Created: 5/19/1954

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Ue aflsuae that tha lettar uaeveral day* ago haa glvea you aoough to work on for aoaw Una. Ua will not burden you with further suggestions until we eee eons reaction to those wo have already aant. However, thereew aet of prohleas on our sdnds which should be explored with Mac.

Ue want to gat aaicture of the shape of thinga to come before thay come. Obviously, during the big days. It is not going to be

a walk-away for Kr. Castle. Mao and hia friends will be in tbe aot. There may be another group, purely professional and opportunistic. There may be an entirely different faction, perhaps hsedsd by B. There ia no tuning how many factions there will be. Ue would like you to lead Mae, no matter bow unimaginative he nay be, on this tour of the future, aak hia what different people will do when'tba chips are down) get bin to paint his picture. If ba la any sort of barometer at ell, lt oould be very useful.

elm further bow the struggle for tbo big place wouldwould tbs likely tactics be? Zou will note that this ison of our previous request for his plan. But this tine, partlyon his plan, we want to get the point of view of Mac ee apreviously we asked for hia views from an active role.

4a So much for tbat. You oould lead from that into the problem that really concerns us right now. Given the rivalries between Castle,nd others, we ere wondering whether Charlie eight not be tbe right nan to moderate between all these contentious spirits. Mac and Caatle and the others might chew eaeh other up, thusg the foe. However, with the august and non-coo trover si al Charlie presiding, these fellows night compose their differenoes prohus assuring success, naturally with tho arriere-pensee that tbsy would settle scores afterwards. At loaat we might gain tine to got on our feet. This Is certainly clear enough to you ao that we don't have to spell lt out any further. So, we suggest that you talk to Mae, very discreetly, and sound bin out ae to bow be would feel if Charlie were Castle's superior and, in faot, everybody's superior. Ue are reminded of your own instincts, some letters ago, that Charlie's presence onelp in persuading Ksc. Wall, we are back to tbat idea.

5. That is all for today, except that we are naturally vary anxious to beer of your progress. Please do not lot tbe hubbub going on around you divert you. Ue do not want you to get cluttered up with any day-to-day work, no matter bow pressing the need for your services may be, nor do we wish you to dissipate Mac's time with emergency errands. Seep your eye firmly fixed on the long pull. All the beat.

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