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I. Conversations hovo, of OOUTMf been begun with CHARLES P. RSNNEXL* end two things srw already quit* evident t

Thar* la abaolutely no point In farther urging hln to do on dow to LIBCOLK nod ap*nd son* tine there. assed bin roarmb*eg* sndory abrupt reply in tb* nsgstlv*. Dasplt* hie proteetatione (superflalal) to the contrary, it is evident that he fe*l* that be baa bean personally abused by LINCOLN *nd thst it would servs no useful purpose for bin to go there,bort tour of Uaporsry duty. Ho nay possibly eon* around on this,oubt it. The only possibility would be that you sight succeedersonal talk with hln after he hashance to oone dowi off the celling.

b. Second, despiteresent etste of extreme agitation and his over-preoocupatlon with "documenting bla oaa* againstctions', there are certain features of his poeltion which, in ay judgNsot, definitely warrantsnd consideration. However, this willittle tine to sort oct her* snd furine to coordinate this natter appropriately with LIKCOLH. RBOfsXL le keening to return to hia station "for neoessary clean-up* and auoo further usefuls he can engage in" prior to final sotion on his presently-ennounotd determination to resign from KGBARK.

2. It is ay currant view, having talked with hln thia eornlng for aboutsnd having heard from OALBOHDBOHM of their conversations withth* beet th lag-to be done at the eonent is to hold hln here quietly forand let hia coolit. ave enlisted the assletence of FLETCHERth* latter having known him from Heat Point daye) in this

hand^ holding and sClaW-latting-off prooeaa. nderstand that LIMCuLH does not want REaVELL to return to hie station in the near future or until son* understand hava been very clearly reeohed with bin concerning his activities upon his return. Pleas* let me known wrong in this Impression.


3. Hew with regard to too meritorious elements of bio position,those which sssno contain meriti First in RBNNBLL's mind atmoment is the injustice which bo saye COBARK (LINCOLN) haa worked upon

He oIsIjm that they are in actual physical Jeopardy and stand

to suffer financially snd business-wise ss the result of what ho put thenLINCOLN instructions. His formula for getting than off tbs hook Ibe well-known to yon. quest!cn is whcthei

LINCOLN has my better ides on how to take these two gantlenen off the hook snd otherwise quiet their concern snd outrage, whichaccording to KKRKELLhare reached sueh lengths that they are threatening te call on friends in tbe Congrest blow the operation,tc.

I. Thei rh sesna to ne to be,is to attempt to arriveew approach to ERRATIC which should stdiminish bis hostility snd active undermining operations againstcampnd st ths most enlist ERRATIC as sn ally whose foroos couldbrought to bear upon tha internal situation inay as to reinforceeffort* (If this course of action were to be adopted it wouldadditional important benefit of serving ss further very useful sadand deception as regards the WSBURBTS.) It is REHNELL's thoughtorder to accomplish the desired result'it would not be necessary to makedirect party to or confederate of the CALLIQERIS operation. Ha could boenough direction and encouragement to enable hln to cone in with suchae he baa, shortly after tho CALLIQERIS kidk-off. The not ofis to try to get ERRATIC to take bis guns off CALLIQERIS snd levelthe WSBURHTS. ava no reason to doubt the accuracy of REMHBLL'to the effect that ERRATIC has son* influence on Oeorioand haa at least partially succeeded in persuading then thatdoaa not have what it takes to do the Job. In fast, HEN*ILLe coolness snd aloofness to


urther, according to RENNETS, both ^aulQERIS snd ERRATIC arearge part of thair respective energies to projects for tbe penetration of one anotherand both are very successful. Assuming even tbe partial accuracy of thi* assertion as regards the penetration successes of ERRATIC, be is in stoot of talking snd contribute substantially to the blowing of the operation both generally snd ss regards ODYOSE responsibility snd backing. If b< Is left strictly behindall and becomes any nor* convinced then he aire ad. iabetrsysiS-he nay well be expected to. turn upon ua with much violence. RSWNFLL states that he already believes be has been betrayed once before and thaesult of his having been hoodwinked into giving upnce inontacts and sources on the earlier occasion, heonsiderable number of h: people inside through outright betrayal to the WSBURNT regime. /IIthough the pr< else algnlflcsnos of this point is not olear tosthar that it has referee to something which happened many months ago snd prior to th* current (LINCOLN) p' of thisurely If there is any way in which he can be sweetened up thi; should be worth" our while. epeat that not even NEWNELL la now urging that


EHRATIC should bo handed tbs baton or oven urged too strongly to become sn actual member of the CALLIQERIS team. What he does propose Is that thereoose association of Interest between tho two.cease-fire agreement"oncentrationof both upon the common enemy. As Ithe matter, ths arrangements snd negotiations concerning this could be handled by ourselves, vis. "thend would not have to involve any direct dealings or negotiations between the two principals. However, it would be RBKNELL's recommendation who is believed by REHHEIX to be well regarded by ERRATIC, should be aenv to see ERRATIC, and should be the spokesman for tbe exls as well as the group. An important part of theouldodest amount of financial assistance to ERRATICgiven to him upon tbe understanding that he would cease his hostile actions sndon the enemy. The binder on this would be promises of furtherssistance If heripw)greement. The total aanunl^aas&ested by REKttELL,own payment0 or perhaps' slightly more, at the tine of thef* and with promises of additional modest amounts

which would not nave to bo revealed exactly since they would be represented as stretching outeriod of tine until theay in October. This is of course deliberately intended as deception calculated to serve the double purpose of confusing the opposition who will probably learn something about it, snd also quieting ERRATIC over the period of the coming weeks. Finally, in this regsrd, when CALLIQERIS doss mors (snd assuming that his novo will be according to our own present tlnetsble) this could be represented to ERRATIC seumping of tbe gun by CALLIQERIS or as something which happened spontaneously and which forced CALLIQERIS1 hand requiring an earlier move on hi e> part. And at this time ERRATIC would be urged to throw his forces into action in support of CALLIOERIS. If ERRATIC doss, in fact, have anything inside, this could conceivably reaultecond wave of anti-government effort rolling inime when it might be very much needed.

6, Please think these matters over osrefully, discuss them to the extent you deem wise with the others, snd let us talk about them in more detail next Tuesday. ould greatly appreciate receiving acme guidance snd other reactions from you before that time.




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