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mat-mlsn Delegation

- Lola Corcoado Lira should play ths leading role

among the Guatemalan aalegmves at ftOKKIT because ha Is the beet speaker and most experienced pnmidan moot those sucn ve expect to participate. Horeover, he has received ecnsloarable personal pnallnlty, first. In oonnootlon with his activities around tbe Caracas conference, second, on bis present trip to Couth America.

3. ocTonado Ura Is to deliverooch onXntarrentlorprovided for la the agenda of StWilT,

[ mphasise the foreign, international cbsreoter ofuateoala, proven by tho training given tbe luT Leaders in Koeccw and elsewhere behind the Iron Curtain, by tha Soviet eras furnished to Guateaala, by tho oaceably of communist fugitiveso ton different countrieo in Guatemala, etc. All thla constitutes alreadyntervention in Guatenala, oven though the ccfanunlste end their ollloc talk about "foreignoaning either the united States or their neighbors ln Central America.

Overwhelmed by this armf internetioaal coimunlom, the people of Guatemala, unprepared for suoh totalitarian assault, ask for the help of their friends and neighbon throughout Latincpocially since Guateaala le obviously booming He, of ccsnunlst


erabversion sod aggression throughout tha Western Hemisphere. But this help, both material snd moral, must never degenerate Into foreign military intervautioni the liberation of Guatemala must be the work of the people ofolfl

o) L era the people in Guatemala es veil ss elsewhere in Latin amcaica that ccaauoisa Is unshsathing its fangs only gradually!

today, tho Army is still beingomorrow it will cone undar the harsh rule of Soviet military iostructora end political ooamjasarsj

today, tbe peas ante receiveomorrow It will be taken sway from them again and they will be herded into collective farms, as It was dons in Basel* end every other ooaanmUt country)

today, the workers are encouraged to demand higher wages, shorter hours from the capitalists I tcawrrow, they will have to work much harder, much longer hours snd for far lower wages ss slaves of an omnipotent police state;

today, the communistsead-on clash with theomorrow, after the ooamuniste feel strong enough In the saddle, they will suppress and persecute the Church, expel it from the schools, dose monasteries and aet op ths rule of atheism, ae they have done wherever they have come to power.

It* lhe effect of Coronado Lira's speech might be heightenedelegate Just arrived from Guatemala Itself wouldrief "first hand.eport of ccnoltionsinCoronado IdraQ

ill have to decide vhother this can be done without exposing tnut delegate too blatantly to reprisals upon his return to Guatemala, If tbey decide against it, tho delegate ln question might deliver his speech eitheri

Coveredood to mask his Identity] or

Speakingicrophone cute idc the meeting ball, linkedublic address system insidej or

according tbe speech beforehand and have lt played before tha congress.

In each case, the reasons for these extraordinary precautions ought to be properly stressed.



5- The resolution condaming Guatemala as beeahlioad and advance basecommunism In toe Americas and easing haaWide as Distance lor people In Ouatemala should be prepared

but should preXanMiVoXTeredongress

Ujdelegate iron <Ji>okbi-o. Ton will Judge vbo can discharge this task moot effectively. This resolution might characterise tbe situation approximately along tbe lines ofbove, leading up to tho following speolflo paints I

the Congress vlllemisphere-vide Committee for the Liberation of Guatemala (or. If yon prefer "Committee against Soviet Intervention in Ouateaala"))

Appeal to all freedom-loving people throughout the hemisphere

to recognise tho threat of ttTrmrrtiM ln Ouateaala and to expose ccmounlot activities reaching from Ouateaala into their respective countries (Guatemalan embassies as oarrlerB of communist propaganda)of Friends ofs well as their "domestic" communistaj

e) Aupeal to the people of Ouatemala to rid themselves of the small bam! of Soviet agents who are steering their country along the road of certain disaster, driving thanoe tile position towards the freedom-loving peoples throughout the Americas. This appealstress that non-Comnunlsts who do not get off tho conrmlxt bandwagon right now, will be condemned and punished alongside with tbe communist leaders thcneolvee.

Stressing tho nood to support tho struggle of tbe people of Ouateaala for liberation fron tho outside, both notorially and morally, appealing specifically to Catholics, non^Comroilst labor unions, farmers' orgKnlxationa etc, throughout Latin America (seehore).

Asking press, radio, etc. for their support through exposing the communist threat in Guatemala and its International ramifications.

6. The Committee lor the Liberation of Ouateaala, referredbove, should he selected carefully by you beforehaa.

ra&KZXLD on the other

hand). If direct election by sacOT Is safe, this will give the Committee better etaturo. Otherwise, have RhSHTXLD obtain tho approval of the intended members and simply announce the formation of the Coanitteothehe majority of its members ehould be non-Ouatomalano, preferably persons of sufficient etaturo ln tholr respective hoaolonds to givo the activities of the Committee adequate local publicity. We Bug-gest that thore be elected:

a) ull coaaittee, consiEtinc of one repreeentative from each Latin American countryuatemalan cxilce;


b) An Executive (or Working} Committee from amongonsisting of not moreersons.rexiles, preferably residents of Mexico or nearbytbat this latter committee non convene more frequently withoutexpense or loss of

It should be explained to the members of the full committee that they will be consulted by circular letter before important steps aren order to overcome whatever reluctance on their part may exist.

full committee should hold its first meeting ismedlatelycongress ends. Ibis meeting should be devoted primarily to themobilising moral and material support for the Guatemalans (Flit acampaign throughout latin America Is most urgently needed bycover and diversionary purposes). Each member should pledgewhat he can do in his homeland, for Instance:

Can heress conference upon his return, reporting on SIMM IT and particularly on the plight of the Guatemalans?

Which groups can he contact so that they will*

Make public statements against the coaaunlst threat emanating from Guatemala,

Hold public meetings on this and related topics,

Contribute funds for the Committee for the Liberation of Guatemala, either from their own funds or bypecial collection among their members?

rich and influentialovornaentbusiness men,an he contact for the same purposes?

We are primarily Interested in enlisting thenpossiblef the Catholic Church, ofunions, farmers organisations and similar groups, ofgovernment parties,ut we shall not reject any help,material, which you consider acceptable, provided it does notany PBPRIME, let alone ODIOKE, source.

you want to keep the resolution referred to ln paragraph 5and more general, you might have the Committee, in its firstdescribed inbove,eparate appeal in which the

oa tiers concerning Guatemala are cpelled out In nil necessary detail. Ibis appeal should be given all practicable publicity* should be sent to all newspaper editors throughout latin America,erhaps also be printedeaflet, signed with the names of ell cemmittee members*

Please remember tbat ve would like to receive tape recordings of all relevant speeches at stWUT for broadcasting into the target area*ddition, send us at leastopies of all printed materials, prose releasee, etc* for distribution emong the press and propaganda outlets within the UKcom area.




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