Created: 5/19/1954

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uateaala City


SUBJECT / CoBcraniBt Nattew Penetration of POT


lei* atated in the reference cable it le believed that any approach to nUSBBt Bhould bo nanarincipal agent or out-out vbo ia oapondnhTe froa an operatione oteodpolat and who bad no direct oonnootione vltb tba Oaateaela atotlon or any of ita information gathoring agente. Tba BDchaotea Of vorklns out such an approach oast be left to toe tngeanity of the statical. It aoold seen oaairablw that tho woleat.lonerson to aero the original eoBtaot vltb PRUFCER would have to be node in cooperationEPHDet principal scent. The lattor voaldlb Vltb tha pareoa ofaooan ar*jo tho boot imer far1 arpruiwhlnc tbe Communist loader, of oonrso acting IejflB tba ajftrlaa of the ease officer,

high level penetration of the POT vould bo of great benefit to our operation* during tho cosinga roalieed that cold apcroochoo ouch aeftat onvtaloned are not very likely to be eueoeeeful, In tha obawaoe of more dgtallod lnfornatloa regarding tha Jnvaaamml of the person Involved* uVmmrrer, If tha approach la est upaoure aenner, ve bare Uttla to Use* Tha station shouldtody of all leading persooalltlaa for tho purpoaa of dv^erjnJdaf. vbether there are other potential defectors aside froa PELLECS. There le else the poeelbUltytody of the olerloel, aecretarlal and smapanaii staffs of the POT end Its vnrlooe front gronpe will yield candidates who here aooeea to valuable lnf orantion and vbo night be more easily developed thanootor0e

3* It le requested that yon make an analysis of all footers Involved In thin natter end keep LISCOta and Boadquartera advised of developments.




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