location.

The information on TGW has not yet been received. ESTIMATOR stated that theyCA transmitters0 watt but now operatingattomebuilt transmitter operatingatts all located at Campo de Mart* and in very bad ehape. He was given LINCOLN'S requestriority basis and lt is hoped that answers to this request andill be forthcoming within the next day or so.

ESTIMATOR was also instructed to visit the office of the Foreign Ministry to look over the area where the teletypes are to be installed (and for ua, obtain all available communications data in that establishment).



It ia realised that this report, when compared with MERTON'a outline nay leave much to be desired. LINCOLN should not feel that missing portions of the outline have been ignored. Rather, indulgence is asked to obtain this data.

Rains here for the past week have prevented getting out, locating and photographing the transmitter sites. This we hope to do if at all possible.

25. ESPERANCE is driving to OOALAN (via ZACAPA) probablyay and should be back abouth. LIKCOLK will be advised of the results aa soon aepossible.

c 3

Robert b.

Attachmentst 5

etch of communications center. Presidentialof radio room, Presidential ccannuiications stations

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