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I. Operational

The foil owing areata of operational significance occurred during theperiod t

a. Fourteen blank flights were completed Into C otalf category one and two Material, los additional blade flight wea sada fron Andrews air Faroe Bane to Kiaad carrying sensitive notorial.

B. pa SS WuLFSBROOK, Bailing undar West Csrann registry and believed to be carrying contraband erne for the Ouatoaalan Gorernjosnt, waa closely inspected upon arrival at San Juan, Puerto Pico, ataneminitlon wore found. However, onho ALFHEM arrived at Puerto Barrios, Guatemala, carrying ams and aimunition consigned to tbe Guatemalan Government. An attempt will be made to sabotage the train carrying the arms and awsualtlon, somewhere between Puerto Berrloe and Guatemala City.

returned to Headquarters on 31

Wry aa directed by CWH Tor cccsu3mtion re hla profeeaicDal differences

with Station Lincoln.

D' -. eturned from Caracas, Venezuela, ontry. Although ho was able to make contact with Col. Carlos Enrique DIAZ, Chief of the Guatemalan Armed Forces, he was unable to develop hla relationship with DIAZ to the pointecond person could be Introduced to attempt DIAZ'e defection. Jcu_vk_ haa since returned to hie station, to,

*" toto expand on the

CO debriefingember of the Jaeobo UJP-Ktf family. ullthe aeating haat Headquarters, but Itto porsuado the individual debriefed

to write periodic lettersecure letter-drop In the united Statea. This individual will report on Ceramist activities In high Gunteamlan Government clrelee.

P>been placed (iC

through tho effort.a

Final oettlament1

Administration, PBOTCCESS, within the next

Lurtti liu ,ali

G. Indications are tbat tbe political crieia in Honduras has abatedegree at least. The decision by the United Fruit Company to negotiate with labor has done muoh to stabilise tho situation,

II. Security

a, ATdYTBBm nan* documented as inibal DuAHTE, vas Jailed for drunk-onass in rfenagua the night ofay but was later released on On tho night ofimilar Incident occurred when Javier MOLINA appeared drunkafehouso prior to his departure for Seranton. "Cir.'W was unable to resmtaber bis alias and hence filled out bis immigration form on the plans In true name and revealed his Guatemalan identity. This error was discovered prior to deplaning, and the form vaa not turned over to Hicamguan authoritios. However, since MOLINA could not remember his name in Nicaragua, the iraigrntlon officer had to copy it from his passport. It was later determined that MOLINA does not known International Morse Cods. ?or this reason his Irradiate return to Tegucigalpa has been requested.

Bi A, cable traffic indicated that tbe tapes made inof tho were oMppoi to StationbjIshorough investigation^ determine how tbemade. To tbe best of ^nowlecgo, tbe debriefingbeen scoured in aa office apart from the Ballroom at


wee returnedousrtors for reassignmentthe period. An unofficial report

erious securitythat

bsndlo tho oase with Chief, Security Office, and

Chief, Medical Office.

D. It is pertinent to note that cable traffic from Ouateaala City indicates tbat Graham L. PAGE, the high level defection agent, intends to relyember of tbe diplomatic staff ln tho Ouatemala City Embassy fco-protection rather than on the bodyguard assigned bin far protection prior to his departure from Piwidqusrtora for Guatemala City. Inasmuch as thiseparture from established procedure and ln contravention of Department of State policy, it is felt tbat tho natter should bo brought to tbe attention ofDCCESS.

TH. Administrative Support


fecretary, departed Headquarters on

l6lfey and will arrive at tho Guatemala Station onay for duty.

' ecretary, will arrive in Tegucigalpa

onay for assignment as confidential secretary to the Ambassador, Honduras.

, Assistant Security Officer, Station Lincoln,

la resigningay. Tba Security Office baa bean requested toeplaoement for approximatelyaye TUT at Station Lincoln.

has bean aelaoted by CVH far tbe peeltloaOfficer at the Guatemala -CVH'b actionto the extantnow la training,

will oomplete hla training onry. Xt is expected that he will depart Headquarters during the first week in Junej Station Lincoln haa been advised.

5. The Headquartera staff ts oxpeotod to outer on duty twoclerks within the next ten days.



<t V!

Pinanee Officer for theay for thejeussing futuremeets and current

that while they were asking an attempt to obtain ^r* receipts from the Indigenous organisation, they understood that receipts obtained by Staff personnel for funds passed toGISTS were sufficient and that no further accounting would be necessary. This matter is montlonod here to point out tbat n hla meooranduaharges CWK with


oertlfylng to the Finance DItLsloqjthat he haa In his poaaeeslon rncelpta and documents for all funds expended. eparata memorandum will be submitted for determination and opinion from appropriate officials ss to which point accountability may bo ^

dropped. In acoordance with instructions from

. sought Information from Lincoln as to funds requirednew fiscal year. Lincoln bas stated that It isthen to estimate their needs by tasks. Tbey furnishedthair requirement to continue to operate

during July, august and September. Ke are now making an analysis of this figure aa to what portion will be required for personal Berrloeo, travel and equipment.


Pennante, printed natter and other PP materials were forwarded to Lincoln by air freight during the past week.

The erne and ammunition forwarded to tbe Aaheaeadora at Ouatemala and Honduras hare arrived at FJBOPKPTTL. Chief of Station, Lincoln la arranging for further shipment to destination.


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